Yep I´m one lucky girl. Just look at this ring!!! A real Tiffany & Co beauty.

Not on my wishlist but ok.

The other beauty, the pink bouquet of flowers did two of my best girls from Norway send to me. It was standing on my dining table in my apartment, when I got home from the milkshake crush we had in SoHo.

I can´t even describe my face when I was reading the card at the flowers - so surprised, you are really the best.

The third celebration night was I wearing this beautiful set from FashoinNova (spons).

This night we had dinner at Bagatelle and then some drinks at Up&Down, the funniest night this week!

Xo, Ida Celine

Design bloggen din - velg mellom mange ferdige maler på Nouw, eller lag din egen – pek og klikk - Klikk her



Thank you sooo much for all the nice congratulations, you made my day sweethearts!

I had an amazing birthday with way too much attention. No doubt, the best day in the year. After Monday night at Tao, we woke up to have a pink glitter, candy, fairytale birthday breakfast. Everything you can see on this milkshake is edible, mmm. @NewTerritoriesNY 

Later that day we met some friend of mine at PHD terrace for some predrinks with live music and Time Square view. After that had I asian dinner (again) at Megu with my norwegian newyorkers, I really appreciated that dinner. The whole gang gathered again, just like the old nyc days. We ended up at The box to turn the night into a freakshow.

I´m so glad there are still four days left of my birthday week. To be continued...

Xo, Ida Celine



Today's my birthday, and we are going to celebrate me, myself and I the whole week. And what better place to have a bithday party, then in NYC. I´m so happy my favourite girls came to visit me this week, love you!

Last night we started at Tao with perfect asian food and champagne, before ending the night with a bottle of Tequila. But only because my fortune cockies said so.


• A pink pony

• Five naked Abercrombie & Fitch butlers

• Good sugar-free chocolate

Xo, Ida Celine



Think how perfect it would be if you could just wear underwear every day, all day long. Or just look good under you clothes. When my underwear matches my outfit it makes me feel like I really have my life together.

In collaboration with MyMuse Lingerie, have I picked out this beauties.

Get 20% discount with promocode IDACELINE20 at MyMuse.

I love the shape of this cherie bralette BH, so sexy and still so classy. You can get it HERE .

Silky night dress is a must, this dress was become my every sunday outfit.

Get night dresses and sleepwear HERE

Xo, Ida Celine



Morning babes.

Last night I was in bed too late, and I had to wake up too early this morning to answer emails about my new apartment in Oslo. That means I'm even more tired then I usually are, which is not a good thing. Thats the reason why I'm wearing the biggest sunglasses in my wardrobe.

Today is it already a month since I left Norway. Exactly a month also means that my better half is landing in NYC today. I'm so excited to see her again, and catch up on everything that was happened in the last 30 days.

// Jacket and pants - ZARA

// Sunnies and clutch - Chanel

After an efficient and tired morning, I had a quick goodbye lunch date with a friend of mine who are moving to LA next week. A lunch with this modern type of view.

And now I´am just waiting in the financial district, for my soul sister to call on her way from JFK. See you soon girl!

Xo, Ida Celine



@1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

This place takes your breath away. The view. The vibe. The city has such beauty - you truly need to experience it for yourself. The powerful skyline. Not to mention, a community pulsating with people from all over the world. People with different values, thoughts, and goals.

As for us, we just had one simple mission for the day: never let our glasses be empty of rosé and a goal of making it to the rooftop lounge party at 8pm. A rather simple minded Sunday, I`d say.

Quoting my girl after five glasses for sparkling rosé:

"life is so much better when you are a little bit tipsy".


Xo, Ida Celine



@Dream Hotel downtown

Last night I was having a good time, hanging out in this luxurious penthouse in Manhattan´s meatpacking district.

Dream downtown is a real 10/10, the design and interior of the hotel is so modern, exclusive and completed. I also think the PHD rooftop lounge has one of the best views in town. Anyway this is a perfect big city suite.

We had a couple of drinks, some lollipops and a lot of candy - real cheatday vibes.

The ceiling of the living room is amazing, the circles are made of glass so you could see thru the floor while sitting on the terrace.

Upstairs had we a private 900 sq. ft. landscaped terrace with hot tub. There was Dj on site that was playing old gems while we were taking a dip in the jacuzzi. I would loved to have a private dj everytime I take a bath home at Wall st as well.

The suite also had a balcony without roof so you could get a clear view of over the midtown skyline. Definitely the best spot! The best part of the night was at the balcony by midnight- eating lollipops and drink skinny bitch while the sky turned black and the city lights start sparkling.

Hope your Wednesday was as good as mine!

Xo, Ida Celine



Last Friday 9/22 we were at 1Oak celebrating Fergie´s new album "Double Dutchess".

Her comeback after... i dont know, forever. It was fun tho, we were all seeing double by 6am.

See 1Oak´s video from the Album Release Party.

So it was a lot of balloons, lots of grey goose, lots of people wearing sunglasses and just a good party

- that means Fergie´s album is now out.

Xo, Ida Celine



The famously arty neighborhood of the ’70s and ’80s has evolved into one of New York City’s major shopping districts. SoHo, known for its mixture of pricey boutiques and second hand stores, where you can buy everything from cutting-edge designs to vintage looks. In others words, this is the most trendy and fashionable district on Manhattan.

Last time i lived in NYC when I was 18 years old. My friend and I had had an apartment on Elizabeth street, a five minute walk from Broadway. The streets are full of energy, street art and small coffeeshops- i really love the pulse of SoHo.

If you want to go shopping at some of the biggest retail stores in town, Broadway is the place for you. They are all located right next to one another, stores like H&M, Zara, Steve Madden, Victoria Secret, AllSaints, TopShop, Forever21, Brandy Melville ect.

Luxury shopping and most of the big brands you will find at Greene St and Spring St.

My fav eat and drink spots:

Butcher’s Daughter

The Egg Shop

Little Cupcake Bakeshop


Oficina Latina

My girl @Ivanamiric

Use code "FASHION15" to get 15% discount at Mockberg. The code works out 2017.

// Skirt - ZARA

Xo, Ida Celine