Going through these photos from my trip with Mom to Stockholm a couple weeks back got me longing for a new adventure... Had a good night's sleep after Tuomas and Emil's birthday party yesterday and just ate a long and lazy brunch with croissants and many cups of good coffee. Now Artturi and I are watching videos and travel diaries of Marrakech, where we'll be heading to in November. I'm so excited. Have a lovely Saturday <3

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Hat and dress from Lindex/ vest from Zara/ Bag from Fred Perry


Pictures from the last weeks of summer holiday, now we're back with school and responsibilities. Mom and I took a day off to spend a long weekend in Stockholm, our favorite city. After a great breakfast we're soon off to wander around the town, and tomorrow we'll spend the day at Gröna Lund. I turned 18 on Wednesday, and woke up to an amazing breakfast with croissants, coffee and mimosas<3. The celebrations started last week already with Robbie Williams, my favorite artist ever, concert, and since then there's been a lot going on every day. I'll be posting pictures from Stockholm and my birthday week later, but now I'm going to enjoy Stockholm fully. Bye then!


Kuvia loman viimeisiltä viikoilta, nyt ollaankin jo takaisin arjessa. Otimme äidin kanssa kuitenkin pienen loman tähän väliin, ja tänään heräsimme Tukholmassa. Hyvän aamupalan jälkeen lähdemme seikkailemaan ympäri kaupunkia ja huomenna suunnitelmissa olisi Gröna Lund -päivä. Täytin tosiaan keskiviikkona 18 vuotta, ja sain ihanan herätyksen aamulla croissantien, kahvin sekä mimosoiden myötä <3. Synttärijuhlinta alkoi oikeastaan jo viime viikolla Robbie Williamsin konsertilla, ja siitä eteenpäin on joka päivä ollut paljon menoa. Kuvia Tukholmasta ja synttäriviikolta on varmastikin tulossa myöhemmin, mutta nyt keskityn nauttimaan lempparikaupungistani täysillä.



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A few days ago my beautiful Mom got one year wiser and we wanted to celebrate over lunch at our favorite spot. So much love <3.

Yesterday we celebrated my friend Flora's 18th birthday, and now it's finally time to relax. Last week I had two gigs in Rauma, one at The Night of the Black Lace, and the other one at an event at Villa Tallbo. Today I came back to Rauma just before leaving for our summer cottage for a few days. Now me and grandpa have a 12-hour road trip ahead, see you soon cottage life!



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Levi's vintage denim jacket/ hoodie borrowed from Flora/ Gucci vintage sunnies/ vintage watch/ American Apparel backpack/ Dr Denim jeans/ Underground Originals boots



Hey babes!

Guess it's been too long since the last time you've seen my face in here. Half a year is a long time, and many things have changed. Through chaos I've figured out some important stuff about myself, my future and life overall. Now I know one thing more: Growth cannot happen if nothing changes. Through hard times we learn the lessons we need to learn. And I'm happy I've learned my lesson. The sun is out and life feels good, let's all enjoy every moment and remember to appreciate the people close to you.

Flora did her magic with these pictures, loove the vibe. Short is sweet, now I wanna wish you all welcome back to my blog!

P.S. Atleast for now you can find my blog at, let's see if I get my old domain back at some point.

Moikka beibit!

Viime kerran mun naamataulu on ehkä näkynyt täällä liian kauan aikaa sitten. Puolen vuoden sisällä on tapahtunut paljon hyvää, paljon kuohuttavaa ja paljon käsiteltävää. Kaaoksen kautta oon oppinut uskomattoman paljon tärkeitä asioita itsestäni, tulevaisuudentoiveistani sekä elämästä. Nyt tiedän ainakin yhden asian varmaksi: Kasvua ei voi tapahtua, jossei mikään muutu. Vaikeilta tuntuvien aikojen kautta opimme tärkeimmät opetukset. Oon onnellinen siitä, että oon omani oppinut. Aurinko paistaa ja elämä tuntuu ihanalta, nautitaan kaikki jokaisesta hetkestä ja muistetaan arvostaa lähellämme olevia ihmisiä eikö vaan?

