Hello humans, I just created this blog and spent a lot of time on it.
Anyways I thought I would write a post just for the heck of it so yeah here I am, a Sunday night/Monday morning at 3.22 am writing my first even post.
So school starts for me in about a week (I'm beginning 9th grade for anyone that is interested) and this summer has been....eventful if you will.
So much has happened this summer, I've really grown as a person.
For example, I think about pronouns a lot more than I used to, which is a good thing because I don't think it's fare that some people get misgendered. I mean I would be pretty offended if someone called me him and also for anyone that's wondering my pronoun is she.
And I'm a lot more aware of people that are for example non-binary feeling uncomfortable going into public bathrooms when thwy are separated into the girls bathroom and then the boys bathroom or the fact that some sights you can only choose from two genders, girl and boy.
This summer I found out my partner is non-binary which totally isn't a big deal atleast not for me but I wanted to share that because that's what got me really thinking about pronouns and just everyday transphobic scenarios.
This summer I also got into poetry, I've been listening to a lot of poems, I've also been writing some of my own and I'm actually really proud of them, at least some.
However I can't share them to anyone because some of them are about what I've been through in the past and I'm just not ready to share that with just anyone and everyone.
Lots of other things have also happened that I don't want to go into detail on because it's just way to private and also I'm kinda tired and I need to wake up quite early tomorrow to go into town and buy some stuff and then take the train back to Gothenburg.

//PayYvin x

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