We only have ONE planet and WE have to take care of it. I'm in the second year in High School, the year that in my program you read the course "Nature". Tomorrow, I have a test in it and that made me want to write a little about the subject we reading about now, because it's important that we, as humans, start thinking about it and start to take care of what we have got, cause we only have one planet, and we can't ignore the fact that we, right now, are breaking it down.

This Saturday, it's Earth Hour, which means that we are closing down the electricity for a hour. I know that many people are thinking "How can this help?" and "This won't help at all" and things like that and they will decide to not turn of the elecetricity, but does it help to turn of the elecetricity for just one hour? It does. I know people won't agree with me, but I believe that the humans can save our planet for the comming generations. I believe that, I really do. That's why I will turn down the elecetricity in my home, togheter with my brother. I believe that a human can't make evertything, but I believe that everyone could do something. We have to save the planet, and take care of it.
Join me at Saturday 20.30-21.30 and turn of the lights and so much elecetricity as possible. We can't do everything by ourselves, but together we can. I don't say that this will be easy, but let's do it togheter. Cause, togheter we are strong!

For the record, one of my tests tomorrow is about the nature and what we can do for save it. We have so much that the Earth and the nature gives us. But we have to give back as well.

The other test tomorrow is about internet and copyright. I believe this is a subject that is good to know about. If you doing a presentation, uploading pictures on your blog or things like that. The copyright is there to protect your own stuffs. There is rules for coping someone else things and if you don't know about your rights as the photographer of a picture or thing like that, use Google and learn about it. Use the laws if someone use your photo without your permisson, it's yours and it's not nice to take someones things.

My My school book in Nature ^

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Wednesdays, the middle of the school week. When I was little, I loved Wednesdays, when half the day had passed, it was close to the weekend.

Today, specific today, I'm not loving it. Why? Cause it's the day before tomorrow, a day with two tests, it's three days until around 10days of hard practice for two big shows, first time I will be paid for my work.

And today, is the day, when the snow though that it was a good idea the be present, again. Hopefully, for the last time this season.



Rock the socks, Important, Different is okay

Today, 21 Mars, is for me an important day. Today is it the World Down Syndrom Day, or Rock the Socks-day that it have been known as. Today is a day where people come together and where different socks to remind us that it's okay to be different and you shouldn't be treated bad because you are different.

When I grew up, I were the youngest and I'm still am. I grew up in a family where it was okay to be who you are, but I know that it's so many families where it isn't okay at all. Under the past year, I have read so many articles about people coming out to say "I was born in the wrong body" and "This body isn't me". In many families, this isn't okay and many doesn't understand how it is. I'm a girl and I'm born in a girl body, but in my surroundings, I have get to know people that were born in wrong bodies. They are allowed to be who they are, just as everyone else, why should we look strange on them?

Today, I have read so many though about the "Rock the socks" idea and I have realized something. Today, many people come together for remind us about that it's okay to be different. Sadly, many people just though about this today, they just think about that it's okay to be different this day. But you know what?
Even so, it's a big step forward. If we look back in the history, it isn't really so many years since it wasn't okay to be homosexual, it wasn't okay to have Down Syndrom and things like that, it wasn't okay to be who you are in many cases and people actually killed others for proving it.
Today, it's okay for you to be gay, it's okay to have Down Syndrom and so. It's okay to be different, and that's why this day is so important. We have take big step since then and I believe, even that people thinks of this day as unnecessary it's important.

I can understand people that doesn't agree with me. We are different, but I let you have your opinion, then you can let me have mine. Cause different isn't bad, it just means that we aren't the same person and maybe it's only me, but the world would be a such irritating place if everyone were the same.



Begininng, A start

One of the hardest thing to do when you start your blog is the first post. What should you write? What should you start with? Do the post need an image?

When I realize that I want to start a blog, I go into different moods.
- I would totally do that, I have absolutely the time and the energy for doing it.
- I start the blog right away. Create the blog, fix the header and everything
- Start on the first post
And then the reality smash me.
- What in earth are you doing? You know you haven't the time for it? How many blogs have you started the last four years and never continue with after the first week. The answer is, too many.
-Then, I quit.
But what is the different thing this time? The different thing is that I already have gone though the moods on this blog as well, but this time I continue writing on the first post and I believe, I just needed myself to push me into it... Or just a blogplace that save the post until you feel prepared to write it done and then, post it.

It's like writing a book. You think you have to have the complete story before you start to write, but you doesn't have to. Just start somewhere and see what the story evolve to be. If you don't try, you will never get the answer to what would happen if you tried.