To take an accurate measurement, it’s important to know how to use Mitutoyo Digital Caliper in the right way. Before having knowledge about how to use it, you should know what is a Digital Caliper.

Digital Caliper: It is a precision electronic instrument that can be used to measure internal and external distances of an object very accurately. Generally, the standard digital caliper can take the outside, inside, step and depth measurements of an object.

It has two upper jaws and two lower jaws. It consists of three buttons which are under the protective sticker, the ON/OFF, ZERO and MM/INCH button. A locking screw also exists on top of the protective sticker. It also consists an LCD display for generating and displaying the reading.

Here are some steps to use Mitutoyo Digital Caliper

1.Be Prepared For Usage

Before using it, make sure that the upper and lower jaws of your digital caliper and the sides of an object which is being measured are perfectly cleaned while measuring; to get the utmost level of accuracy. If they’re not cleaned, you can easily clean both the things using a clean and lint-free swatch. Because cleanliness is very important to take accurate measurements.

2.For Taking The Correct Measurements

For taking the accurate measurement, fully close your digital caliper and turn ON the ON/OFF button. If there are gaps between both the jaws, you have to clean the jaws till there are no gaps. To check the LCD display and all the buttons perform well, you need to move the slider.

For accurate results, do not touch the measuring surface of the digital caliper and the object being measured , while taking the measurement. You need to keep them clean all the time.

After turning On, press the mm/inch button to select the desired unit system as you like. When the reading shows 0 (zero), you can start to take a measurement.

3.How To Take The Measurement

To take the outside measurement of an object, put the lower jaws of the digital caliper on the outer parts of an object. Slide it, until both the jaws tighten up the outside surface of the object perfectly. Now read the result which will be displayed on the LCD.