The press is in the us for a very long time a mess. Can use words too big and too heavy, but it is strictly my opinion and you know me, I don't hesitate ever to say what I think. Everyone runs away after the rating, even us, those who activate in the online, but we do things more with your head, because if I do what is done in television and in the written press, we be banned by search engines. Otherwise said, all television and media is spam.

It puts very much emphasis on landscaping and trash-mens, and the real values that deserve to be promoted are forgotten and remembered only when they die in life. The titles are in bad taste, are used same kind of expressions to attract the audience, and on the first page will always be a so-called star to us that is worthy of movies xxx. I never liked this hunger of the public, even if I have, like I said, I want to get as much public on my sites, but not to turn again to the strategies of the TV or in the press for as long time do nothing else than to chase the audience the clever that I have. I'm going on a principle: better few and good than many and stupid.

I don't like when they make the news from all the incidents of babe that came to be broadcast on tv after they performed certain sexual services where he had, at most-of the great patrons of the trusts important in our country.

Not many are programs that meet and diffuses really interesting things, even due to the fact that the romans biting scandals and asses bare, and for these filth would let out some information of value.

Because of this true values of our country are starving and don't have enough money to happen to debt and drugs, because I don't look at them, for as the competition began and "lady's" have invaded the market.