Life always comes down to unique moments; and holding those precious moments forever makes you who you are. Freeze time and document your life story with the best Phuket Family Photography.

As a “passionista” of wedding and family photography, Bonn Chirdchom has created hundreds of documentaries of weddings, engagements, photo ops, etc. since the completion of his photography degree in 2004.

Bonn believes that capturing the perfect picture does not just require good equipment and technical know-how, but also the perfect combination of thought, feeling and intricate spontaneity. It’s not just the moment; it’s how you present it in picture that creates beautiful photography. He created his memory lane with Puket Photography and is now looking forward to building yours!

Types of Photography Styles

There are many styles associated with photography like candid, artistic, photojournalistic, documentary, etc. Bonn specializes in all these styles and generally goes for a mixture. Typically, the client’s expectations are noted beforehand and the styles are tinkered here and there. This gives an opportunity to create the perfect picture.

Destination and Packages

Phuket Photography offers its services for weddings, engagements, family events like birthday parties, pregnancies, etc. You can have a look at their stunning portfolio to see the various events that have been covered. Phuket Photography is regarded as the best for creative engagement photography Phuket.

The price depends on the number of days to be covered and not the destination. The specifics can be discussed via phone or email.

Wedding Timings

Bonn Chirdchom, known as the best wedding photographer Phuket, is very particular about details and ensures that his work is perfect. Hence, he takes up only one assignment at a time. The whole day is cleared off his schedule to give you full attention.

Also, most weddings last a whole day and close-off with a reception in the evening. As such, Bonn does not charge on hourly basis but on the number of days you require his services. He is also open to capturing wedding rehearsals. Just make sure to book your spot well before-hand and specify the exact number of days.

Though weddings make up a huge part of his portfolio, Bonn works just as hard when photographing other events as well and charges the same depending on their time span.

Legal Jargon

If you are wondering whether you can share your pictures online, print copies etc., don’t worry. You own the personal rights release, which means that you can do whatever you like with the pictures provided it is non-commercial. The copyright still lies with Bonn, though you can be rest assured that your pictures are safe! He will only add them to his portfolio online with your written consent.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Phuket, then look no further! Phuket Photography would love to document your dearest moments.

Wasan Chirdchom, shortly known as Bonn, is a premium photographer based in Phuket, Thailand. He is especially known for his famous photojournalistic style and how he brings the pictures to life. In his words, “I like to draw pictures underneath each picture to see life as it looks”.

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