I am back. Last night i did not sleep at all. I was awake watching tv, trying to find out who is going to be the next president in USA. I must say it was looking good in the begining, But then it all went to hell. I just don't know what to think about the fact that Trump will be the next president. So now all we can do is wait and hope that he don't burn the whole think down.

The rest of the day was mostly just relaxing with my friends at school. We have 1 week every year where all the students do think like dancing, singing, and doing sports. It is something that the school do to bring everyone closer. We are a small school of just over 300 students and we are pretty close. Today we was dancing to music from all over the world. Linedance, swing, to tradisional japanese.

When i got home i went shooping with my dad. I needed a new winterjacket, and mom did not want me to get a male jacked. She wanted me to get a girljacket. We argued some, before dad got me the jacked that i wanted and now mom is a bit angry with him, but i think it will be fine.

When i finish writing this i am goint to study some japanese words and grammer. I do that with the help of youtube, the gazzetE, and a japanese-english dictionery. I simply take one of the song texts from one of the gazzetE's songs and write them down in romaji and then transalete the words into english. It takes time but i feel that it is helping me get a bigger vocabulary, and that help me get more fluent in japanese. The song that i am working on now is Guren. The song have a dark theme, talking of abortion and the dead of an infant.

Tomorw i am not going to my regulat school. I am going to an artschool to see how that work. It is a part of the thing that my school do to help us make a better dicison when it come to picking what school we will go to later. I want to work with art and design so an artschool i sthe place for me to visit. I get 1 day there and i can't wait to go there tomorow. After i am done there tomorow i will run into a bookstore and get the next book in the wheel of time series. Today i finished the first book and i started book 2. I am going to get book 3 tomorow.

If you are part on the LGBTQA+ and live in America, stay safe, But dont let this make you afraid. You desserv the bast and noone can stop you geting that. Stay safe, be yourself, smile, and be happy. Take care and Alex out.

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Hello! I am back and it is monday. They day started of at 6 AM. I got up and tok some painkillers for my fever. I got a feber last friday, and i stil got that going for me, so am a bit tierd right now. I whent to school at 8. I went to my english class from 8:15 to 9:45. I was felling sick thrue that class and when the class ended i just ran to the toilet and vomited. I texted my dad to tell him that he had to let my school know that I was going home. When I got home i made some onionsoup, just to eat something.

After I was done eating I went to my bedroom to relax with some youtube as I was drawing on a drawing for my boyfriend. The drawing is a part of his birthday gift. His birthday is on 15th of december. I desidedto give him the new pokemon mon for his birtday, but it was to expensive so I combined his birthday and christmas gifts. Because i want to give him something on his birthday i am drawing him as a pokemon trainer with rowlet on his arm.

I am actuly going to watch the new episode of the walking dead tomorow morning. Right now my weekly watch rutine is simple. Monday morning i watch some Norwegien ghost show. wednes day morning is time for the walking dead and wednesday evening i watch lucifer with my dad. On thursday in lunch at school I watch bungou stray dogs seson 2. And on friday i watch Yuri!!! in ice. During the weekend I like to watch older compleded anime tha I can finish in a day or two.

Two days ago I got a new book. The book is the second book in the wheel of time series. The book is called the great hunt and is the book after the eye of the world. I hope to finish eye of the world today so I can start the great hunt soon. I am a huge fan of fanasy books so when the first book was on sale two weeks ago I just got it and started reading. 

Today i got some happy news. I was looking around online and I found the news that the seson 2 of attack on titan wil air in february or april 2017. After waiting for 3 years I think it is time for some more of that anime. I also found three more shows that wil get another seson and they are, Tokyo ghoul, one punch man, and blue exorsist. i watched Tokyo ghoul and one punch man, but i have jet to watch blue exorsist. 

For the rest of the day i got no reason to leave the house so i wil most likley take a shower and put on my unicorn onepiese and get a cup of tea and sit and read for the rest of the day. Or maybe I wil work on my dragon cross stitch, who knows?

Leave sugestions on what you wnat me to talk about for the future and i wil see what i can do.

Stay true to you and have a good day :-) Alex out



HELLO!! My name is Alex and I am a 15 year old student in Norway. I am bisexual and 3 months ago i came out as transgender. So now i live my life as a boy and i have never been happier. When i was 8 I started watching anime and 7 years later I still watch it. My favorit anime is naruto, bungou stray dogs, and Yuri!!! on ice.

I live in Trondheim with my mother, father, and sister. I go to a small school not far from where i live and i love going to that school. Most of my friends also watch anime and all of us cosplay. I spend most of my time in my bedroom where I draw and read. I am a huge fan of books like lord of the rings, Eragon, and the wheel of time.

In january my father gave me my first cross stitch and i started it rigth away. It is of a huge dragon. I love it, but it is hard to stitch because it is on black aida. It is turning out lovley, but I stil got some work to do.

On this blog i wil post about art, books, anime, manga, cross stitch, games, and just my life in general. Keep in mind that english in not my first language so my grammer is not the best. A month ago I started to write a book so I wil talk about that as well. I don't think i will update every day, but at least once a week.