"Draw my life" 

Part one

​1. Describe the cartoon Junior draws in chapter 14. Why is Rowdy's respect still so important to Junior?

Junior is still pretty lonley and we think that he needs to have the respect of Rowdy to not tilt over and become very depressed. Rowdy was also the first real friend that Junior had and a friendship that has lasted as long as the friendship between Junior and Rowdy is not something that you just go and throw away. Rowdy also always protected Junior, so we think that keeping Rowdys respect will maybe make Rowdy help Junior if he gets in a violent situation, like he did before Junior started going to Reardan.

2. Why is the novel "The absolutley true diary of a part-time Indian?

Because what Junior is telling the reader through the book is true, it's based on a true story. Therefor the "Absolutley true" part. We would also say that Junior is a part-time Indian: He is half of the time in Reardan, trying to fit in with all the white kids, and the other half in the rez, hanging out with the Indians. He is a part time indian, therefor the "Part-time indian" part. 

3. Examine the catroons in chapter 17. Analyse each of the pictures. Why do you think Alexie (=The author) presents the information in this way?

First cartoon:

The author wants the reader to get that Junior is really poor, and the hard life of being so poor in a white and middleclass school and all the excuses that comes with it.

​Second cartoon:

​The cartoon shows that Junior is a litle bit nervous about the dance, it's a big step for him as he usually doesn't go to schooldances (because he is poor and can't buy anything at them). It also shows his suit which is old (his dad used to wear it) and that he isn't very happy about the suit, but it turns out that the suit is a huge success.

Third cartoon:

​This cartoon shows that the food that Junior has bought will show the others that he is poor, as he will not be able to pay for it. "The pancakes of doom", the pancakes and everything else will make them understand that he is poor, he is doomed, therefor the pancakes of doom.

Fourth Cartoon: 

​This cartoon shows that Junior is nervous about telling Penelope and Gordy about the fact that he is poor. It shows different ways for him to answer the question "Are you poor?".

4. ​​What does junior learn by the end of chapter 17?

Junior learns that sometimes asking people for help is a good thing to do. Because he is poor he is afraid of asking for help as the person he is asking for help might figure out that he is poor, and he doesn't want that to happen. He also relizes that telling the truth to his friends is always the best.

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1. Which Character has the biggest impact on Junior's life so far in the novel. Why?

In our opinion the person that made the biggest impact on Juniors life is Mr.P. We think this because he made Junior change his mind about reservation, thereby switching schools to Reardan. Also Mr.P seemed to have boosted Juniors confidence.

2.Would Junior be bullied or teased in your school? Why, why not?How does this make you feel about the people that bully junior?

No, in our opinion Junior would not get bullied on SMK. Mainly because in our school everyone treats people with respect and accepts everybody. Even though you look special or for example choose to express your "style" in a uniqe way. That Junior is getting bullied makes us feel quite upset, because of the way Junior gets treated, he deserves better. We think that the people that bully junior should get caught in action so that they can suffer the possible consequences. But at the same time we feel bad for the bulliers, because often there is a complicated reason for them to bully. But of course bullying is always wrong no matter what.

3. What makes the writing-style humorous?

The writing-style becomes humorous because of the funny words the authour uses to describe the different situations. Also he is quite ironic and bitter which makes the reading-experiene more enjoyable.

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