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As I grew up near the water on the westcoast, I like being out there, cause »Waves are toys from God« Surfer Clay Marzo said.I like the smell, the salt, the air, the noise of the waves...I’m probably a bit addicted to the conditions on the shore...maybe an »oceanholic«?

Sweater: Roxy

Raincoat: Derbe

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As I am a Chloé addict (but am too poor and too young to afford anything by it) I'm so excited that the Spring Summer Collection is published! The SS18 kept the for Chloé characteristic light and earthy colours, from turquoise to ochre, paired with different fabrics, like denim, lather, lace and several prints and patterns.
I really enjoyed the play of the different patterns, the fearless pairing of strong designs that soothed because of the colours.
Also the feminin but lightly androgyn cuts were eye catching, the flowingly dresses were one of my favourites.

My absolute favourite piece is the short length, salmon coloured dress, I really like the ruffled sleeves to the more straight cut and the flowing, glowing silk/satin

There's also a new edition of the drew shoulder bag, called »Drew Bijou« with a ring chain strap, either in gold or silver. I guess I'd go for the one in airy grey, because it hold a certain coolness and elegance




Yesterday I randomly put on my Hanbok - the traditional korean costume/ dress. It's actually been my moms but I inherit it as she can't or won't wear it anymore. My Hanbok has got really bright colours, pink and green, which is actually not my style, but I like the kind of fashion it keeps and the traditional clothes make you feel very royal, elegant and special.

The Hanbok is made of silk and is embroidered with a lot of filigree patterns and ornaments.
It's got several pieces:
the skirt consists of many layers: white underpants and underskirt, the skirt layer with the patterns
The top insists an underbolero and the topsection which is tied with a knot, which has to be done in a certain way.
The Hanbok comes with special shoes and socks, which I didn't wear, cause they were to small for me.

I hope to wear it more often in the future when there is a chance to, cause I really enjoyed discovering that part of my ancestors culture.

(I tried to dance a bit in this, but it failed as I don't know anything about traditional korean dancing)




What I wore when I went to Hamburg with two of my friends.

Trench: Sir Oliver

Shirt: Calvin Klein

Black skinnies: Zara

Belt: Michael Kors

Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

Sunglasses: Lacoste

Watch: Guess

Bag: O bag




»Petite ballerine« is a blog written by 15 year old german ballet student Anna Suzuki Lee.

About me

1. I've got korean and japanese roots

2. I know four languages: English, latin, ancient greek,
german (russian, japanese and korean a bit)

3. I'm interested in history, science (chemistry), arts, languages

4. I started dancing at the age of four but never trained properly till the age of 14

5. From my family arose a lot of designers

6. I play the violin and the piano, participated in and won competitions

7. Sports: Badminton, football/soccer, skating,
snowboarding and swimming

8. I love reading Shakespeare's works

9. Favourite books: »The Reader«, »The Lady of Camellias«,
»Romeo and Juliet«, »A Midsummer Night's Dream«, »The Book Thief«

10. Favourite ballet: »Marguerite and Armand« by F. Ashton

11. Inspiration and Idols: Kimin Kim, Isabella Boylston, Svetlana Zakharova, Olga Smirnova
Anna Tikhomirova, Daniil Simkin, Natalia Osipova

12. I'm full russian vaganova trained
(like students at VBA or Bolshoi Ballet Academy)

13. I wear Gaynor Minden

15. Favourite designers: Chloe, Celine and Tommy Hilfiger

16. Style inspirations: Ahmee Song, Dani Song, Veronika Heilbrunner,
Levi Nguyen, Yoyo cao, Taylor Hill, Alexa Chung, Olivia Jade

17. I support Borussia Dortmund

18. Favoutite bands/singers: Oasis, Queen, The Rolling Stones,
Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, Green Day, John Legend, Alicia Keys,
Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, MGK, Kraft Klub

19. I'm 5'2




On Thursday ( 10th of August ) I went to see my dream company, the Mariinsky Ballet, dancing »La Bayadere« in the Royal Opera House Covent Garden. The cast that evening included Viktoria Tereshkina as Nikija, Nadezhda Batoeva as Gamzatti, Kimin Kim as Solor, as well as Renata Shakirova, Konstantin Zverev, Yana Selina etc.

The performance was breathtaking: Kimin Kim flew over the stage, he was so powerful and graceful at the same time, Viktoria Tereshkinas grace and expression was amazing. Especially May Nagahisa in the 3rd Shade Variation impressed me, her technique and elegance were perfect.
After the performance I got the chance to meet Vika Tereshkina, Renata Shakirova and Kimin Kim- the person that inspired me to dance, that caused my passion and addiction to ballet.

This day is unforgettable for me and definitely the best day in my life so far