Avalon Hotel i Göteborg söker efter ägaren till en borttappad nalle.
Såg ett i lägg om det igår och tyckte det va gulligt.
Nallen har ännu inte återförenats med sin ägare.. men är väl omhändertagen av personalen på Avalon 😊

En liten enkel ( och löjlig ) sak egentligen men detta får mig att le och hoppas att ägaren hittas 😊

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For those who don't know what FGM ( Female Genital Mutilation) is here's a pretty good explanation

NONE of these horrible types is actually anything else but a way to remove all kinds of sexual pleasures for women.

Starting with removing clitoris to in severe cases actually sowing the vagina shut.. leaving only a small hole so she can pee.

Often done with instruments that's not even clean and the girl has endure this feeling EVERY cut made to her vagina.

This makes easy thing like peeing hard. Not to mention the pain of having sex and then trying to give birth.
Many die in childbirth as a direct result of FGM and also countless babies are stillborn from the complications.

The practice of FGM is often called "female circumcision" (FC), implying that it is similar to male circumcision. However, the degree of cutting is much more extensive, often impairing a woman's sexual and reproductive functions and can in severe cases lead to death.
So it's NOT even close to being similar to male circumcision in any way ( even me personally are against circumcision for both men and women )

The reasons for this barbaric practice is as barbaric as the practice itself.

Here's some of the reasons this is forced on millions of young innocent girls who's only crime was being born girls

It can ensure virginity (maintain chastity before marriage)

If a girl can't feel sexual pleasures she won't engage in sex and will be a virgin when she marries.

It can ensure fidelity during marriage

Again since she most likely won't feel sexual pleasure she won't cheat on her husband

It will increase male sexual pleasure


It can secure or enhance fertility

A reason biting itself in the ass. FMG does nothing for fertility whatsoever BUT it will make more women die in childbirth and also increases the risk of children being stillborn since the mother will have problems giving birth.

It can secure the economic and social (i.e. marital) future of daughters

A girls ONLY role in life is to get married and have children. A woman without a functional vagina is more valuable because of reasons we addressed before

It will prevent the clitoris from growing long like a penis

In fact this a thing that can happen to a woman and it will give her discomfort BUT that's not a reason to remove ALL women's clitoris since 99 .9 % of women NEVER have this rare problem. And the few who does can get help.

Through the reduction or elimination of the female genitalia, that this will attenuate the sexual desire in the female

Again. Women shouldn't be able to feel pleasure

The female genitalia are considered both dirty and unsightly

Won't even  adress this idiotic reason it speaks for itself

It will keep the female clean, and more hygienic

Well that's why we have soap people!

It is an important ritual and part of the initiation of girls into womanhood

Important to who? The men who will have absolute power of women. Because I'm a woman with my vagina intact and I'm a real woman!

I do not know HOW to stop this horrible abuse BUT is has to be stopped

People need to be educated.

If even ONE girl dies from this it's one to many.

My soul cries all these millions of girls that gets there lifes destroyed ever year because of ancient traditions that only serves to oppress women!