After a bit of a hiatus, I AM BACKKKKK!

So a brief update on the last few months of my life, I had to take a bit of a break from my blog in order to move and adjust to living in a new city and country. Leaving Milan was difficult. It was an emotional experience packing up all my belongings into suitcases and saying goodbye those whom I love there. It was challenging to say goodbye to the normality of my life that I had created there. But most of all, it was sad finally closing that chapter of my life.

I had been through so much in Milan and over came so many challenges. Milan represented the strength in myself I discovered, that I never knew I had. It was the place where I took the final steps out of my native pre adulthood, where I had my first real job, and where I developed real life long friendships, not just because of who I hung out with because they really cared about me and my happiness. I will admit, I cried in the taxi on the way to the airport. As much as I know I will return to Milan and visit my friends, it was still a heartbreaking moment.

This lifestyle is not for most. As much as this lifestyle is glamorized but the photos, and the exciting stories, there are as many cons that balance out the pros. But at your footsteps you have this opportunity to experience different cultures, immerse yourself and continue to search for a country and a place you can call home, and that out weighs everything and anything.

This is the life I choose,


Next blog post, all about Stockholm

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Well sadly my trip is coming to an end:( This has been one of the best holidays I have ever had. There is something about Sweden that I can't put my finger on that makes it my favourite place in the whole world!

I guess this is the time I can finally say that I am moving to Stockholm in the fall🎉🎉🎉 I can't even wait I love this country and the people more than anything. It is a place I can finally call home.

One thing I have noticed is how similar it is to home for me whenever I land I feel like I am landing in Canada.

This trip I went to meet H's parents at their holiday house in Gotland!

Gotland is apparently the summer island for Swedes, it is absolutely beautiful and it does help with all the home cooked meals I have had.

We have gone to the beach, swimming, I have meet his relatives and spend some much needed quality time together. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

One thing I do have to say, although I enjoyed all the Swedish food I have this week, räksallad was by far the nastiest thing I have ever had. Dude it was like shrimp and mayo mashed together and had a deformed love child. When I say it was gross it would be an understatement. #killmeplease

Tomorrow we leave and spend the night in Helsinki Finland then back home! Then comes Thursday I'm off to #spainherewecome !

Stay tuned for my next adventure,


The uncensored journey of a girl and her passport



Holiday!!! My holiday has began, currently I am sitting in the Helsinki (Finland) airport half way through my and H travels to Sweden!

For the next week we will be in Gotland, where I shall meet his parents!!!! (Either I've had too much coffee or I might be nervous) just thought I would write a few words as well I've been slacking the pass week, but it was my birthday so nothing can be said!

I will touch base soon!




WELL MY BIRTHDAY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!! I shall be turning 24 on the 19th of July! And just like every other girl in the world, there are many different things I would love to receive as presents! ;) Here are some of the pretty little things that have caught my eye lately......

The letter necklace

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this necklace. I think it is absolutely beautiful. I love very simple jewellry, and also something which has a meaning to it. Personally if I could choose I would love the H version of this piece, as my last name is Hunter, and I find it more elegant then the letter K. (and not because my bf's name starts with an H, I'm not that sappy) I know I'm weird.

You can pick up this necklaces online:

Esty for 30.68 Euros

Lace up Bodysuit

This style of bodysuit is incredibly popular right now! I feel like I am seeing them everywhere. I personally prefer the black verison as it goes with everything. One thing about me, is that pretty much everything I own happens to be black. Paired with high waisted jeans, this is something you could wear out for dinner with the boy, to a crazy GNO!

You can pick up versions of this bodysuit at:

Misguided for $35. 53

H&M for 29.99 Euros (or if your in Italy right now its on sale for 14.99)

Brown Booties

I have a love affair with shoes. Unfortunately most of the shoes I own are still in Canada, but oh how I miss them so so so much. My very few shoes here are nothing compared to these simple brown booties. They match everything and are just too cute!

These shoes come from H&M (as you can tell I'm a cheap date) you can pick them up for 34.99

and if my boyfriend is reading this i am a size 39 ;)

and last but not least, for my birthday all I want is a holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



As we are now in the prime of summer, I thought I would share my favourite snack!

