My name is Ceazar Zinger. And I am the CEO and Founder of Pleonasm Studios. I'm currently a student in high school where I am studying to get a degree to get into the school I want to get into, which is an education for becoming a nurse to work with disabled people. On my free time I'm a singer/songwriter with a solo project and vocalist in a metalcore band. In the solo project my main genre Hardrock Ballads with a twist of metalcore. The band is only metalcore. We currently don't have a name because we are changing it up, the band and the style. The older version of the band focused on post-hardcore with merely no members. Only 3 people in the band. But now we are looking for people join a new band with a new vision. There are no music released yet with the because we are a newly started band. The solo project has 1 released song on youtube. It will soon be released on Spotify. Link to the lyric video will be under this post. It will also be published on Pleonasm Studios' youtube when we start that up. The company has currently only 1 employee. He will be posting his own post about him. I can tell you that he is the company's social manager and he is the one that will updating this blog, the website, facebook page, instagram, youtube channel and other social medias we decide on starting up.

Thank you for reading this little post about me so you get to know me a bit better!


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