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Welcome to my Blog!!!

My name is Phoebe and im 13 soon 14,i have blondish brownish kinda hair if you wanna know that ,and I pretty much don't really have any special hobby im into rght now ,but I take Dance so I guess its something I like,hahahaha .

I live in Egypt right now and its great been living here for almost 10 years now, and im loving it basically!!!

I decided to open a a blog because I would love to share my daily life.

Hearing from others it is extremely fun so I have basically always been wanting to have one myself!

On this blog will be posting pics of my (daily life,food,friends,tips,advise,help,makeup,beuty,clothes) anything related to girly staff ;)

Recently this Christmas I got a bran new camera EOS 700D ,yep its reallyy good ,just incase you were wodering about what I take my pictures with!!!!

I hope you enjoy following my blog, and I will really try my best trust meee,

until I make another post  you guyzz take care ,

baiiiii :)