Here is writing one suuuper happy blogger right now! As you know, I'm one of the three Champion hockey league's official fan ambassadors for Tampereen Tappara. So, last Sunday (the 11th September) was our second home game against Adler Mannheim and it was also a special day for us ambassadors, since it was the time for our ''prize''.

Before the game started, we went for our ''behind the scenes''-tour at the ice hall. It was great to see so many things that usually you don't get to see! First we went to the locker room, and even tho I've seen many pictures and videos from there, it's nothing until you actually step in there. It was pretty much a dream come true to be there. After the locker room tour we got to see how the workers get the games to our tv-screens and what happens on off the ice while the game is going on. It was such a rewarding tour, we saw so many things and it was amazing to see how many people are putting effort to this hockey community.

From the tour we went to find our places and sat down to watch the game. Both teams played very well, Mannheim played a bit more physical than we here in Finland are used to, but in its entirety the game was good and very pleasant game to watch. And the best thing (for us) is that we won! And by the win, we're heading to the next phase of CHL, and my job as a fan ambassador isn't over yet!

When the game ended, we got to meet our top scorer, Henrik Haapala, and have a little chat with him. He answered our questions and it was nice to hear his thoughts about the upcoming hockey season for example. He's a very sweet and nice guy so the whole meet and greet was smooth and 'casual'.

Sunday was very long and tiring day, but I don't remember the last time I was that happy, it seriously was and is one of the best days of my life and I'll never forget that. A special thank you for that evening goes to Champions hockey league, who made all that possible. I am more than honoured to be in this position as an official fan ambassador for Tampereen Tappara.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my Great day at CHL, until the next time!

❣️, Petra

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So, on Saturday (27th) was the very first home game for us, which meant for me that it was my first game to do my job too!

The game started at 7pm, but I went to the ice hall around 5pm to meet up with my friends, get my tickets and the fan ambassador jersey.

After a long wait outside (it was sooo freezing out there) the doors finally opened. First of all we went to see few players who used to play in our team, Patrik Laine & Sasha Barkov. After that we went to our places to get ready for the game! Our actual places were at the A-stand, but we went to the standing place, 'cause that's our basic place at the games.

Game started and even tho the actual game was pretty awful at first, it got better in the last period. We lost the game 1-3, Lugano was better this time so well-earned win for them! And even tho we didn't win, I had such a great time with my friends!

Here was my first game as a fan ambassador, stay tuned for the next time! And for more updates, follow my Instagram, @/ppetrakrista

, Petra




After a huuuuge break (which I'm supersuper sorry for), I'm back at this business and with super exciting news!

So, as some of you who follow me on social media, might know that I've been honoured to work as a Fan Ambassador for CHL (aka Champions Hockey League).
I'm a fan ambassador for my favourite team Tappara (duh, obviously.) And my job? I'm going to take pictures and videos from the games and share it in my social medias with hashtags #greatdayatchl & #fanambassador, the main thing is to share the feeling to everyone.

And my prize? I get two tickets per every home game, a special fan Ambassador jersey, behind the scenes tour at our home ice hall and meet & greet with the top scorer of our team, so yay! I am super excited and honoured to be part of this.

I'm going to do few posts from the games, so be prepared!

Until next time, Petra




Sorry for the break, I have had such a crazy month, mostly because of school. My May was Super busy and stressful, because we had so many tests & exams, but now it's over and I'm on my summer holiday, YAAS!
So, my Holiday started this Monday, 30th of May, even tho we were supposed to have school, but our teacher said that there's no reason to come, so that was great.

I haven't done that much yet, on Monday and yesterday we were outside with my friends just hanging out and having a great time,yesterday we were chilling at the beach and just listened to music and it was sooo great. My most favorite thing about summer is definitely summer nights, when everyone's having fun and music is playing.

This Friday I'm going to Helsinki with my friend Helmi, because we are going to see 5SOS!! You heard me, the 'Sounds live feels live'-tour is coming to Finland and the main day is finally here! We have waited over 200 days for this Friday so I'm just getting more and more excited!

But now I think I need to go to sleep, because we are going to our old school today! I'm happy to see my old teachers and friends who are there!

I'm trying to post more asap, probably doing a post about the concert!

Love, Petra




So, I decided to start a whole new blog, in English. I've had many blogs before but they've been mostly in Finnish. The reason why I started writing in English, is my friends. I have so many friends all over the world so this is just one way to connect with them & they can read here about my life. Also of course I write for my own joy.

Then, about me.. I was planning to tell you about myself in this very first post, so here we go!

1. I live in Finland

2. My birthday is 17th September and I turn 17 this year!

3. I'm a practical nursing student.

4. In the future I want to travel & see the world as much as I can.

5. After graduation (year 2018) I'm going to America as an au pair.

6. I'm a dancer, I've danced for 7 years and my main type is street dance.

7. I love ice hockey. (and my fav team won the Finland's championship this year!!)

8. I have 3 little sisters& 1 little brother.

9. I love Adidas.

10.The distance between me and my best friend is 1810 km.

Here you go! And if anything you want to ask comes up, just contact me!

I have a few post ideas in my mind, but I want to hear your opinions also, so if you guys have any post ideas for me, contact me and we'll make it happen! :)

❤, Petra