Hope everyone is having a good week, personally I just wish that this week and next week would already end. Because I´m having my matriculation exams (kind of like finals) in English and Finnish now. On Monday I had one part of the English exam and next week I will have the rest and also the whole Finnish test. Senior year has been fun so far but this I don´t count to the highlights... :D

I´ve also just got a job and I will start next week so that I´m really excited for!

Anyway, you guys who follow me on instagram maybe saw that I was on a sunflower field a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I would share a bit more shots from there. We had a nice road trip with Julia and Sara and were lucky to find such a nice field.

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Hello again!

Croatia is a beautiful country but the small islands are a whole new level. We went on a day trip to three different places, two islands and a place called the Blue Lagoon. The water was soo clear everywhere so of course we had to try snorkeling. Too bad I don´t have any snaps from that, it probably looked hilarious. :D

I don´t remember what the first island was called but it took about 20 minutes from the harbor there. We mostly snorkeled and tanned. It was a small island and we didn´t have that much time to spend there..

At the Blue Lagoon we anchored up and spent an hour snorkeling in the turquoise water. It was truly gorgeous.
The last island was called Solta and there we ate lunch and strolled around a bit. After that it was time to head back to Split.

I didn´t take that many pics from the trip but I hope you all like these at least!

Have a great weekend:)



Hey everyone!

So, my plan was to write posts during my trip to Croatia, but here I am one month later and I still haven´t written anything... :D whoops. I was just too busy enjoying the trip and then too lazy after it.

Anyway, we stayed in Split for three days. It was packed with tourists and the weather was so hot. Still nicer than in Finland where summer never started.

Split was really beautiful and we got to see the old town, nice beaches (or actually rocks :D) and some nice islands.

Diocletianus´ Palace looked really nice and the small streets surrounding it were so cute.

I had never seen so clear water in my life, it wasn´t that warm though.. But really refreshing!

Oh, btw I cut my hair a lot shorter and the salt water made it pretty curly.

I will write about the island trips in another post hopefully during this week.

Have a great week everyone!



Hello again!

In my last post I was on my way to Portugal for Europeans. Now that I'm back home I thought I would share some snaps and tell briefly about the trip.
So the matches didn't really go that well... I didn't really expect anything but since it was my last junior Europeans it would have been nice if it had gone a bit better.
I was also a bit dissapointed how badly the whole tournament was organized but it got better day by day.
The tournament was held in a city called Guimarães, which is located near Porto. Fortunately I had time to visit the city of Porto with my father, which was one of the highlights of the trip!:)
Porto was a really cute city with a lot of hills and an amazing beach!

Right now I'm at home and I have just finished packing for my trip to Croatia tomorrow. I'm meeting up Jan there and we'll spend ten amazing days exploring the Croatian coast.

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Hey everyone!
Right now I'm in Munich waiting for our flight to Porto. I thought I would write a quick update about the past few weeks.

As I wrote in the last post I was in Estonia playing North Europeans, which went okay but not that good. I didn't really take any pics from there except of my amzing looking sushi in Tallinn!

After that I have spent a lot of time on my country place since my sister came with her children there! We went camping to an island one day which was super fun but it got a bit cold in the night...:D We also went climbing. I had never done it before but i will absolutely do it again! It was really fun and only scary in the beginning.

Then I had the preparation camp for Europeans. From there I don't have any pics but we didn't do much else than trained and ate.:D Well we also played frisbee-golf which was fun but I wasn't really good at it.. haha.

Yesterday we celebrated my sister's 22nd birthday with some mojitos and delicious moroccan food!

The weather has been pretty up and down but when the sun came out it was picnic time.:D

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Hey everyone!

As I said in my last post my phone broke and that´s why I haven´t done a post from northern Finland. But now I have a new and working phone so I thought I would share some snaps from Friday/Midsummer.

Me and some friends of mine were at my country place celebrating that and my eighteenth birthday. We ate super good food, went to the sauna and partied until late. Such a fun night with great company!

My real birthday was on Sunday but there wasn´t really any time for celebrations since I had to leave in the morning for North Europeans here in Estonia.

