There are many different reasons why people travel; whether it’s to discover a new culture, whether it’s to fully relax while doing the bare minimum, whether it’s to gain a new perspective or to have an adventure. There are some holidays that are able to combine as many of these experiences as possible, and if you select your destination correctly, you won’t have to choose one over the other. Greece is a holiday classic when it comes to offering diverse experiences, so it should always be at the top of any list when considering vacations, especially if your criteria involve the cultural element.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus



Athens has been the pillar of Ancient Greek history for centuries, with the most impressive and iconic landmark being the imposing rock of the Acropolis, around which everything else has been built. If you stay in the heart of historical Athens this means that all the most riveting sites are within walking distance. Spoil yourselves with a Design Hotel with Acropolis views and enjoy luxurious hospitality while you stroll out to explore the nearby attractions. You can of course visit the top of the Acropolis and feel the energy of this inspiring monument. Another ancient monument that is located at a short walk away is the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Around the base of the Acropolis, you will come across two ancient theatres, the Theatre of Dionysus that is strictly for touristic purposes today, however, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus is still in use and watching a performance there during your stay in Athens is an experience you will not soon forget. The newly built Acropolis museum houses some incredible artifacts and you should plan at least 2 to 3 hours to explore its entirety. A saunter around the pedestrian street of Dionysiou Aeropagitou will lead you towards the picturesque areas of Thiseion, Monastiraki and Plaka that are filled with the vibrancy of contemporary Athenian life. Stores, markets, quaint tavernas, cafes and bars make up the eternal charm of Athens city.

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Inside the Acropolis museum



No trip to Greece is complete without visiting its most sensational island: Santorini. Synonymous with unique natural beauty and cosmopolitan experiences, this is a place that can be offer a range of holiday types. If you are looking for a private, indulgent and romantic break in Santorini your retreat awaits in the secluded area of Akrotiri, that also offers some amazing and unusual views of the Caldera and the infamous volcano. Here relaxation and indulgence have priority. Santorini, and Akrotiri specifically, also has a strong cultural side that is often overlooked due to the fact that the island has so much else to offer too. Explore Santorini’s southernmost town, for immersing into its history by visiting the archeological site and discovering the fascinating history of the Minoan Bronze settlement. For experiencing the the vibrant town vibes, Fira town is perhaps the best place to stay as walking out on the cobblestone streets exposes you to a myriad of shops and restaurants that are the backbone of Santorini's nightlife. Oia is most known for boasting the island’s most breathtaking sunset, but in reality the beauty that graces the sky at sundown is apparent from everywhere, and especially from the lighthouse in Akrotiri.

Views of Volcano and Caldera from Astarte Suites, Akrotiri

Minoan Bronze Age settlement, Akrotiri

Sunset at Akrotiri lighthouse



The quest for revealing Greece’s antiquity will take you across its seas to a number coastal cities, each of which harbours at least a few enchanting places that are steeped in ancient history. The best way to discover a handful of these places is to choose a cruise around the Peloponnese , taking you to the the most interesting ancient sites. The town of Epidaurus is known for its ancient amphitheatre that was built in 300 B.C and has been the setting for many ancient performances and is characterised by its symmetry and excellent acoustics. Apart from the theatre the town is also known to have been a healing sanctuary and the birthplace of Asclepius, the first medic of the ancient Greek civilisation. Mycenae, close to the popular seaport town of Nafplion, is the site of an ancient kingdom, the place where King Agamemnon resided and ruled, with its splendid Lion Gate as the main entrance of the Mycenaean citadel dating back to 13th century B.C. Olympia is where the Olympic games were born, and where the Olympic flame burns bright; an iconic place that is relevant till this day as the Olympic Games are an international athletic event. The Delphi oracle is the perhaps the most striking of all ancient landmarks as its setting is simply spectacular. Built on the side of a Parnassus mountain the ruins tell the tale of an extensive ancient site with a number of temples and buildings, and was once considered the navel of the earth. Delphi is charged with spiritual energy that will almost surpass you.