Flora nappasi yllä olevat kuvat, rakastan kuvien viboja auringon leikkiessä kasvoilla ja taustalla. Nyt lyhyesti ja ytimekkäästi: Tervetuloa takaisin blogini puolelle!

P.S. Blogin löytää ainakin tällä hetkellä osoitteesta www,, katsotaan jos jossain kohtaa hankin entisen domainin takaisin.



detail, favorites, outfit

sweater from Monki/ jacket vintage Levi's/ faux suede skirt from Bikbok/ faux fur bag from Boohoo/ boots from Asos

photos by Flora Laiho


Jonkin aikaa on kulunut viime postauksesta, mut tarvitsin vähän aikaa saada arjesta kiinni kesäloman jälkeen. Syksy on ollut ihan hullun kiireinen, nyt vihdoin syyslomalla on aikaa kirjoittaa nopea postaus. Tällä hetkellä istun hotellihuoneessa Helsingissä, oon väsynyt ja onnellinen.

Tosiaan, taitaa myös olla ensimmäinen kerta kun näytän nää hiukset täällä blogin puolella vaikka jo syksyn alussa värjäsin haha. Myöskin asut on saanut nyt vähän uusia värejä syksyn myötä, diggaan tällä hetkellä tosi paljon ruskeen/nuden eri sävyistä, farkusta, harmaasta, metsänvihreestä ja jopa oranssista. Erityisesti tykkään tosta ruskeen ja farkun kombosta, mitä oon yhdistänyt yllä olevissa kuvissa :-) Myös on ollut hassua huomata, kuinka syksyn pimenemisen myötä myös kuvaustyyli ja esteettinen silmä on saanut ihan uusia vaikutteita. 

/ Hi there!

It's been some time now since the last post, but this fall has been craaazy. Now I'm having a few days' fall holiday and finally had a moment to write a post. Currently I'm sitting in a hotel room in Helsinki, tired and happy.

And I guess it's the first time I'm posting pictures of my "new" hair here on the blog, though I dyed it in the beginning of the fall haha. My outfits have also got a slightly new color palette, since I'm falling for all tones of brown/nude, denim, gray, green and even burned orange tones. I've been especially obsessed with the combination of brown and denim, as seen above :-) It's been interesting to notice also the change in my style of taking photos and aesthetics, now when fall is here.



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not all who wander are lost

These last few days have had a special meaning to me. On Tuesday the 16th I turned seventeen and started the second year in high school. On the same day was the anniversary of the place i nowadays call Home. On Thursday the 18th, it was exactly a year since I first started high school and how it feels now, started a new life almost. So I thought I'd tell you what Home really means to me.

When I lived in Rauma, it never really felt quite like this. I always knew it wasn't the place where I'd wanna stay for my whole life. Yes, the place was home but my mind didn't feel like it. I'd sometimes cry for reasons I didn't even know. Nowadays, I don't really cry. I feel happier than ever. Yes, I miss the most important people I have there. But that's what you learn when you take the distance, who really are still there for you. And when I go back to Rauma, we can always continue from where we left of the last time.

And, home is when you wake up happy every morning, because what you see when you open your eyes is a new day with so many possibilities. And the light in this place is amazing. Love it.

Here's one of the items I love the most. The grid my lovely grandpa has made <3. Full of memories of the best moments. Also the place where I usually sing and play when not in the kitchen. I love the echo here, which is the main reason I refuse to get curtains tho we always have a debate with Mom about that haha. Plus the place looks more effortless that way.

All the things in this place are chosen by me (except a new magnet on my fridge I looove which my friend sent me for my birthday <3), and it's the best thing to have created a surrounding where you love everything you see. That baby head I bought from Stockholm last summer is my absolute fave.

