Energy is a vast subject. The deeper you go into it, the most complex it becomes. You can trace the origins of energy to the time of the creation of the Universe. In fact, even at that time, the Universe had the same energy, that it has now. This might sound a bit confusing to people. The simple fact is that no one can create or destroy energy. You can merely convert energy from one form to the other.

The concept of transfer of energy:

We shall consider the example of water. Water is a liquid at room temperature. The water can flow because of the presence of kinetic energy. In case, you cool it, i.e. you remove the heat energy from the water. The water solidifies into ice. The ice cannot move on its own. Does that mean that you have destroyed its kinetic energy? The answer is ‘NO’. You have converted the kinetic energy to potential energy. Now you apply heat energy to the ice. It will melt and again flow as water. Keep on heating it until you reach the boiling point. The water starts boiling and you see steam. Even at this point of time, the total energy present in a given mass of water is the same throughout. The only thing that undergoes a change is the conversion of one form of energy to another.

The special quality of energy:

Energy has many things common to both space as well as time. You cannot touch or see energy. You can feel the energy and most importantly store it in some form for use later on. This is the way our bodies derive energy from the food we eat. Our digestive system has the capacity to absorb the stored energy from the food and use it for the daily activities of our body. Thus, you can see that you can store energy even though you are not in a position to see or touch it.

Are energies destructive?

From a human point of view, energies are not destructive, but forces released from energies certainly are. Sand castles made by children as well as buildings made of stone are subject to destruction. The man, however, tries to save his possessions from destruction by trying to repair or resurrect them. He is only fighting against the forces of nature in this regard. You can see the example of a city or a town. As far as man is concerned, he takes pride in its creation. However, Nature has a different view. According to Nature, these buildings are just an annoying distraction, just like a pimple on your face. This might explain the occurrence of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. These are just Nature’s way of releasing its stored energy and trying to restore the equilibrium.


Energy is a vast subject. You can have conflicting views on the subject every time you try to discuss it. However, one point remains and this is that the energy is omnipresent in the world. To know the varying viewpoints, visit