Lions Gate at Mycenae

Original track at Olympia

Delphi site ruins

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The Mediterranean is a place that is best experienced while cruising. It is a nursery of seafaring with history that goes back to ancient times. Its sea has seen many conquests, the rise and fall of a number of civilizations, and has been the setting of countless sea trades with both factors having contributed to the richness of the region in culture and diversity. Promising incredible vistas along a huge coastline that spans more than 20 countries in total, here we summaries the three main reasons to explore the Mediterranean via cruise.



The climate of the Mediterranean is subtle, mild and simply ideal for cruising. The countries in the Mediterranean Basin are known for their mid winters and warm, dry summers with favourable winds most of the time. Even well into November, the conditions for sailing are idyllic and visitors who will be brave enough to test the water will find that it is at still warm, generally above 20 degrees Celsius. Cruising season in the Mediterranean typically runs from April to November, and depending on your interests, there are many interesting destinations that promise crisp sunshine to warm the cockles of your heart, also proving one of the most relaxing holidays at sea you could have!



Cruise around Spain and Portugal to unravel the glories of Portimao and the city of Silves with its impressive castle before moving onto a 15th century charming city, such as Seville, with its UNESCO World Heritage monuments and striking architecture and Palace grandeur. Tangiers in Morocco and a stop at Gibraltar are also up for grabs while cruising through the strait that divides Spain from the African continent. Italy also lends itself for cruising around and exploring the Ionian sea that separates it from Greece in the south, while it is the Adriatic that separates Italy from the coast of Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia, north of Greece. Discover the best of the Adriatic by cruise and explore the best sites across four countries. If you are more of an island seeker, then choose a cruise around the Greek islands and uncover the essence of Greece.



The quality and nutritional value of the Mediterranean cuisine is known far and wide and is celebrated all over the world as one of the most healthy diets. The superior olive oil found in Greece especially, and then Spain and Italy is the source of all goodness. The entire philosophy revolves around reducing red meat intake, although there are numerous delicious healthy red meat recipes, and increasing fish, seafood and plant based food while also minimizing consumption of processed foods to a minimum. Vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts are very prominent in the Mediterranean cuisine and depending on each region can take on an entirely different gastronomic approach. A plethora of small bites or starters, from tapas, to hors d’oeuvres, to meze lead to succulent, moreish main dishes with such a variety that will appease all taste palates. And of course, let’s not forget the quality and delectable wine labels that can be savoured while on a Mediterranean cruise holiday.





Two Greek islands off the beaten path that are worth discovering on your next venture towards the Mediterranean, are definitely Folegandros and Thassos islands. They are two places so refreshing that you will want to return again and again. Forget about cosmopolitan crowds, high profile nightlife and crowded club venues, glamorously organised beaches and michelin star restaurants. Instead trade these for local people going about their daily lives, quaint bars and squares where people mingle, pristine beaches with few but sufficient amenities, and traditional tavernas that will serve you the best meals of your life. If this is something you are interested in experiencing then by all means, read on.


Located in the ever popular island cluster of the Cyclades, Folegandros is often considered the sister island of Santorini. It boasts similar characteristics in that the island is elevated, high above sea level and thus allows the visitor to have striking panoramic views from the top. If the Caldera is the most stunning vantage point of Santorini, then the Church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) in Chora definitely boasts the best view in Folegandros island. The view of the church from below is also captivating as it is built onto a peak with an impressive white zig zag pathway of stairs. It is a relatively small island and you can easily explore it all in a short period of time. Due to its morphology it is perfect for those who love trails, running and hiking combined with enchanting, breath-taking vistas. Folegandros island is untouched by mass tourism so expect to see many locals going about their daily routines; they will usually say “Kalimera”, meaning ‘good morning’ to passersby, so be polite and reciprocate the greeting. Similarly, its beaches are practically pristine that even the main port of the island, Karavostasis, boasts crystal clear waters that are hard to resist. A boat trip around the island is recommended so that you can visit the majority of the island's beaches, combining a wonderful sea journey that will fill your lungs with a rejuvenating air of euphoria. And if you still wish to be surrounded by a little bit of luxury that perfectly blends with the traditional element that characterises Folegandros, consider a sea facing boutique hotel in Folegandros, and get the best of both worlds.


