You'd never act on them, of course (I hope!), but I'm really hoping I'm not alone in this and that I am still sane. I mentioned this to my boyfriend last night and asked if he had similar thoughts, and he acted like I was crazy and denied he ever has such thoughts.

For example, last night I was making tea for us and grabbed the boiling kettle off the stove and walked over to the other counter to pour it into the mugs. As I was doing this, my dog was standing in the middle of the kitchen. I had a flash of "what would happen if I poured this boiling water over the dog?" It actually gives me the creeps to even picture what would happen, but the thought occurred nonetheless

example. I'm driving down the road and there is a steep cliff to my right. "What if I just drove off this cliff?" I don't do it, of course, but I start wondering what the outcome would be.

These thoughts happen about once every few days. Sometimes they are horrible enough that I have to immediately distract myself because I'm horrified at the thought I just had and if I allow a mental image to form, I might get very upset.

So, should I admit myself?