My definition;

a moment is something worth remembering in your eyes.

a moment is you being present at the right place & right time & vice versa.

a moment is when you look at a throwback picture and you think to yourself, "i remember this..."

a moment is a sentimental feeling you get when you took/reminiscent back or at that moment in time.

a moment is a priceless form of acceptance & memories.

a moment is a situation which could only happen once. the second is a different feel.

a moment is a connection between you, yourself, the who, where, what, how & why.

a moment is a moment worth appreciated.

a moment can be a negative & positive abstract.

Always look back at your old ones, but always remember to be open to new ones too. 😏

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The discovery of a hidden gem - natural swimming pool
These are snapshots of pictures by my camera phone. It was a recommended place to visit by our diving instructor nearby the area.
We drove, walked along the fancy hotel (Melia) to the coast and there it was...

Natural & simply hidden.
There were many live creatures, fishes, snails, crabs, hermits etc.
That view of the ocean, mountains, sunset caves & splashing waves.
You just can't help but to appreciate the mesmerizing view & beauty of such a secluded area.

Shots of the view, myself and the ocean waves.

Battery at 1%. Gotta sign out.



Stopped infront of a red light,
a beam of sun shone right towards my direction.
That moment took me by surprise.
There I knew, I made a promise to myself.
I am gonna do great things in my life.
and the first thing in my mind
is to create something meaningful.
hello poochinbigworld.