There is a kind of diversity in the nature of Thassos island that will charm you. With many interesting things to discover that cover a wide range of experiences, this island is unpretentious, demure and frugal without meaning that it has few things to offer its visitors. Situated in the north of the Aegean sea, Thassos island has a different kind of beauty to it; green landscapes supersede the wild, barren and rocky terrain of most Greek islands. Suited mostly to the adventurous and inquisitive travellers, Thassos is the home of the following impressive natural sites: the spectacular Giola lagoon, the Dragon Cave named after ts stalactite formations one of which resembles a dragon, and the impressive Marble beach. Visitors are highly encouraged to try scuba diving, even if they are beginners as the seabed is known to be very rich and full of colours. Thassos also has several mountain villages that are worth exploring; they are beautifully stone built throughout and offer an insight into true island life, detached from contemporary conveniences but promise to allure you with their tactile authenticity. The most modern village is the port town of Limenas that combines both current day comforts and facilities with the traditional sense of the island. Limenas is also the setting of the ancient town with and features a number of ancient remnants and ruins , such as the ancient agora, that archaeological enthusiasts will enjoy. For experiencing this island at its best, consider Limenas as your base and opt for seaview accommodation in Thassos so that you can indulge in uninterrupted sea vistas from your private balcony, as you plan your day ahead.





West Africa: a destination that does not often come to mind when considering a holiday, although it is capable of enthralling its visitors with its mysterious nature and exotic beauty. A perfect alternative to those seeking an adventure, a thrilling experience of discovery, a holiday filled with exciting new visuals that come alive as if jumping out from the silver screen of a documentary.


Enter the beating heart of West Africa by accessing its main artery; the Gambia river that stretches out 1,120 km into the mainland of the continent. This ‘road’ less travelled is an alluring journey into the depths of a place that has been underestimated in terms of touristic value. A place that has been the home of ancient tribes and civilisations so different in culture that it is almost seductive matter discovering them. A place full of myths and legends woven into its peculiar landscapes, and tales of monsters, creatures and spirits that have haunted generations of its inhabitants. Nowadays, travellers can conveniently cruise the rivers of West Africa, following the flow of waters to uncover a myriad of interesting sites.


Bird watching is highly recommended, while you will be able to explore various fishing villages of a different character than we are used to, wildlife beyond your wildest dreams and aquatic animals that you will be able to observe in their natural habitat: marine turtles, dolphins manatees and crocodiles. Strange vegetation and the mystical baobab trees, as well as a stop to the UNESCO world heritage site of Kunta Kinteh (a.k.a James) island. Do you dare discover it all?





There is a place far far away, where the waters are azure and the landscapes are evergreen, stretching far into the crystal clear seas. A place in the West Mediterranean, that has been in the eye of conquest for many centuries, with each conqueror leaving their own mark on the territory. The otherwise known as the Emerald Lady of the Ionian sea, Corfu island is a place that is sure to enthrall all your senses. A place that exudes an atypical kind of romance by way of its intriguing past, and a fairy tale ambiance that couples especially will find irresistible, whether on their honeymoon or simply just for a romantic escape



This town is a living museum, an amalgam of cultures, a breathing blend of long lost civilisations. Stunning mansions, spectacular palaces, striking forts and strategic structures, are only few of its alluring physical traits. Picturesque alleys whisper tales of the past and Corfu’s story dates back ages ago, to Greek mythological times, through to the Medieval period that laid upon it its Venetian heritage and making it one of the most fortified places in the world. Resisting the Ottoman empire, it was subsequently caught up in the Napoleon Wars and taken under the wing of British rule to see itself through two world wars, and finally under the autonomous authority of modern day Greece. There is so much to see that a proper saunter around town will leave you totally in awe of the sheer volume of sites worth exploring. First timers in Corfu can benefit from staying at a central location in an elegant, adults-only hotel that has been inspired by one of the most famous landmarks, the Mayor Mon Repos Palace Art Hotel. Make your itinerary with the help of the reception team, this way ensuring you’ll get to see the best of Corfu town. Be sure to include the quaint Pontikonisi on your schedule, as well as the impressive Achilleion Palace.



