Hi guys! We are 3 girls from sweden that really likes adventures. Before we graduated we talked a little bit about that we wanted to explore the world and see more of the world than just staying in Sweden and not knowing anything about the world that we are living in. After talking about it for months we decided that our first journey would be to The Usa.

The day after we grautated was the day that we were going to The Usa.We arrived at 6am to the city that we picked first to travel to and that was New york .It was really early and we were very jet lagged, that was the worst thing about our travel. We lived at a hotel that was called "The paramount ". That hotel was one of the best hotels that I have ever been to. It was so luxury the service was great and the staff there was really nice and helpful.

While we were in Usa we didn't just stay in New york we went to Orlando,Washington and California. In New York we shopped at a mall that was in Manhattan. That mall was really big and i bought many clothes there. We didn't just shop we went sightseeing. The sightseeing was absolutely amazing and that was the best thing about New York that you can see beautiful buildings and learn a little bit more about New York from a another point of view.

When we went to Orlando we rented an apartment that we were going to stay in for a couple of days.Wen we were there we went to Sea World!!!!! It was soooo fun, our favorite ride was manta it was scary but i liked it we also swam with dolphins, it was a little bit scary at first but it was so fun! swimming with dolphins was an experience that I will remember for a very long time and I would do it again sometime.We also went to Disney World 2 days after. We bought matching mini mouse ears and went on rides. Our last day in Orlando before we went to Washington we went on an helicopter ride. It wasn't expected but we were bored so why not? We saw celebrity's houses and more s stunning views from above and it was amazing!

Our next destination was Washington. We are just staying there for 2 days and after we were leaving to California because our flight to Sweden flew from there. This time we stayed at a hotel because we didn't feel that it would be necessary to rent an apartment for 2 days. We stayed at a hotel that was called A Kimpton hotel and feeling jet lagged as we did we fell asleep as soon as we checked in. The next day we just stayed in and watched movies all day and most of the night.

On our first day in Washington DC we had a quick breakfast in the hotel which was, may I add, delicious. We decided to watch The White house were the president lived and took the bus to get there. There was a really cosy restaurant nearby the white house called ''The Oval Room''. After lunch we went to the grocery store to buy some snacks and went straight home. We stripped of our clothes and putted on sweatpants and comfortable clothes. With that we watched movies and ate snacks until we fell asleep.

On our second day in Washington, which also is our last, we wanted to do something fun. Rihanna was coming and we went to her concert which started 6pm. Before that we just hung out and ate breakfast etc. The concert was absolutely incredible and fun and I would like to do it again.

The third day was the day that we were going to California by train. We were staying in California for one day and the day after we were going to take a flight back to Sweden. We wanted to see as much of America as possible under a short period of time. After the breakfast we went to the mall which was quite big. After hours of shopping we went to the cinema and watched the jungle book. When the movie ended we didn't know what to do so we wanted to use the time we had to do something fun so we decided to go clubbing. As we danced for hours we got tired and went back to the hotel and slept.

Soon we were going back to Sweden we took the train to Los Angeles. It was very sad since the trip is almost at its end. When we arrived in Los Angeles we just went to the super market and bought some snacks and went to our new hotel called Hollywood square Apartment. We chilled and fell asleep.

On our last day we did our usual, eating breakfast and then went to the mall. That day out of all days we saw the one and only Zac Efron. Since we don't have that much of celebrities in Sweden it came as a shock to us. And after seeing Zac Efron we saw Justin Bieber and the day just gotten much better. After a eventful day we went back to our hotel and packed our stuff since we were leaving the day after.

Overall the trip was exciting and fun and I loved every minute of it. Travelling with my nearest friends and enjoying it, I would love to do it again someday soon but maybe in another country. Who knows

// Amina

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Hello guys! Today i gonna write the hole summary of our trip. Were three girls called Semrana,Wilma and Amina. We graduated together and after that we were tired of sweden so we decided to travel together. We looked for journeys and we found a trip to America. We have done so much things that even i don't remember everything that we did,but this journey was so worth it!! First we were i New York about 4 days i didn't remember everything we have done but i remember that we have ride the sightseeing in New York, that was so cool because we had the chance to see New York from a little better perspective. In New York we lived in a hotel called ¨The Paramount¨,the hotel was really nice andthe breakfast was awesome at all.And so i dont forget to say that the weather in New York was really good, i love it!

After New York we were in Orlando. I can say that Orlando was the funniest thing about the hole trip!! The best thing i liked was of course when we swam with the dolphins,that was really a memory for life! I never forget that feeling because that was the coolest thing ive ever did.

