It's now 2016. One might think basic stuff like  HUMAN RIGHTS is something real. Something the majority of us agrees  upon.


And one HUGE group of humans seem to never get a break no matter where in this fucked up world. Women!

Women seem to always be faced with the ideas of men on how we should act.. dress... look or just live.

In some parts of the world women can face harsh punishments for NOT covering themselves as they "should". Something most of us find absolutely unacceptable and a huge crime against women.

Yet the same people who are horrified by the women are being controlled in some parts of the world have no problem putting control over women themselves. Only in the opposite way.

In Nice, France, armed policemen today forced a women to take her clothes of under threat. Read more about this HERE

All because of the new ban off burkini. A swimsuit for Muslim women..
Let's not debate if we think it's right or not for women to cover themselves.
Let's just look at the human perspective of this.

This woman was basically dressed in TO MUCH clothes and therefore forced to undress. In public. Forced by armed men with power.

Me personally might think it would be to hot for her with her clothes.. but it's her choice for whatever reason NOT mine or anyone else's.

What these police officers did today is nothing short of a mental rape of this woman!
It's just awful and thee worst part is... it's done sanctioned by law.

Same people who condemns how women in many Muslim countries are being treated thinks it's ok to let armed police officers I IN EUROPE to treat women like this. They actually think it's ok to publicly force a woman to undress! And to add to insult.. undressing isn't enough no no... she is to pay for her "crime" too. With money.

Many people in Europe calls for laws to ban all forms of religious clothes.. especially for women. France set a guideline for other European countries to follow.
In the end this actually means:
Women are damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Here or there. Doesn't matter. It's never  about  choice it's ALWAYS about being forced one way or the other.

This needs to end ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Especially men needs  to stop acting like women need to just obey whatever rules men put up for us..

It's not so much a question of Women's rights. It's a matter of being treated for what we are.. HUMANS!

Seen a lot of people saying that it's right to force women to undress.
"If that's the rules one needs to follow the rules"
People saying "If we go to their countries we have to follow their rules so why should we let them bring their stupid religious manners here"
Could go on forever about thing I've been reading today.

And yes unfortunately to many  countries are controlled by men using religion to force  people into obedience. Sad but true.
BUT if we keep going on the path Europe are heading now we are not much better actually.

And Europeans always pride ourselves with  being open.. respecting human rights and freedom of religion and so on and so forth..
So please enlighten me... HOW are respecting anyone by making laws  that forces women to undress in public.. forcing women to show more of their bodies then they want?!

Because to me this is absurd and goes against all we stand for!

I don't HAVE to agree with or even understand women who covers themselves as a sign of being good followers of religion. However regardless of what I might think and  believe myself.... I do respect other people and their beliefs.

And as long as people don't hurt others it's of NO  concern AT ALL to me if some women wish to cover themselves.

So in my view all this boils down to one thing. Europeans don't give a shit about Muslim women's rights. All that matters is to get them to be like us.. That's it.

But guess what? Apart from wearing hijab there are millions of European non Muslim women that for different reasons DON'T want to show our body's. Since when is our democracy and our secular freedom at risk simply because some women  where hijab and a burkini at the beach?!

If  it wasn't such a  serious matter I would probably just laugh about  it. But it's anything but funny!

My final thoughts in this must  be these:

In some countries such as Iran for example a woman have strict laws to follow if she leaves her house. Failing to do can result in 70 lashes of a whip ( as back in the days for slaves ) and even time in prison.

Now..  in other countries.. such as France a women CAN'T cover herself because if she does she faces police forcing her to her take clothes of and will be fined for covering herself to much.

Conclusion: Women have no freedom of  choice no matter where they turn.
Simple things such as what to wear must be a woman's choice alone. No laws... no men.. no society should ever have a say in this... EVER!

The only thing majority of the world's countries have in common about  how people dress is: DO NOT GO OUTSIDE NAKED.
Beyond that it must be up to each individual person to choose whatever makes her or him comfortable.

( now this is my personal view on this and speak only for me and no one else )

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Ingen hemlighet att många i vårt land lider av extrem rädsla inför att Sverige skall islamiseras.
Man finner bevis ÖVERALLT enligt vår djupt livrädda del av befolkningen.

Senaste beviset för denna islamifiering som tydligen pågår är *trumvirvel*  Therese Alshammar bar ju slöja!!!

Thoralf är oerhört upprörd att ingen i media tagit upp detta.
HÄR kan ni läsa hans ( förvirrade ) tankar. Jag vet faktiskt inte om jag skall skratta eller gråta.

Thoralf  ( och dom som håller med honom ) är inte bara knäpp utan har extremt dålig koll.
Innan vi går vidare så ta en titt på denna bilden så ni vet exakt vad Thoralf är upprörd över:


Hur nu denna  ( visserligen fula kreation) klänning ens ett uns skulle vara någon sorts  del av en större konspiration att Islam skall ta över vet inte jag..
För det första ser väl varenda människa att denna klädsel INTE påminner om hur muslimska kvinnor klär sig. Eller?!
Låt oss då ta en titt på hur en genomsnittlig klädsel för en muslimsk kvinna ser ut

Jämför nu med hur Therese va klädd på OS invigningen så går vi vidare och konstaterar att Nej detta är INTE islamisering.... inte ens yttepytte lite!
Går vidare med vetskapen om att vissa individer är så livrädda att dom ser Islam i ALLT!