Putting its reputation to the test, and speaking of emerald hillsides and evergreen countrysides, Corfu’s outskirts will definitely not disappoint. Visitors of Corfu should not miss the opportunity to venture out to the riveting, amphitheatrical landscape of Agios Gordios; a verdant cliff on a breath-taking rock that is where Mayor La Grotta Verde is situated; a most fitting name for such a idyllic location. Here guests can enjoy a holistic holiday experience, on a golden beach with fine sand and transparent waters that will instantly soothe your senses. What’s more is, rooms with an engrossing sea view, 5 restaurants of superb quality, 6 bars, a Spa with an indoor pool and 2 wellness clubs on top of all other amenities that are sure to dazzle you. Onward exploration is of course easily possible so you can get in touch with the authentic side of Corfu by visiting the village of Agios Gordios as well as all the neighbouring attractions. Paleokastritsa with its intriguing Monastery is a must, as well as the imposing Angelokastro castle near by.




Jeg har insett at det å prøve å lage disse herlige franske godbitene helt uten sukker og melis er et prosjekt dømt til total fiasko. Det ser egentlig helt umulig ut når jeg ser resultatet hos andre som har prøvd på det samme.

MEN, det går bra å redusere sukkerinnholdet vesentlig i forhold til tradisjonelle oppskrifter og fyllet kan jo fortsatt gjøres helt sukkerfritt. Så her kommer min oppskrift på sukker-reduserte Franske Makroner.



(Sukker-redusert, glutenfri, melkefri*)


110g Melis

90g Malte mandler (Ikke bruk fettredusert mandelmel)

(erstatt noe av de malte mandlene med kakaopulver for sjokoladesmak, ca 25 g)

Eggehviter fra 2 romtempererte egg (ca 66 g)

55g sukker

Litt salt

Konditorfarge (valgfritt)

Sjokoladefyll / Ganache:

100g valgfri sukkerfri/melkefri sjokolade

100g fløte eller *vanlig kokosmelk (Ikke light, lett)

1 ts espresso pulver/ instant kaffe (Valgfritt)


Å lage makroner er ikke så vanskelig som de fleste skal ha det til, men man bør likevel følge fremgangsmåten nøye. Se også denne videoen som enkelt forklarer stegene i prosessen, men vær obs på at denne visen en annen oppskrift en min, med annen steketemperatur.


Mål opp og kjør sammen melis, malte mandler og eventuelt kakaopulver i en blender/foodprocessor.


Pisk de romtempererte eggehvitene sammen med litt salt til de begynner å danne et luftig skum. Helle deretter i sukkeret og pisk videre til du får en skikkelig stiv marengs. Du skal kunne lage topper/pigger i blandingen som ikke synker.


Sikt halvpartene av det tørre over marengsen og vend det forsiktig inn med en slikkepott uten å bruke for mye kraft. Sikt det resterende over og vend forsiktig inn på samme måte til det ikke er noe streker av hvit marengs i blandingen og konsistensen er litt tykk og lava-aktig. Du kan teste om du har blandet nok ved å slippe litt av røren ned i bollen. Hvis den synker inn i resten iløpet av noen sekunder gir du deg.


Bruke en sprøytepose og en rund tipp eller skjær av ende av en pose med kniv, og sprøyt deretter ut blandingen i små runde topper på et bakepapir eller en silikonmatte. Når du er ferdig dunker du bakebrettet noen ganger i benken slik at rundingene blir flatere og luftboblene i røren blir presset ut. Ønske du få bruke konditorfarge bør du helle noen dråper i røren før du heller den over i sprøyteposen eller eventuelt dryppe konditorfarge i sprøyteposten for å lage en kul flerfarget look. Blander du farge inn i røren tidligere kan dette ødelegge for resultatet.


