- About me

โ€‹Hello postcrosser or other kind of people! โ™ก

Now I'm going to tell you more about myself and why I started this blog. Well, my name is Towe and I'm 20 years old, living in Sweden in the city called Uppsala. Close to Sweden's capital Stockholm. I'm still at school and studying. I love to collect on beautiful postcards and stamps. I'm also in love with makeup and photography. I love my lovely cat and dog. I like to watch on movies, especially horror movies, they're the best and like to sing also. I just got my driving licence so I love to drive with my car. A good thing to know about me.. my favourite colour is pink, it's the best colour ever, trust me. โข

The story about this blog :
I started this blog because I love to blog, I have had a blog before here. But my thought was that I wanted to show you my postcard and stamps collection and show you my postcards and stamps offers for swap. I think it's a way easier to show you here, than on my instagram. On my instagram I'll upload my outgoing and incoming mail and other stuffs. It's my plan. I think it would work out pretty well. I really hope you will like my 'prettylittlething'blog. Take care and don't hesitate to contact me on instagram @postcrossingwithlove or my email: toweolsson@outlook.com.โ™ก