I step into your room and start to take off my coat, your music is on its pretty chill rap with nice beats to it, you step in behind me seconds later you didn't waste anytime. You walk over to me and starts grabbing my wasit and caressing my body, we kiss and it automatically feels like were in a planet of pure lust and ecstasy. You start to lick my pelvi bone which make my body rises to the amazing sensation i tell you to wait you watch carefully as i take off my boots you pull down my pants and go face first into my forbidden fruit, your tounge is rapid makes me climax in the first 10min i taste myself off your lips. I moaned. I loved the way i taste, you give me a hard smack on my ass and goes to roll the blunt while i put my panties back on and fix my hair a bit i see you watching me through the mirror. "Your so fucking sexy" you say to me i smile and say thank you i plant a kiss on your lips one kiss turn to multiple and soon we were back at the same place we started neglecting our duties distracted by our huge lusts for each other. You finish rolling up i watch you take the blunt into your mouth and blow out thick clouds of smoke you do this twice before handing it to me. You look at me in the mirror while im taking a hit. "You look good on my bed like that." You chuckle and pass   the blunt. He gets up and starts playing with your hair roughly, he does this knowing ut turns me on and i fall uncontrollably into his trap. We finish smoking. We are higher than the clouds with no intentions of coming down, he pulls my panties down and his boxers i turn over to my side and he slides into me slowly i feel his every inch in me hitting the tip of my stomach. He pulls my hair anid chokes me, the feeling was enough to make me let go but i wanted this to last so i held back. Legs shaking, hands grabbing, ass so red, it felt so amazing he knew just what to do with my body, knew how roughed i liked it, my climax rushed over me like the waves of an ocean. Lust filled eyes all over my body i feel them looking at every part of my body plotting on which spot to touch next. He stops suddenly leaving my legs shaking and weak, i look at him and he just bites his lip and goes back to rolling another blunt i put my pants back on he watches he takes a bite of my ass i let out a playfully yelp. We sit and smoke and watch netflix, i make a comment about how good i am at science you call me adorable i just smile. Your father comes in with food. Perfect timing you were super hungry. He mentions that he likes my hair i say thank you and devour the turkey burger he made. I finish the whole thing in less than 10min. You get up to close the bedroom door your eyes stay on me the whole time. I give you a confused look and ask why are you staring at me, "because your so fucking sexy nobody told you to come here looking sexy." I laugh "imma keep telling you that till you get sick of it." I didnt plan on getting sick of it anytime soon. You grab the side of my hair  and kisses my forhead my face is in your  chest i inhale deeply you smell like weed sex and me, and beautiful smell i find myself pulling you closer, you move your  hand to the back of my hair and pulls on it hard so that my eyes met with yours, you start to kiss me passionately, i feel in a trance. Your kisses making me higher than i already am. I lay on your bed its super comfortable i find myself falling asleep.

                          45 min later.
I wake up. I see you come in the room "hi beautiful." I wave im not very talkitive when i have just woken up. You come and kneel by the bed and start giving my left hand lil kisses i stroke your head. You come on the bed with me and lay down behind me you start to massage my shoulders. It feels amazing. We doze off together for a couple of mins until we realize that we want to get high. Like super high. So you roll a nice fat joint. And we smoke you share this song that you wrote and i share a very emotional poem i wrote. We both like e  ach other's work, there's no denying that both of us have that creative gene in us.