It’s our last day here in London, so we decided to take it a bit easy. So we thought we could ride the London eye. It’s a big ferris wheel and it’s a real tourist attraction.

We eat breakfast at the hotel because we were tired of café breakfast. When we were done eating we took a cab to the London eye.

When we arrived, we saw how long the line was and we stood there for two hours.

After waiting so long we finally got to ride the ferris wheel. The view was amazing, we saw the hole of London from above it was fantastic.

We went back to the hotel and packt our things and check out. We took a cab to the airport. We checked in our bags and went through the security check. We had to spend two hours at the airport before the plan took of. We went to a restaurant and hade our diner. The time went so fast.

We boarded the plane and sat down on our seats. The flight went very fast and now we are back in Stockholm.


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Good Morning, we all start the day with a lovely breakfast at a café named Olivers with waffles, tasty toast, juice and pancakes.

After a delicious breakfast we where ready to start exploring London. And there’s no better place to do it than Westminster. Buckingham Palace is the heart of the city, Westminster Abbey is lovely to behold, and Big Ben is a must see.

From Westminster, We cross the Thames to the South Bank. It was the perfect place to soak up the views from the London Eye or just wander through the book market or along the river.

Then we eat lunch at a english restaurant named ricci and eat some traditional food, fish and chips.

After the lunch we took the underground to oxford street the shopping street and spend some time their, and money…

All the shopping makes us lose the time so we needed to hurry we ran to the closest Mcdonalds to take a take away and head to the Theatre we was a little bit late and had no time to take time to eat at a restaurant so we had to eat on the way to mamma mia theatre. We made it to the theatre just before it started. huuhhhh…

After a long day in london we head home happy and tired after a good show and the waterloo song in our heads.

When we arrived at the hotel room we just brush our teeth and took the makeup of. We all was very tired and fell asleep directly.

Goodnight /Filippa



So today we are going to the harry potter museum. and we are so excited to go there. we woke up at 8 am to go to a cafe to get breakfast. we had to be quick because the bus left at 9 am because it took about en 1 to get there. at the cafe we drake tea and ate toast and fruit. when we were done we had to rush to the buss so we would make it in time. when we got back to the hotel the buss was standing there so we went over to the buss pay for our tickets and we sat down on the buss. when we got there we had to wait in line to get tickets for the museum. when we got the tickets we also got a tour of the museum. we say a smaller version of the casal and we say some wax figures of the teachers and aka domeldor. then we saw som the cloths that they were in the movie. and we got to see much more. after the tour we went to the gift shop and looked at the things that you could buy. i was about the harry potter wand and the they had a version of the invisible clock so about that too. when we were done in the harry potter museum we decided not to eat dinner there even if we were hungry we had to take the buss home. by the time we arrived home it was 6 o'clock so we decide to get some food there was a place right down the street. we walk over there and went in to get a table. when we sat down we got some menus and we order. i ordered a soup, melina order pasta, filppa ordered a salad and alice ordered fish and chips. when we paid and went back to the hotel and got ready to sleep




It is day 3 and we woke up at 8 am and we got ready for the day. Today we decide to eat at the hotel because we were a little tired to go to a cafe and eat. After we had our breakfast we had plans to go to madame tussauds but because of the traffic we had to take the tube to madame tussauds. When we got to madame tussauds we had to wait in line to get in. While we waited to get in we meet a handsome man name jack. He was really nice and funny. When we go in to madame tussauds we had to say goodbye to jack. We got to see all of our favorite celebrities like: tom cruise, beyonce MJ. After madame tussauds we got some lunch at a cafe near madame tussauds. We all got a sandwich and some tea. After lunch we just walk around london till we got tired and we went back to the hotel. Today we were really lasy and decided to order a pizza and eat at home because we were really tired and we did not really feel like going out. When we were done with our food decide to get ready and go to bed.



The alarm clock went on at 8.00am. We had a full english breakfast in a small coffee shop nearby the hotel. Today we went on a hop on hop off tour, It’s was a beautiful day and the sun was shining so we sat on the rooftop off the bus.

The tour took us to many famous attractions in London. We went by Oxfoord street and saw all the people shopping. First stop was Piccadilly Circus we just went by it, we looked at Eros Statue from the bus. We took many pictures of the statue. The second stop was Trafalgar Square it’s a very big square with a lot of pigeons and we hopped off and gave the pigeons some bread and it was pretty gross because it was so many birds at the same time.

The following stops we just went by, Buckingham Palace, it’s a magnificent palace where the guards are wearing fluffy hats, St James's Palace it’s the oldest palace in London, Ritz Hotel which is a super luxury hotel and a beautiful building.

We hopped off in Hyde Park which is a big park in the heart of London. We took a nice walk in the sun, inside the park we couldn't hear the loud noises from the streets. We ate lunch in a restaurant just outside the park, we had fish and chips.

Then we hopped on the bus again, we passed Westminster Abbey it’s a really old church and the royalties get married in this church. The next attraction was Big Ben, the clock tower off the parlament. We hopped off the bus for the last time. We walked out on the bridge beside Big Ben and it goes over the Themse. It was a perfect spot to take a picture of the Big Ben, the sun had almost set for the day so they have turned the lights on at Big Ben .

On the other side of the Themes we could see The London Eye, the big ferris wheel, at night it lights up and looks like a big eye.

We walked besides the Themes and looked at all the buildings along the streets. The buildings are typical London houses they are white with black iron fences in front of the houses.

The day has been great and we have seen a lot off fine places in London. But now it’s time to sleep, good night.

Written by Melina



Hi guys so today we leave stockholm and going London, five o'clock i Will take a taxi too Arlanda AirPort there I Will meet up My Friends and fly to Gatwick AirPort.

I´m so excited to go to london, i have been in London a few times before but London is one of my favorite places to travel to because I love the city, the shopping and the people they're so kind and nice. If I ever move from Sweden, London will be an option. There's a lot of things i´m look forward to to do in London, for example go to mamma mia theatre, buy a lot of clothes, visit madame tussaus and take a walk in hyde park.

when we all arrived at arlanda we checked in our luggage and start going through the security check. We all came through phuu…

The first we did was to look for our gate. Then we decided all to take a look at the tax free and the other small stores. No One bought anything because we all wanted to save our money to London.

After a while we all starting to be a little bit hungry so we decided to go to starbucks and eat something.

I took a cookie and a flat white caramel coffee with cream on the top. It was delicious!!!

19:20 we leave starbucks to go to our gate to board.

Beside me at the left Maja sitting and to the right there is a window, when the flight was in the air we had a beautiful view.

Beside Maja their was a handsome boy names Marty, he lived outside London an was in stockholm to visit a cousin who studied her in sweden. Marty was very nice nd kind and he telled us about the best café in London and we all decided på meet him again at the café.

nine pm/am o'clock we arrived at gatwick airport, We all get our luggage and head to the trains.

We buys tickets at the station in sweden we have SL cards but in London they have named it Oyster card but the both its the same on the card you could take the train, underground, the bus in london its the same function i SL cards but you could only use the card in stockholm.

After a while sitting on the train we arrived at victoria station in London and from there we took the underground against paddington but went off the underground at bayswater road.

When we had the key we went straight up to bed and to go to sleep.

dream Sweet /Filippa



day 1 filippa the way ther

day 2 melina tourist bus

day 3 maja Madame Tussauds

day 4 alice shopping day and eat in a luxury resturant

day 5 maja the making of harry potter

day 6 filippa musical mama mia 

day 7 alice spa 

day 8 melina london eye and the trip home