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Happenings, Players

Just over a month ago, Pokémon Go became the biggest mobile game in U.S. history — but now the number of users is starting to decline, and fast. Here are few reasons why ‘Pokémon Go’ is losing players that fast.

Bloomberg recently published charts from Axiom Capital Management that show a daily decrease in the game’s users and engagement. Pokémon Goreached its peak around 45 million users in mid-July and has since dropped off to approximately 30 million in the span of four weeks.

How could this be? It goes without saying that no game could sustain such incredible engagement throughout its entire lifetime, but why isPokémon Go losing users so quickly? It seemed like just yesterday people were running into traffic for the sake of this game, but a month later, the novelty has worn off and Pokéburnout has set in. Here are some theories why.

Less visibility

Simply put, Pokémon Go is out of the spotlight. It dominated headlines after its release, but the momentum has died down, according to Google Trends data on news searches.

This could be due to a decline in visibility in the physical world. Maybe fewerpeople are walking around glued to their phones stumbling into dead bodies, getting into car accidents or breaking into cemeteries. Or maybe the stories are just getting repetitive and tired – especially this month, when the Olympics have taken over the news cycle.

Physical activity required

Pokémon Go was initially praised for encouraging gamers to go outside and explore, but that initiative had to eventually take a toll on players, especially during the hottest July ever. Prospective Pokémon trainers might also have been discouraged by numerous reports of armed robberies and shootouts that were experienced when players ventured outside. And disappointed users who wanted a game they could play on their couch may have simply given up.


Numerous early reviews called Pokémon Gobland and repetitive,” and more than a month later, even the most diehard fans will admit it can get a little… well, boring. Once you catch one Pidgey, catching more loses its appeal.

As BuzzFeed put it, the game works like this: “Walk around. Find Pokéstops. Gather items. Catch (mostly the same frequently appearing Pokémon). Level them up. Maybe fight in a gym. Repeat.” Yawn.

The game is plagued by glitches

Time for some real talk. None of the other supporting reasons come close to this one: Pokémon Go was, and is, fundamentally broken. First off, the game is significantly different from what was promised in the originaltrailer. And then the version that was delivered was still full of glitches that made the user experience extremely frustrating. Servers routinely crashed, the game frequently froze and players were repeatedly asked to log-in to their accounts.

It got so bad that there’s an entire website solely dedicated to answering the following question: Is Pokémon Godown or not? Niantic, the game’s developer, just released a minor update, but it’ll have to do a bit more if they plan on sustaining Pokémon Go’s fanbase.

What do you think, will Pokemon GO get player numbers back or why Pokemon GO player numbers are decreasing?



Bans, Fuskare

We continue to work to ensure the integrity of the game and the health of our servers by blocking unauthorized access and at times by banning offending accounts. This includes blocking bots, data scraping operations, and banning end user accounts associated with those activities. Some players may not have realized that some add-on map apps do more than just show you nearby Pokémon. Each end-user app can be used as a collection tool by the app creator, invisibly collecting and forwarding data to the app creator with or without the knowledge of the end user. These apps can have an effect similar to DDoS attacks on our servers. Because of this we have had to ban some accounts associated with using these add-on map tools, leading to confusion by some users about why they were banned. This is a small subset of the accounts banned.

As a result of some changes made to our infrastructure, we are now able to unban this set of accounts. Add-on maps which scrape data from our servers still violate our Terms of Service and use of them may still result in an account ban going forward. Accounts whose sole purpose was to scrape data are not being unbanned. Accounts which used apps or websites to remotely capture Pokémon, battle or deploy on Gyms, or harvest resources from PokéStops are also not being unbanned. Our main priority is to provide a fair, fun, and legitimate experience for all players, so, aggressive banning will continue to occur for players who engage in these kinds of activities.




Uppdateringen är på väg. Här rankas samtliga 142 Pokémon utifrån hur smart det är att välja dem som Buddy Pokémon i Pokémon GO.

Några har redan fått denna uppdatering, men för er som inte fått de eller som vill ha lite hjälp på traven vad de innebär, här är texten för er!

Idag meddelar Niantic att uppdateringarna processeras, tillsammans med ett gäng andra bugfixar. Alla med Android 0.37.0 eller iOS 1.7.0 bör ha uppdateringen innan veckan är över.

Den i särklass mest exalterande delen av uppdateringen är så klart att vi kan välja en Buddy Pokémon som likt Ashs Pikachu kan dela äventyret till fots vid vår sida.

Tränaren belönas bland annat med Candy till sin Buddy för varje kilometer ni vandrar tillsammans och du kan när som helst byta Buddy. Detta betyder att vi snabbare kan träna upp och utveckla en specifik Pokémon till att bli ett dödligt vapen!

Men som med det mesta i "Pokémon GO" innehåller det en viss strategi. Baserat på hur lång tid det tar att utveckla en given Pokémon, hur lätt den är att hitta vilt i naturen och vilken potentiell CP den kan uppnå, har Pokémon Go Hub rankat samtliga 142 Pokémon efter hur effektiva de är som Buddy Pokémon.

Smartast är det att ha Charmeleon, Grimer, Dragonair, Kadabra eller Wartortle som din Buddy.

Charizard, Dragonite och Blastoise är de starkaste Pokémon i spelet och tydligen kostar det bara 50 Candy att utveckla Grimer till Muk, vilket är förvånande med tanke på hur relativt ovanliga de är. Pikachu hamnar ungefär i mitten av listan som du hittar här.

Ingen är förvånad över att hitta Pidgey, Rattata, Weedle, Zubat och Magikarp i botten, men på något vis lyckas Drowzee norpa platsen som spelets absolut mest ovärda Buddy Pokémon.