Sette ovnen på 150-160 grader og la de stå ute på benken i ca 15 min eller så lenge som trengs for at det dannes en hinne på rundingene. Dette kan du teste ved å presse forsiktig på rundingene. Hvis det ikke henger igjen røre på fingeren er de klare til å stekes.


Stek midt i ovnen i ca 15 min, men følg nøye med da dette kan variere veldig fra ovn til ovn. La de ferdige makrone avkjøle helt før du forsiktig løsner de fra bakepapiret/silikonmatten.


For å lage fylle varmer du opp fløten eller kokosmelken og heller det over sjokoladen. La det stå i 1 min og rør til alt er blandet. Avkjøl i kjøleskap til blandingen tykner til en ganache.


Hell fyllet over i en sprøytepose og fyll oversiden av et makronskjell for deretter å presse sammen med et annet makronskjell.


Du har forhåpentligvis laget noen fantastiske makroner.



Denne deilige, tykke salte karamellsausen er perfekt tilbehør til is, frukt, kaker og brownies (f.eks denne ). Du kan selvfølgelig også droppe salt i den for en standard karamellsaus.

Passer også veldig godt i kaffen. Og best av alt er den uten tilsatt sukker samtidig som den kan lages uten melkeprodukter om du ønsker det. Anbefaler imidlertid kondensert melk eller fløte smaksmessig.



(Uten tilsatt sukker, glutenfri, melkefri*)


150g tagatesse

150g usøtet kondensert melk,fløte / eller fullfett kokosmelk*

3SS vann

4SS kokosolje

10 dråper vaniljeessens (valgfritt)

2SS Fibersirup clear (valgfritt)



Hell tagatesse sammen med 3SS van i en kasserolle og sett på varmen


La det koke til den skifter farge og blir gyllen


Tilsett kondensert melk og la sausen koke på svak varme til den tykner.


Ta kasserollen av platen og rør inn kokosolje og vaniljeessens. Smak til med salt


La karamellsausen avkjøle noen timer til den tykner ordentlig. Verre var det ikke :D




Summer has made its appearance, not so shyly, in a place that is considered a summer classic: Greece. A place where the sunshine is glorious, the weather is never in crisis and the sea is a vast, untapped source of life.

Greece is the epitome of the Mediterranean and offers the visitor incredible travel experiences. From delectable gastronomy that varies from region to region, to sheer natural beauty of peculiar locations, to soul enriching activities or absolute relaxation, Greece will not disappoint.


Samtidig som varmere temperaturer så vidt har meldt sin ankomst her i Norge, har sommeren for alvor startet i en klassiker av en sommerdestinasjon, nemlig Hellas. Et sted hvor været og temperaturen sjelden skuffer og havet er en kilde til liv og røre.

Hellas er for mange en fellesnevner med middelhavet og byr på utrolige reiseopplevelser. Med utsøkt gastronomi som varierer fra region til region, slående vakker natur, sjelebringende aktiviteter og gode muligheter for total avslapning, er Hellas et reisemål som tilfredsstiller de fleste.



In a sense, Crete can be considered a miniature Greece as it seems to have it all: mouth-watering cuisine, amazing beaches, modern cities, natural marvels, tradition and customs, warm hospitable people and a plethora of activities. The list goes on.

The capital, Heraklion is the perfect starting point to discover Crete bit by bit. Your stay can be enriched by choosing a superior city hotel in Heraklion, located strategically only a stone’s throw from the city centre. Sample the finest of Cretan gastronomy, soak up the sun by the pool and indulge in impeccable services, while golfing enthusiasts will be thrilled to know there is a state of the art Golf Course at the Crete Golf Club, amidst some amazing mountains. Plan your onward exploration of Crete with the aid of the connoisseur locals!


Kreta blir av mange gjerne kalt et Hellas i miniatyr, og det er ikke ute grunn. Et utsøkt kjøkken, fantastiske strender, moderne byer, naturlige underverk, tradisjon og historie, gjestfrie innbyggere og en rekke aktiviteter. Og listen er ikke uttømmende.

