I take as much as I can get,

been like this since 95, too young to feel regret

I close my eyes to catch a running thought

but all is blurry, can't remember what I bought

Now I am somewhere miles from here

eyes away, I only have myself to fear

Silence, shame, a pounding heart

if I could go back I dont think I'd know where to start

(I think I’m coming down)

(I think I’m coming down)

(I think I’m coming down)

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You say you're a builder, but you break what you touch

you say you're an artist but honey I haven't seen you writing much,

to you the whole world is a senseless joke,

still can't leave your house without two grams of coke.

So cool, so indifferent with cynical pride,

so vain, so afraid and so dead inside.

You took me to heaven and taught me to fly,

then cut off my wings and left me to die.

Came back the next day and brought me to life,

now darling I'll love you like a wound loves a knife.



Used to be good, used to be pure,

used to be right but wanted more,

now she is empty,

lost and alone,

a broken mind with a broken soul.

How do you fix you

when all is gone

all you believed in

has died or moved on

So many questions,

no one to ask,

wash off that lipstick

and take off your mask.

Look in the mirror,

and stare at her face

Who is the freak

that took my place?



du och jag,


som glasikoner lutar vi fragilt mot passivitetens stödstrukturer.

vi är ingenting och vi är allt vi nånsin skådat.

tillsammans står vi aldrig någon annanstans än stilla.



He says to me: "you're too old to be so shy"

so I stay the night

Just a young heart confusing my mind

But we're both in silence


like we're in a crime scene



His tar black soul was all her heart needed



Abuse me, use me, shut up and do me,

I will never be the same.

Grab me, stab me, go on and have me,

I won't ever let them know your name



​our blood is broken