I am known through out all my friends as the queen of Guacamole, and over the years, I believe I have perfected my recipe. The lightness of this recipe is perfect so a hot summers afternoon, and it is quite easy to make.

So here is my recipe for Guacamole!


  • A half of an onion
  • 3 avocados (smashed &mash)
  • A half of a tomato
  • 2 limes
  • 1 teaspoon of sea salt
  • 1 teasppon of minced garlic
  • 3 tablespoons of cilantro
  • A pinch of pepper
  • A pitch of chile flakes


In a medium size bowl, mash together the avocados, lime juice, and the sea salt. From there mix in the onion, cilantro, tomatoes, and garlic. Add a pinch of pepper and chile flakes. Refrigerate 1 hour for best flavor, or serve immediately.



Has anyone else noticed there is a unicorn on my UK passport?!?!?!

First thing first, allow me to provide you with an insight on my life a little bit so you have a better idea on the crazy girl's blog you decided to read. For the past year, I have been living in Milano, Italia. Mamma mia, che cazzo dici!!!! I first came to Italy in 2014 for an exchange and fell in love with the culture of this country. I was living up with the young 20-something life. No responsiblities, drinking Prosseco, eating pizza and mowing down on some gelato. I went back to Canada for a bit then got the hell out of the land of maple syrup, OHHHHHHH CANADAAAAAAAAA.

From there, I thought hmmmmmm how can I go back to Italia; wanting to travel, needing a job, and with a love for children? I SHALL BECOME THE BEST AU PAIR ITALY HAS EVER SEEN! I will write a post on a later date, all about being an au pair; the ups, the downs and everything inbetween. Maybe one or two posts, because jesus that was an experience. I never thought I would be the person to take away a child's Ipad!! At this point of my life while being the greatest nanny to ever live, (imagine some Mary poppin kinda shit), I lived in a tiny town called Rovereto, near Verona in the great mountians of Italy. I lived with the most amazing Italian family. They opened their house and their hearts to me, it was an experience I will always cherish.

Last August, it came the time for me to stop being Mrs. Doubtfire, and traded in my purse full of wetwipes and bandaids for some spritz and public transit. I made the move back to my favourite city, Milanooooooooo. I began working in a PR firm, and started livin' the life of the rich and famous (more like broke and struggling). Fast forward a few Italian men, some hilarious stories, and some crazy nights out with my best friend C, or as facebook calls us step sisters, here I stand before you today!

Now I have a boyfriend and we live together in an amazing apartment in the hipster area of town. I hung up my VERY single lady heels, and traded them love and happiness. My life has completely changed over the last year, but I wouldn't changed a moment. I have some of the most amazing friends I have ever had here in Milan, as we called ourselves Da Crew, we are fucking losers. But we are like the fucking United Nations when we all come together, K & A are from the States, J is from New Zealand, C & S are Italians, and of course you need the Canadian of the club! We have become like the cast of "How I Met Your Mother," myself of course being Robin, but no one will admit to being the Barney *cough cough you kow who you are cough cough*. But life is great but it is all about to change....

I will keep you posted with what will happen next in the great adventure I call my life.

This is the uncensored journey of a girl and her passport.




Before you begin on this what I hope is a beautiful day that you find yourself bored AF and have stumbled upon my blog, I must WARN you this is NOT and I repeat NOT just another travel blog. This is not where I talk about my amazing Euro trip spending two days in one country and #foundmyself, #doingitforthegram.

This is where I will retell my experiences and struggles I have come upon living in a country that;

A.) You don't fully speak the language (verbal and sign language SO TRUE)

B.) A culture completely different then your own (dating, food, life in general)

I guess this is where we start from the beginning...

My name is Kels I'm 23 years old 24 soon, (pretty much having a mid life crisis I am no longer able to screw up and say oh I'm young it's okay). I'm from Toronto, "The 6ix"as it is now more famously known (thanks Drake). I grew up traveling and exploring different parts of the world, and have found myself now living and working in Milan, Italy. This blog will focus mainly on the everyday struggles and adventures and trouble (I find myself in, more then I would like to admit). On days this blog will (for the love of sweet baby jesus) turn into full blow rants about little things i.e public transit in Milano, I will swear, my grammar will be embarassing to English language but fuck it.

This is the uncensored journey of a girl and her passport.