Lonely Planet is my bible, my sanctuary on a quiet Sunday evening., I can spend hours scrolling all those beautiful pictures, searching all places remote, bustling, small, big, cosmopolitan, rural, modern, ancient of the world, and dreaming of what it will be like when I'm going to see them for myself.

To travel is to live. Elizabeth Gilbert knew what she was writing about when she wrote "Eat, Pray, Love" - it is a perfect way to summarise an unknown number of people who can't bring themselves to conform into their western societies mainstreaming.

It is never in anyones interest to get too comfortable. It is never in anyones interest to be too sure of themselves or the world around them, or to play it too safe for that matter. Yet again, too much of anything is never too good for you. Except one thing. That's right: travelling..

My addiction is travelling, because I want to evolve beyond what I came from, my history, my past and my roots, and I know that in many ways I'm fleeing into the unknown because the known can become too much. And every chance I get I put my ass on a plane. I kiss my passport and remind myself to never take this bliss of mine for granted, my pure luck to have been born into this pool of opportunities and choices - and I intend to let myself vanish under that surface completely.

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