Hovedstaden Heraklion er det perfekte sted for å utforske Kreta i et behagelig tempo. Og hva er vel ikke bedre da enn å velge et komfortabelt hotell beliggende et steinkast fra hjertet av Heraklion. Nyt det beste fra Kretas kjøkken , slapp av ved bassengområdet og skjem deg bort med et upåklagelig tilbud. Golf entusiaster vil la seg begeistre av Kreta Gold Club beliggende mellom fantastiske fjell.

// Galaxy Hotel



Arguably, the most romantic place in Greece. Boasting the most enchanting sunset in Oia, you can seal your love forever by sharing a sunset view suite in Oia Castle. Oia is renowned for gathering hordes of tourists to watch the sun go down, so this way your privacy is non negotiable. A perfect place to tuck away your romance, are the cave pool suites that will instill a sense of calm, and reinforce intimacy all the while allowing you to drift away into a haven of bliss.

Santorini’s other wonderful features also remain to be uncovered: the colourful beaches, the Caldera, the nightlife, the local gastronomy, as well as some activities such as diving is highly recommended amidst the submerged, volcanic strata.


Det mest romantiske stedet i Hellas vil mange si. De slående vakre solnedgangene i Oia gjør hvertfall sitt alle beste for å skape den rette atmosfæren og hva er vel ikke bedre enn å dele opplevelsen med din kjære i en sunset view suite hos Oia castle. Oia er kjent for å tiltrekke seg horder av turister hvert år, så på denne måte får du nyte det vakre synet i fred og ro. Hva med en tilbaketrukket cave pool suite med eget basseng slik at du nyte roen og stillheten i avslappende omgivelser.

Santorini har også mye mer interessant å tilby; de fargerike strendene, kalderaen, nattelivet, lokale gastronomiske spesialiteter i tillegg til aktiviteter slik som dykking.

// Sunset view suite, Oia Castle

// Beach in Santorini

// Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, Halkidiki



Not an island but a place that very much resembles it. Located in the north of Greece, Halkidiki is formed by 3 legs or peninsulas that increase the coastal surface area, essentially creating island-like conditions and shores. The most beautiful of which is Kassandra, with pristine white beaches, the most captivating of which lies in Paliouri area, where the dreamy Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort is situated. Your wellness has priority here, as everything is designed to help you achieve a higher state of mind, body and soul. Healthy, gourmet eating, absolute relaxation and many wellness activities are offered to enhance your balance in this oasis of unspoiled nature, and with a private marina, it welcomes visitors who approach from the sea!


Ikke akkurat en øy, men likevel et sted som virkelig kan minne om det. Beliggende nord i Hellas, består Halkidiki av tre halvøyer. Dette skaper en følelse av å være på en øy med de langstrakte kystlinjene. Den vakreste av de alle, Kassandra med sine uberørte strender, er den mest fengslende i Paliouri området. Det er også her det fantastiske resortet Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort ligger. Din velvære har virkelig øverste prioritet her, men gjennomgående design som legger til rette for en energigivende opplevelse for sjel og sinn. Sunn og frisk gourmet mat, total avslapning og et bredt velværetilbud for å føre deg i balanse i en ramme bestående av vakker natur, med en egen privat marina.



Plus 1.


Which brings us to the Greek seas. The Mediterranean is the overarching pelago, within which the Aegean sea graces the shores of Greece to the right, while the Ionian sea separates Greece and Italy. With over 200 hundred inhabited islands, choosing which one or two to visit on your holiday can be tricky as the choice is truly endless. One solution to this dilemma, and if you are a bit of a recreational seafarer, is to discover a handful of amazing Greek island destinations by choosing to cruise through summer, with Variety Cruises. Take your pick between three Greek island cruises: roaming the Aegean and the jewels of Cyclades, the Ionian and the Antiquity of Greece, or a bit of both with Classical Greece cruise.

Which will you choose?


