Almost every existing software has some error. Today I am going to discuss Quickbooks error code 6190 and 816. It is one of the very common errors which users are found.

Description to the error code 6190 and 816:

The QuickBooks is accounting software which has advanced features to track financial database. This application is providing single as well as multi-user access it depends upon your license version. Here in this topic, we are going to discuss the issue at the time of using this application user facing the error that is 6190 and 816 Usually this error occurs when someone trying to work with a company file which is located on another computer and that particular computer need additional installation setup support or this issue occurs that “the system where QuickBooks company file is located that system need additional configuration setup due to security parameters or damaged files”. If you need instant support then Call to our QuickBooks Error Support phone number+1-855-441-4417 and talk to one of our QuickBooks US and Canada Expert. Resolve the all your errors and queries by Intuit professional expert.

How to Fix the QuickBooks Error Code 6190 and 816?

The solutions given by Intuit for each error of QuickBooks are a unique . If you are facing is error then no need to worry and disappoint. Here is the possible solution related to the errors, you need to try it to fix the issue. The user needs to download and install the QuickBooks file doctor to the server station or any system that is showing the 6190 and 816 errors. If this QuickBooks company file is an integral part of the system then fix that by its mechanism detects the error and successfully fix the multi-user errors. It is very important that hosting must be enabled mode.

You Need More Help? Call our QuickBooks Technical Support:-+1-855-441-4417.

The online support of QuickBooks is working 24*7. Our technical experts are very professional and highly educated about the QuickBooks error prompt to diagnose it easily. QuickBooks user does not disappoint if they are facing any types of errors related to QuickBooks. QuickBooks technical support is providing online troubleshooting to resolve the issue or helping to our customers. The user needs to call our toll free number or QuickBooks Customer error Support Phone Number at +1-855-441-4417 and you will get instant resolution and we are very glad to assist you. For better quality control we are monitoring call the customers call to ensure the best support service to our customer.

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GST (Good and Services Tax) is a new indirect tax law which helps business person to manage their transactions, do their accounting and file their tax returns. It has launched on 1st July in India. Intuit has launched a GST ready version of QuickBooks online accounting product for small businesses in India. It is expected that GST will digitize the business workflows automation as they are required to maintain and file all invoices generated. You can get more detail and help related to QuickBooks and GST from QuickBooks Technical Support team.

Let’s discuss some steps in order to setup your QuickBooks for GST:

1. GST registration

  • l Go to
  • l Create Provisional ID and Password.
  • l Click on the GST website link.
  • l Give your consent on the Declaration Form.
  • l Click on Continue.
  • l You will get your Provisional ID & Password through Email or SMS.
  • l Enter that detail and Captcha.
  • l Click on Login.
  • l Enter valid email ID and Mobile number.
  • l Enter OTP.
  • l Click on Continue to verify Credentials.
  • l Now, you can move further and complete the form with your business details.

Now you have own GSTIN(Good and Services Taxpayer Identification Number).

2. Add your GSTIN details

For existing companies which have set up tax agency.

  • l Enter your GSTIN.
  • l Click on Save to add your GSTIN detail.
  • For the existing and new companies which have not enabled tax.
  • l Click on Setup GST.
  • l Then click on Edit GST settings pop-up will appear.
  • l Type Start of the tax period, which would be July 1st, 2017.
  • l Type your GSTIN.
  • l Choose your Filing frequency and Accounting method.
  • l Click on Save.

3. Add your HSN, SAC codes

You need to add the relevant HSN(Home Shopping Network)/SAC(Services Accounting Codes) codes to make your invoices GST compliant.

For new products, do follow some steps to add HSN/SAC codes in QuickBooks :

  • l Select Add HSN/SAC for items.
  • l If no products or services are added, select Add a product or service.
  • l Select product type – Inventory/Service/Non-inventory/Bundle
  • l Along with other details, add HSN/SAC code.

For existing products, do follow some steps to add HSN/SAC codes in QuickBooks:

  • l Click on Edit in existing product or service
  • l Add HSN/SAC code.

4. Record GSTIN of customers and suppliers

You should add your customer’s and supplier’s GSTIN to facilitate the generation of accurate GST Reports (GSTR).

5. Create GST invoices

You need to create GST invoice template to display GST specific information, or you may enable GST information on your invoice.

6. Run GST reports

You need to generate GST Reports (GSTR) or your accountants can generate it to complete filing.You need to create transactions of invoices and expenses with the new GST tax rates.

Do you have any more query about QuickBooks and GST? You can ask to the well qualified and experienced accounting experts of QuickBooks Online Support team to get quick guide. You need to dial helpline number 1 (855) 441 4417.

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