After Orlando we were in Washington! In Washington i didn't did so much because i became sick and i had very high temperature... And when i was sick Amina and Wilma was riding a helicopter at Orlando that they were bloging about. And after Washington we just took a train to Los Angeles because our flight to sweden was leaving from Los Angeles. In California we didn't have so much time to do things so we were at theirs shopping center, its so frickin big really!! I really recomend theirs shopping center called *Best Los Angeles,CA ahopping center*. Itsvery big and i like the shops! This was my last post on this blog so i hope you all like it because this journey was so funny and i really want to travel with Wilma and Amina again! Have a good time!<3 <3



Hello you all. Gosh I don't know where to start. We met in school and we graduaeted togheter. We decided to travel togehter because we were soooooooo tired of Sweden's weather. We started looking for journeys. After a while we decided to travel to America!! We wanted to see as much of America as possible so we went to different places in America.

We flew from Arlanda airport in Sweden. We flew to New York, our hotel was called Paramount and it was so beautiful.

In New York we shopped a lot, we were on a mall called Manhattan Mall. Another day we were sightseeing in Manhattan, and we saw a lot of beautiful places. After the sightseeing we didn't want to go back to our hotel, we wanted to see more of Manhattan so we went to Central Park. We ate snacks and played games there. And almost every day we ate dinner at our hotel because the food there was so good.

The next day we flew to Florida in Orlandooo! We wanted to swim in the sea and sunbathe. In orlando we rented a apartment so we had to made our own breakfast, lunch and dinner. On our first day in Orlando we went to Sea World. Our favorite ride was Manta, I'll never forget that. We ate at Seaport. We saw lots of animals and we swam with dolphines and learned more about them and also we leared moe about penguings. In the evening it was som kind of event there called Summer Nights and that was so fun.

We ate dinner at a restaurant called Victoria & Alberts and the food was delicious absolutley a 10/10. After that we went home to our apartment to sleep but Semrana wanted to party and get drunk.

The next day we only wanted to sunbathe and relax at the beach. We ate our packed lunch, sanwiches, smoothie and fruits like watermelon, pineapple, raspberries and we even tried a new fruit called Dragon Fruit. That was pretty cool.

The next day we went to Disney World! I'll never forget that! It was so beautiful there and it reminded us of our childhood! We all loved it! It was probably the best activity of the trip!

Another day we ride a helicopter! We saw so much of Orlando. We saw celebritys houses and stunning views! It was so cool and the pilot was so funny, he told us so much about Orlando.

A few days later we flew to Washington DC. The trip took 2 hours, In Washington we saw the White House. Oh my gosh, it was so big! I would like to live there! We also went to the Lincon Monument. It was so freaking big! We didn't expect that! We were at Rihannas concert in Washington and she was so good! her voice was amazing! Another day we went to Washingtons biggest shoping center, we shoped a lot and we also went to the movies and watched The Jungle Book! It was a great movie actually. At the night we went to a club, we had so fun. The music they played was so good! At the club we got some new friends, we changed numbers and I hope that we can keep it in touch!

The next day we went by train to LA. We went there because our flight to Sweden left from there. We only stayed over the night so we didn't do anything special there. We only bought snacks and relaxed before the trip home.

Our trip was wonderful! My favorite thing we did was obviously Disney World! I love Disney movies and princesses and childish things! I really want to go back there and become like a children! I really hope that we can do this again!

This was my last post on this blog so I hope you have enjoyed it! Byeeeee// Wilma ;*



Hi today is our last day of the journey. We woke up at ten am, we were so tired after the train travel to Los Angeles. We went down and ate hotel breakfast of course. It was delicious. At twelve am we went out shopping at Los Angeles Mall. We bought clohtes and shoes from different stores like Gant, Odd Molly, Lexington and so on. Guess what happened when we were sitting at Starbucks and had a cookie we saw Zac Efron!!!!!! Omg we got starstruked. We couldn't talk to him for so long but we took a picture with him! It was our first time seeing a "big" celebrity . In sweden we really don't see that much celebrity's in "Starbucks" or other stores . There wasn't many people that came up to him because he had hat and sunglases to hide himself but we could see that it was him but we didn't scream out his name we knew he wanted a some privacy.

After we took a picture with Zac we went to the supermarket and bought snacks and guess what we saw..... We saw frickin Justin Bieber at the supermarket!!! We couldn't take a picture with him because there was so many other girls and bodyguards there.

We went home to the hotel, we packed all our things because we'll leave tomorrow. Now it's 10pm and we'll go to sleep. Tomorrow we go home to Sweden so we wont blog a normaly post, we'll blog a summary of our trip. So this is our last post! This has been so fun! We really want to traver thogether again! 