Øy-cruise. Som bringer oss over til de greske farvann. I all hovedsak Middelhavet med tilhørende skjærgård hvor det i øst møter Egeerhavet, og i vest det Joniske hav som skiller Hellas fra Italia. Med over 200 bebodde øyer kan det være et svært vanskelig valg å velge bare en til to for et besøk. En mulig løsning på dette dilemmaet, såfremt du ikke har noe imot båter, er å utforske et utvalg greske øydestinasjoner ved å bli med på et fantastisk cruise i sommer med Variety Cruises. Du har hele tre Greek Island Cruises ruter å velge mellom; en med fokus på området ved Egeerhavet med de vakre Kykladene, en med det joniske hav og den fokus på den antikken i Hellas eller hvorfor ikke litt av begge deler ved å velge "Classical Greece Cruise".

Hvilken av de vil du velge?



"The art of decadent brownies"


Jeg overdriver vel ikke så mye hvis jeg sier at "alle" elsker Brownies. Seig, crispy skorpe og bløt og deigete inni er den perfekte brownie for meg, og med denne oppskriften får du nettopp det. I tillegg får du en velsmakende brownie så og si uten tilsatt sukker*, melk og gluten, og med minst like mye fiber som i et grovbrød. Ganske fantastisk, ikke sant?

Fudgy Brownies har en større andel sjokolade og derav mer kompakt og mektig konsistens. Vil du ha den mer kakete i konsistensen kan du kutte ned litt på andel sjokolade og øke andelen malte mandler/fiberfin. Om du ikke har eller klarer å finne sukkerfri mørk sjokolade kan du erstatte denne med kakaosmør og legge til noen SS ekstra med kakaopulver og søtning. Oppskriften inneholder søtningsstoffer som kan gi urolig mage hos noen. Prøv først med et stykke kake før du går løs på hele. :)

Oppskriften er inspirert av denne.


Tilsett nøtter for litt ekstra crunch.

Passer utmerket sammen med vaniljeis og frukt.

Lag en hjemmelaget is med små biter av brownies.



(Uten tilsatt sukker*, glutenfri, melkefri**)


400g fibersirup clear*

200g finmalte mandler

160g mørk sukkerfri mørk sjokolade (Anbefaler Nick's) / sukkerfri melkefri mørk sjokolade (F.eks Plamil)**

150g kokosolje (helst nøytral)

50g fiberfin

3 egg

3-4 SS kakaopulver

2 ss tagatesse (valgfritt)

10 dråper vaniljeessens eller 2 SS Vaniljeekstrakt (valgfritt)

*Fibersirup inneholder en ørliten mengde sukkerarter, men dette utgjør mindre enn 2% av kaken.


"Everybody" loves Brownies, right? Sticky and chewy on the outside with a soft and fudgy centre is a perfect brownie for me, and with this recipe you can enjoy that extra piece of cake without feeling guilty. You'll get a tasty brownie without any added refined sugar, milk or gluten, and with at least as much fibre as in a slice of a coarse bread. Pretty amazing, right?

Fudgy Brownies have a higher ratio of chocolate which contributes to a more compact and fudgy consistency. If you want it more cakey in texture, cut down on the amount of chocolate and increase the amount of grounded almonds / "Fiber fin". If you dont have sugarfree chocolate you can substitute for cacao butter and add in some extra cocoa powder and sweeteners.

The recipe contains sweeteners and a high consume might lead to an upset stomach for some. Try first with a piece of cake before you dig into the whole cake. :)


Add nuts for extra crunchiness.

Vanilla ice cream and fruit are a great partner with Brownies.

Make a homemade ice cream with small pieces of this Brownies.



(Without added sugars *, gluten free, milk free**)


400g FibreSyrup Clear *

200g finely grounded almonds

160g sugar-free dark chocolate (I highly recommend Nick's) / sugar-free, milk-free dark chocolate (Plamil or similar)**

150g coconut oil (Neutral/Expellar pressed is recommended)

50g Fibrefine (Or more grounded almonds)

3 eggs

3-4 TBS cocoa powder

2 TBS tagatesse/tagatose or erythritol (optional)

10 drops of vanilla essence or 2 TBS Vanilla extract (optional)

* FibreSyrup contains a small amount of sugars, but this accounts for less than 2% of the cake.


