A lot of people love to play the lottery. Millions of Australians hold on tight to their tickets during the draw night, wishing for the Powerball results to come out faster as they continue to hope that they correctly guessed the numbers that would come out.

The thrill that anybody feels while waiting for a result is unmatched. Hence, they flock TV screens or turn up the radio just so they would not miss the announcement they have all been waiting for. Others opt to wait online.

There are many websites that announce the results of lottery games that people can visit and view anytime. One of the most popular sites is OZ Powerball Results. This review will discuss the details that make or break the website to help you decide if it is the website you should be visiting if you are waiting for lottery results.

Lottery Results

When you need to know anything about Australian lottery, OZ Powerball Results is the best place to go to! They have details about all the results of the biggest and most popular lottery games around the world, including Australian Powerball, Euromillions, USA Powerball, Mega Millions, and many others!


Apart from results, OZ Powerball results is also home to the latest news and trends about the lottery games that many people around the globe love. They also include articles about lottery. These articles can be about anything, like stories of lottery millionaires, facts about the game, and many other topics that could help educate players about lottery.

Lotto Scam Watch

The site also publishes articles about lottery scams and how to avoid them. Scammers employ different techniques that evolve from time to time. Luckily, OZ Powerball Results is also updated on the latest trends that these scammers follow so they could immediately warn the public and post suggestions on how to avoid them.

Online Lottery Outlet

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase lottery tickets from the website. It is only committed to broadcasting the results of the most popular lottery games and updating the people on trends. You still need to find another website where you can purchase your tickets in order to participate in the game.

Other services

Most lottery websites are also home to other things that could entertain the lotto players while waiting for the results. For example, they host casino games. OZ Powerball Results is a bit behind on this one, since they have none of these other services yet.


Overall, the website is a great source if you need Powerball results and all kinds of information about the lottery. You can access their website at ozpowerballresults.com. However, you might need to look elsewhere if you need entertainment.