See yaa! // Wilma, Amina & Semrana



Hello guys! Today it's 1 day left til we are going back to sweden, and that really don't feels good... But we have to take it as it comes. Now were about to go down at the restaurant and eat our last hotel breakfast. It's 9am now and after we ate breakfast we had to go to California by train. Our train leaves at half 12am and the trainstation is right in front of our hotel so we don't have to take the cab. We don't have to stress and that's a relief. Now were done and it's 11am,were on our way to the trainstation because we have to find good places at the train. Now were at the train and were in California at half past three. Now were finally in California after the long trip, now we just gotta go to a supermarket and buy some snacks and go to our hotel in california called Hollywood Square Apartment. The clock is now 10 and were really tired so we just gotta go to bed. We'll blog again tomorrow, se ya soon<33/Semrana



Hello guys! Our jouney will end in two days. Our flight leaves from California so we needed to get there as fast as possible because we wanted to see as much as possible of America. From Washington to Los Angelos we're going to take a train.

We ate breakfast at the hotel. After that we went to the shoppingcenter. Washingtons shoppingcenter was really big and had many stores that we liked. Our favorit stores was Gant, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lexington, Target, Apple (Becuase Semranas MacBook was stoled at the airport toilet) We tried to forget the incident by shopping. After we shopped for a while we ate lunch at a Thai restaurant. The food was delicius! At 3pm we went to the cinema. We watched the movie The Jungle Book. The movie was really good.

Just because it's our last day we wanted to do something funny so we went to the club! Omg we had so fun! The music they played was amazing! We got some new friends and they were really friendly and funny. We exchanged our numbers but they wanted to go out with us tomorrow but we told them that we couldn't because we were leaving the other day so we said that we could keep in thouch so we can meet when we travel here again.

After being there for 2 hours our feet was hurting because we danced the hole time. We called a cab and went back to the hotel. When we got inside the room we were so tierd so we really need that sleep because we have a flight trip ahead of us tomorrow.

That was basiclly everything we did today so we will write tomorrow about our journey to los angeles and our day there//Amina,Wilma,Semrana



Hello guys! Today we woke up at 9am and went downstairs to eat breakfast at the restaurant! Today the breakfast was actually quite good. We ate pancakes with nutella and strawberries. Today we were at Rihannas concert here in Washington and that was soooo amazing to se Rihanna,she's so frickin beautiful! The concert started about 6pm and ended at 10pm. Now its 11pm and were in the cab on our way to the hotel and were soo tired so i don't think we gotta do something more. So that's were our day,hope it's was funny because it's really was! We blog again together tomorrow! See ya soon<33//Semrana



Hello everybody! We woke up at 10am. We went down to the hotelrestaurant and we ate breakfast. It was delicius! At 12am we went out in the big city. We wanted so see "The White House" so we took a bus from the hotel. When we arrived it was so much people there. We saw nothing. But after a while people started to go, and then we took some really good pictures!

At 2pm we went to a restaurant nearby The White House. It was called "The Oval Room". The food was delicius! At 3pm we took a cab to the Linconmonument! It was so freaking big! I didn't expect that! We were there for maybe 2 hours and after that we went home to a supermarket and bought snacks and chocolate because we wanted to watch a movie and just relax in our beds. We bought Lays potato chips, pretzel sticks and chocolate. We bought a chocolate that none of us had tried before. It was called Hershey's and it was like an swedish original Marabou.

When we came to hotel it was time for dinner so we just went up to our room and left our stuff and then we went down again and ate an amazing dinner. At half past 6 we went up to oyr room again. We changed to sweatpants and just chilled for the rest of the evening. We watched the film Divergent. Everybody of us had seen it before but we love it. Now it's 11pm and we're going to sleep. Today was an great day! Tomorrow Semrana will blog!

See yaa!//Wilma <333



Hi guys!

Today we woke up at 8am and our flight would leave at 10am from the airport in Orlando. We left the apartment at 8:30am because it would take us 30 minutes to get there and we left earlier to make sure we didn't miss the flight. When we got there we checked in our bags and searched for starbucks because we didn't have time to eat breakfast. After a very delicious breakfast we went to the gate to boarder the plane. Later when we arrived to Washington after 2 hours of flight and we were tired because we didn't get any sleep yesterday. With very heavy steps we went to the hotel called A Kimpton hotel and checked in. The time flew and I felt jet lagged even though the time difference between Orlando and Washington is not that much. We went straight to bed and fell asleep.

After a very comfortable sleep we woke up and decided to watch a movie. Wilma suggested to watch The Notebook but Semrana wanted to watch Mean Girls. So we went with The notebook because most of us have not seen it. After the movie ended we decided to have a harry potter marathon which took up most of the time and the time flew. It was 4am, shocking as we was, we went to bed and fell asleep. 

Lets see what the day has to offer today. 

See you later // Amina



​Hello guys! Yesterday was a boring day because I became sick.. And that's not fun at all because Wilma and Amina was riding a helicopter and i just stayed home and watched a film with some snacks hah. But yes today i feel better than i did yesterday, so i hope that we can go and watch a good film at the cinema here in Orlando. Tomorrow we gotta take a flight to Washington in the morning. But we'll blog again tomorrow when were at the airport. See ya soon//Semrana