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  • QuickBooks for Mac

QuickBooks is an accounting software which is developed for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X operating system platforms. However, there’s only one edition of QuickBooks, that is, QuickBooks for Mac, which is developed for Apple Mac OS X operating system platform. Rest of the QuickBooks editions are supported in Windows and Android operating system platforms. QuickBooks can be used in a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet devices.

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What is QuickBooks error code 6010, 100?

Sometimes, while working with QuickBooks, you might encounter an error. The error displays a warning with a message as follows:

“An error occurred. Your QuickBooks installation may have been modified. Reinstall QuickBooks and try again. If the problem persists, contact Intuit Technical Support and provide them with the following error codes: (-6010 – 100).”

Most of us must have encountered this error and have seen this error message in QuickBooks. This error generally occurs when opening or installing QuickBooks software.

What causes the error code -6010 – 100?

QuickBooks error -6010 – 100 can be caused due to the following reasons:

  1. The .ND file extension is damaged
  2. NOD32 Anti-virus software
  3. There’s a Windows Registry issue in your computer

Usually, issues and errors in QuickBooks occur because of problems with the software or hardware. Therefore, the error -6010 – 100 is caused due to problems with software.

Mentioned above are three possibilities that are likely to cause the error 6010 – 100 in your QuickBooks. You see the error message when you install or open your QuickBooks accounting software. The first reason could be due to a damaged file extension (.ND) which is required for the proper functioning of QuickBooks software.

The second reason can be because of the NOD32 Anti-virus software program that’s installed in your computer. This can happen because sometimes, certain issues could also occur due to your Anti-virus software program installed in your computer. Anti-virus programs are used for keeping your computer and devices safe from viruses and malicious attacks. However, Anti-virus programs can cause integrity problems with other software applications in your computer.

The third reason is the Windows Registry issue in your computer. The Windows Registry is like a database that stores settings and important configuration of your Windows operating system and software programs installed in your computer. The Windows Registry is a very crucial component in your computer and even a smallest incorrect setting could make your computer to malfunction or even stop working completely.

Thus, the reasons given above are capable of causing the error code 6010 – 100 being displayed on your computer when you access QuickBooks.

How to fix the error code -6010 – 100?

There are many reasons why our QuickBooks customer support service can be considered. Our QuickBooks customer support service provides software support solutions to all the editions and versions of your QuickBooks products.

It becomes necessary to fix the QuickBooks issue in order to resume working on the software. QuickBooks, like other software, is most likely to experience error and warning messages that display different error codes every time. However, every time an error occurs, a sound and efficient solution is derived by our QuickBooks customer support experts. This is done by having a good knowledge about the reasons for the occurrence of the error.

There can be more than one solution to fix this error. You may also contact our QuickBooks customer support experts on the toll free phone number in order to get more detailed solution.