The same goes with hiring of employees. When you only pay straight commission do not expect them to only work your position.

Needless to say he never became more than just temporary help. If you want employees that are team players then you have to pay them as if they are part of a team. My best employees were those that I hired from out of state, gave them a good salary plus an apartment until they were properly trained by me. I tried hiring just local talent but at lunchtime they went to the local bar. You can get a great pair with all these great features for less than $100 but if you are going to buy the $10 pair at your local Wal-Mart then thatch Disposable paper cup all you are going to get.If you want a Starbuck's Quality cup of coffee then it is going to cost more than a quarter. Look at shoes as an example. I had this one that we nicknamed skippy and he called me one time saying he had taken a nap at his grandmas house and had overslept. I always wanted to find employees that would work for me as a partne4r and not just an employee but it is hard to find candidates like this.

Look at the nations top jobs and I bet that each one of them treats their employees better than the local Waffle House. Is it any wonder that places like Waffle House have such a high turnover. I will look at a lot of other jobs if that one only paid commission. Do we expect a great one if you are only willing to pay minimum wage. I could hear beer calls in the background.

We need to make them feel like part of a team not just one of the crew. If you take all of your dates to the Golden Arches Supper Club how many do you think will actually become second dates?

. Starbucks is one of the best places to work and they treat their workers as part of the company