I myself am NOT a fan of summer. I live in a very hot part of california that is surrounded by nothing but desert, which makes it almost impossible to love summer. The heat, the way your hair and your clothes stick to your body, the humid air, the hot wind in conclusion i thrive least in the summer. 😑 i count the days to winter "count down to winter" is what i always say. My mark that symbolizes when winter will be here officially is halloween, because that is when our cold weather hits and sticks, not to mention i LOVE halloween but that will be a topic for another time. 😜 Winter to me is BEAUTIFUL from the thunder storms to the lightning and from the lightning to the dark skys and grey clouds and from the grey clouds to the cold clear rain and so on and so on. The fresh smell of the rain the way the rain leaves everything glistining. From the sounds the rain makes as it pounds the grounds, slips through trees, and slithers down the window pane. Winter brings rain which is what i am most in love with, the myster the rain leaves behind, the calmness after the storm. i remember as a little girl alwats loving the rain and knowing that i was in LOVE with winter. Baggy clothes, hot coco, family time, christmas time, adventures in the rain, OH i could go on and on i guess im a sucka for the winta !!