I will try to write a post about this tournament also but it also depends on if I get any nice pics from here. :D (I think the pictures are the best part of my blog posts :D)

The Midsummer fire was gorgeous and so was my friend Sara !

It feels so good to finally be 18!! :DD

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Hey everyone!

Happy summer to all! I´m sorry I´ve been so inactive lately but here comes the post about my vacation plans that was supposed to be up already last week. Oops... :D

Well anyway, my vacation has kicked off with a relaxing start but also with a hard table tennis camp that made my legs sore and my foot now feels broken... :D I hope it will go away since I have a lot table tennis this summer.

Right now I´m in northern Finland where most of my mom´s relatives live. I´m going to stay here for ten days. My grandfather, who also lives here, turned 80 last week so we are going to celebrate him.

On midsummer weekend when it´s my 18th birthday I will go with some friends and my family to my country place and celebrate. Not too big of a party though since the same day as I turn 18 I have to leave to Estonia for North European Youth Championships.

After a few camps and the North Europeans my season ends in Portugal at the European youth Championships. This is also the last year I can attend so I´m really excited and hope it will be a fun trip!

Just a few days after Portugal I will travel to Split, Croatia and meet Jan there. We then are going to explore the Croatian coast and then end our adventure in Budva, Montenegro.

After that it´s not long until my vacation is over and I start school as a senior!: Can´t wait to finally be done with school!

I believe this summer is going to be amazing and I wish everyone else´s too! Enjoy! :D

Oh and my phone broke so I don´t really know now with what I´m going to take or/and edit pics but I will try to figure it out. Here are some pics I took with Ia the day vacation started.



Hey everyone!

Here are some photos of my outfit from last weeks Friday.

With summer vacation just around the corner I will have a post about my holiday plans up next week!

I´ve never done an outfit post before so I hope you like it. :D

The jacket is vintage with a small detail in the back.

Black velvet backpack from Bershka, sunglasses from Primark, shirt from Monki, the pants I don't from where they are and the shoes are from Nike.



Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend and a happy Mother´s Day. My weekend was very relaxing and I thought I would show what I did with a few snaps I took on my phone.

On Saturday I first took a walk with my friend Ia and later that evening I met her and Julia in the city. We enjoyed some coffee before we went to the movies. We saw "Get out", which is a scary movie and it was actually surprisingly good! I recommend to go see that movie if you´re into scary movies!

On Sunday me, my father and my mother enjoyed a Mother´s Day lunch and a quick trip to our country place. .

The weather also happened to be really good this weekend and I´m keeping my fingers crossed that it will stay that way! You never know about the weather here in Finland...



Hey guys!

I hope everyone are having a wonderful day. As the title says I´m going to list up 10 random facts about me. Lets get to it!

1. I´m the youngest out of five siblings. I´ve got three sisters and one brother. I don´t share the same mother with my oldest sister and brother but I still consider them as "whole" siblings. Since they are much older than me it leads to the following fact:

2. I became an aunt when I was two years old. Now I´m an aunt for four beautiful children from whom two are actually already teenagers.

From youngest to oldest. This photo is taken in Sweden about 2 years ago.

Above you can see my brothers beautiful children, and below you can see my sisters crazy and funny children. :D

3. I started playing table tennis when I was six years old. I´ve actually been visiting the hall ever since I was born because my father and all my siblings have played table tennis.

4. I used to play piano for three years.

5. At the age of 11 me and my friends enrolled in the schools talent show. We sang and actually won the whole competition. I was one of the lead singers which makes it weird that we won since my singing voice is terrible. :D

6. As a small kid I used to have totally blonde, almost white hair. Now with the years it has become a lot darker.

7. I was born with atopic dermatitis, which means I get red rashes and dry skin all over my body. I don´t really know from what it comes nor if it will ever go away. Usually I don´t have any of it in the summers but in the winters it tends to get pretty bad.

I´m about 4 years old in these pictures. And you can see I have practically white hair.

8. I HATE cold weather and overall just feeling cold! That's why the Finnish climate isn't ideal for me... I'm always as happiest when it's summer.

9. I've been to 25 different countries and only two of them has been outside of Europe. This picture is taken in Cyprus almost 2 years ago.

10. I turn 18 in exactly one month and 18 days! I´m so excited for it. :D