I hope you liked the video. Here are a few additions.

1. To plant the bulbs
Just do as I did in the propagation part of the video, but don't plant them as deep. A couple of centimetres is enough.

2. How you separate a piece of of the plant (so you can plant it as I did in the video)

Carefully take the plant out off the pot and put it on a newapaper or something similar. Carefully remove the soil from the roots and the root bulbs (rhizoms). Separate as many leaves as you want to plant. It's important that the leaves you're going to plant are attatched to at least one bulb. The leaves that aren't attatched to a bulb are not going to survive.

Right now I have a give away at my Instagram account where the price is a couple of Oxalis bulbs, so you can grow your own plant!

The giveaway will close at 11:59 (GMT) 16th November 2017 and winners will be chosen randomly. Check my Instagram account for mor information.

Head over there to participate! @plantsandotherthings https://www.instagram.com/plantsandotherthings/

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So I get ALOT of questions on how to grow an avocado plant. A lot of you have tried the classical ways and failed. So, in a couple of weeks I'm going to upload a video and a blogpost on ways to make the pit grow every time! Follow my blog so that you don't miss it out! And until then - eat a lot of avocados and keep all the pits!