While outings at a club are fun, having to dance with other people or partners can be a daunting task for many. With large crowds on the dance floor and loud music, it's an intimidating situation to be a beginner dancer and many of us feel self-conscious. In order to avoid such awkward situations, most of us avoid going to the club and dance. But, with little learning and practice of Club Dance, a person can build self-confidence while having plenty of fun.

Not having a natural flair for dancing is now no longer a problem you have to worry about. Learning club dance moves is quite an easy task and can make you a confident person while dancing in public. But, first things first, what is Club Dance? The dance form is all about improvising your body movements by adapting to the rhythm and styles of the song(s) being played at that moment – and having fun.

Unlike other dance forms, Club Dancing is not about choreography. Club dancing requires you to be spontaneous along with having the ‘feel’ of the song being played. It's best to have your body respond accordingly to any heavy break or accent in the music. Body movements and dance steps should match up with any stop or pause in the music.

Paying attention and focusing on the music will help you become more spontaneous in your dancing.Knowing the songs being played and enjoying the music also really helps. Avoid being worried about how you look and what other people think, and let your body move freely and naturally with the flow of the music. Good dance academies teach some fun dance moves for guys.

The main thing which separates dancers from the non-dancers is control of their body movements. Most of the people claim about not being able to move in a right manner while dancing. But, similar to like walking by putting one foot in front of other, dancing too is about breaking down body movements mechanically, albeit step by step.

It is pretty important that you first learn about moving your body in different ways than you're used to. Start by isolating your parts of your body completely, which may come as a mechanical process to you at the beginning. Isolating body parts is essential to be able learn how to move them independently from each other.

Finally, we often think beginner dancing is just for guys, but many women also share the sameproblems.Club dance for women is about understanding the rhythm of music while incorporating plenty of sexiness, which is important. You should be able to move your body according to the beat of the music and add some sexy touches. It helps that mostsongs have consistent rhythm which is continuously repeated throughout the duration of the song.

Most importantly, one has to practice in order to stay on the beat. Your body should be able to synchronize itself with the beat throughout the song. Start by focusing on slower beats or rhythms before advancing to more beats (e.g. syncopated urban beats). To start with, keep it as simple as possible, before you master the art of club dancing. So, what are waiting for? Go ahead and start practicing! Here’s wishing all the very best to you.