Around the dining table I sit working, writing, playing and oh yeah eating also haha. Right now I sit on the chair writing this post and finishing my breakfast.

But most importantly, Home isn't just these things and this place. It's what's in your head and heart, a feeling. Home is where you feel like you're truly happy and you can grow and do what you want to do. And this place and town have changed me as a person. When I look back to where things were a year ago, I have grown so much. More independent, more creative, less shy, braver, more kind and loving, I have a job, I go to the school I wanted to and which allows me to express myself, I have completely different hair (yes today it's a grey longbob), I have so many people around me I love. I'm so thankful to my Mom and Dad who support me and allow me to do what I love. I just sit here listening to Tom Odell, thankful for the people in my life and all the experiences I've been through.

Unbelievable how a year can change so many things and make a person feel like Home.



detail, outfit

cap from Weekday -- bralette from Weekday -- kimono old --bag from Lindex -- pants from second hand -- shoes from Ipanema

Hi guys!

Feels so weird to be wearing a top with so many colors but i'm in loove with this one from Weekday. So jungle. Also been wearing this old af kimono on my waist too often lately, so easy to throw on when it gets colder in the evening. 

This weekend has been so full of fun. I've been here in Rauma since Monday, and got my girls from Turku here with me for the weekend. On Friday we went out on The night of black lace. Yesterday we just took it slow and chilled, went to eat with Anni and Isabella and in the evening got a change in the plans of staying in with Netflix and food haha. Now I'm tired and ready for us to head back home to Turku next up! See yaa!



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Hi there!

How great was this weekend? Warm weather, sun, iced coffee and friends. Yesterday flew by at Flora's garden party, had soo much fun. Was so nice to see everybody. Had a few hours of sleep at night before getting up and ready for today. Then went to have a noodle lunch at Fred's and met up with girls for some coffee at Fontana. The sun was so great , loved just sitting there and talking. These kind of weekends are the greatest. Now I'm too tired and need some sleep, see you later!



detail, outfit, minimalistic

sunnies are dad's old- shirt from Zara- necklace from H&M- shorts from Monki- bag from Monki (old)

Photos by Frederica Juutilainen


Kesän toinen hääkeikka on nyt takana, Turkuun on palattu viikoksi ja lomaa on enää alle kuukausi jäljellä. Tuntuu hullulta kuinka nopeasti kesä on kulunut. Kuitenkin voin sanoa, että tähänastinen kesä on ollut ehkä jopa paras vietetyistä. Toivottavasti loppukesä sujuu yhtä hyvin ja ehdin vielä kokea paljon, suunnitelmia on ainakin enemmän kuin tarpeeksi haha.

Tänään tuli kahden paketin saapumisilmoitukset, aamu alkoi hyvin. Oottekin voineet jo nähdä pakettien sisällöt snapchatissa- peppikoo. Päivällä pyöräiltiin Fredin kanssa rannalle ottamaan aurinkoa ja uimaan, ei ollut muita suunnitelmia päiväksi joten oli ihana ottaa rennosti koko päivä. Illemmalla tuli myös otettua asukuvia postissa tulleiden ihanuuksien kanssa, joten pysykää kuulolla!


Second wedding gig of the summer is behind, I'm back in Turku for this week and there's only a month left of this summer vacation. Feels crazy how fast the summer has flown by. Well, I can say that the summer this far has probably been one the best I've spent. I hope the rest of the summer goes as well and I'll make many memories more, at least I have more than enough plans haha.

Today I received two messages about packages to pick up, had a good start for the morning. And on my Snapchat- peppikoo you may have seen what was in them. Went by bikes to a beach to soak up some sun and swim with Fred, hadn't planned anything else for the day so it felt good to just relax for the whole day. In the evening I got some photos taken with the new stuff that came today tho, so stay tuned!