Hello! Today I'm going to be telling you my night-time routine.

I start getting ready for bed at 8 pm. The first thing I do is get my clothes ready for the next day. This includes school uniform. The next thing I do, is remove makeup (if I am wearing any) and do all that boring hygienic stuff such as cleaning my teeth.

Then I tidy up my room. I find that doing this nightly is better than say doing it every Saturday or something. After tidying my room I get my school bag ready..

After doing those things, I make my bed how I like it (so that I can hug my pillow c:)

Then I like to get into my pyjamas (sometimes I do this after getting my clothes out) , get into bed and watch Netflix or YouTube or sometimes iPlayer on my tv. At nine pm I turn it off and try to go to sleep.

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I went back to school today and I'd like to share with you my after school routine.

The first thing I do after school is either go to homework club or walk home. They both take around the same time because if I walk home it talks an hour (I walk with my friends and we talk a lot so we're so slow) and I go to homework club for an hour and get driven home.

When I get home, I finish any homework, I also have dinner at this time. I make sure I am not doing any homework during dinner do that I have a little time to relax!

After I have finished my homework and dinner (around 7 pm, 4 hours later) I go onto my laptop and check Medium, Wattpad and Nouw.

I usually write a blog post for Nouw. In case you were wondering, I schedule it for 8 pm the same day.

After which, I will just browse on my computer or write, I usually have around 50-40 minutes to do so before I get ready for bed.

I get ready for bed at 8 o clock.

Thank you for reading! I will be doing a Before School/Morning Routine and also a night-time routine (I left that part out purposely.



Hello, Today I'm going to tell you about my blogging routine.  With Pictures. (Wow)

So the first thing I do is make sure my laptop is charged. This decides where I sit, if it is low on battery, I got to my vanity, which is next to my plug, if it has a lot of charge, then I'll sit at my desk. After which I will turn the tv on and put Gosisp Girl on Netflix. I then start by logging into my Email and checking for updates from Medium.com. Then I check all my blogs (I have loads ahaha) and I log into Wattpad (Utterly_compelling).

One I've started writing, I can't stop!



For many years people have pondered on the meaning of life, but perhaps we knew it all along.

When people commit suicide, those they leave behind often judge them. They judge their stupidity (“Who would want to end their life? You have it all laid out in front of you!”) They are called ungrateful, (“Some people in Africa have nothing, you had everything here and you’re just leaving it!”) But perhaps they realised something we don’t:

You’re not going to get anything at the end of your life, you’re not going to get a pat on the back or a trophy, you’re just going to die. That’s the truth, it may not be nice, you may not want to believe it, but that’s the truth. Life doesn’t mean anything.

You may however leave something behind. A legacy. You may have helped starving children in Africa, well, tried, you may just have been the one to smile at all you walked past. Just because you don’t receive anything for it, doesn’t mean you can’t give.

If you’re struggling to find the message here, I’ll make it easy for you;
If you take the wrong step, if you do the wrong thing, keep trying. If you fail a test, if you fail a job interview, keep trying! You’ve got a lot of time to kill. Make the most of your life, make it mean something.

Whoever gave you life wasn’t going to do all the hard work, they gave you your life, you have to make their work worth it.
So there it is. Perhaps there is no meaning to life, not yet anyway.

By Rachelle



Hello and welcome to Rachelle! My name is no​Rachel. I will be posting every day about my school ect and what happened that day. I'll also be writing about my writing (ahaha) and things like that.