Sett ovnen på 170 grader celsius


Smelt sammen kokosolje, fibersirup og sjokolade over varmt vann og hell over i en bakebolle.


Tilsett og visp inn eggene sammen med eventuelt tagatesse/søtning og vaniljeessens (om du ønsker litt ekstra søt brownie.)


Bland sammen Fiberfin, malte mandler og kakaopulver og sikt det inn i røren. Miks godt til du får en blank og klumpfri røre.


Hell røren over i en bakepapirkledd form (25x25cm) og stek i ovnen i 30-35 minutter.

Ikke overstek. (Kaken skal ha en nokså flytende kjerne så ikke la deg friste av å steke den lengre. Den blir fast når den er avkjølt)


Avkjøl og la kaken stå i kjøleskap slik at den får satt seg ordentlig. Del kaken i passe store stykker.

Rester oppbevares kjølig. (Som om i det hele tatt blir noe igjen... ;)


Preheat oven to 170 degrees Celsius


Melt coconut oil, FibreSyrup and chocolate together in a bowl over hot water (not boiling water) When completely melted pour into a larger bowl to cool.


Add and whisk in the eggs together with any optional sweeteners and vanilla extract (if you want that extra sweetness)


Mix together Fibrefine, ground almonds and cocoa powder and whisk it into the batter. Mix well until you get a smooth and lump-free brownie batter.


Pour the batter into a glass/metal cake mould (approx. 25x25cm) and let it bake in the preheated oven for 30-35 minutes.

Do not overbake.. (Insert a toothpick if necessary to test. The cake must have a fairly doughy centre so do not be tempted to let it stay in the oven for some extra minutes. Don't worry, it will set when completely cooled)


Let the brownie cool and place the brownie in a the fridge to set properly. (Overnight is preferable) Divide the cake into squares and serve.

Any leftovers are best kept cool. (As if there will be any leftovers?) :)




Hva er vel påske uten sjokoladeegg med melkekrem? En favoritt blant mange, men også en sukkerbombe. Med oppskriften under kan du lage din egen sjokolade med melkefyll uten tilsatt sukker og palmeolje, men med tilsvarende gode smak. Og du kan selv bestemme hvor søtt det skal smake.


(Uten tilsatt sukker*, glutenfri)

D u t r e n g e r:

(Nok til 9 små egg)

80g Sukkerfri melkesjokolade* / valgfri sjokolade (f.eks 1 stk Sukrin melkesjokolade)


25g Kakaosmør

3 ts Nøytral Kokosolje

4 ts Tørrmelk (Vikingmelk)

2 ts Fibersirup Clear

1 ts Sukrinmelis (valgfritt)

8 dråper Vaniljeessens


Erstatt gjerne melkesjokolade med hvit eller mørk sjokolade. Oppskrift på enkel mørk sukkerfri sjokolade her.


Sett silikonformene/sjokoladeformene i fryseren


Smelt halvparten av sjokoladen i en skål over varmt vann. (ikke kokende), og fyll insiden av de avkjølede formene med smeltet sjokolade.


Smelt kakaosmør, kokosolje og fibersirup i en annen bolle over varmt vann. Bland deretter inn melkepulver, vaniljeessens. Sett til avkjøling slik at ingrediensene stivner. (Ingrediensene vil skille seg men blandes sammen igjen når alt er avkjølt.)


Rør kraftig i den avkjølede melkekremen og bland inn eventuell ekstra søtning.


Fyll sjokoladeformene med melkekremen, gjerne ved bruk av en sprøytepose eller plastpose med hull. (La det være igjen plass til sjokoladetrekket.) Avkjøl i kjøleskap.


Smelt den resterende sjokoladen i en bolle over varmt vann og fyll over formene slik at du får dekket over melkekremen. Avkjøl i kjøleskap.

Kan oppbevares både i romtemperatur og kjøleskap.

God Påske :)