Buying a gift for that special man in your life can seem like a witch hunt. Although lists abound claiming ‘10 Perfect Gifts Your Guy Will Love,” do power tools and flannel shirts really say you love him? When you really want to get him something special, accessories are the way to go. Jewelry can be incorporated easily into his wardrobe, and being able to wear it every day means he’ll remember you every day. Think about it: would you rather him remember you while getting dressed, or putting together furniture? Here are some gift ideas he’s sure to love:

Watch: Every man needs a classic watch. You can never go wrong with this one. Look for a Swiss watch, preferably one that fits his style and is high quality at the same time. Leather bands are out of vogue now; look for adjustable steel or metal bands. Try to get a good brand that offers a warranty and replacement for any defects.

Bracelets: There are numerous options available to adorn your man’s wrist other than watches. Depending on your budget and your man’s wardrobe, you can choose different materials, metals, and styles. Look for leather wrap bracelets; they are inexpensive and easy to wear with practically any outfit.

Chain Necklace: This is not every guy’s cup of tea, but Freshwater pearl necklace make memorable and intimate gifts. Best suggestion, go for this when you have a comfortable savings to invest in a high-quality chain. Imitation and low quality alloy jewelry can lose their luster in just a few days from exposure to sweat or skin. Look for metals like stainless steels, silver, gold, or even platinum.

Engraved Rings: Rings are back, for good. No longer restricted to mobsters and vampires, every man has to have a ring nowadays. Statement rings with antique details can dress up a suit and tie or add flare to a tee shirt and distressed jeans. For guys with minimalist tastes, clean lines and metal bands can be engraved to make the simplest ring a personalized gift.

Anatomical Heart Necklaces: If a special guy is in your heart, let them know where exactly. Anatomical heart necklaces combine love, science, and style in a fashionable flare. If you’re stumped on what to get your man, this is the perfect heart felt gift. Bonus: you can even find a stainless steel anatomical heart pendant as low as $19!

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