Phil Devin Consultants has started its roots in a humble place in Australia and is expanding its reach. It has a reputation for being a good place to live. Individuals who have given their professional service often give it a positive and a good review or feedback because of its responsive, detailed, and personalized service.

As a small-boutique agency environment, Phil Devin has been committed to their core value of giving "better service and better results" to different people. Phil Devin personally has a good reputation in this field.

Phil is involved in many successful projects. </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s>.

He can also build the best solution for your real estate needs. It is important for you to have a good time. Your brilliant ways will surely take you to the results you seek.

Phil is so generous in giving a lot of real estate advice and tips, especially if you're a real estate venture. He will definitely guide you to the right path and will make sure. Even though he is a professional, he is amiable to his clients. He has the right hand of his own.

Having said that, it's a good thing to do, and it's a good thing.

Speak to anyone who has experienced the PROCESS of buying or selling. One of my many goals is to make sure your next move is a positive one.

I started Phil Devin Real Estate with one simple mission: "To deliver RESULTS that exceed our clients EXPECTATIONS".

What does this mean for you?

• I know you 're busy and I respect your time. When we set an appointment and I'll be there.

• When I say something can be done ... you can count on it.

• I do not want to go to snow people or hide information. I'm all about disclosure.

</s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s>.

• That means.

• Ultimately when you buy or sell with me, it comes down to your decision, what's right for you. </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s>. When you choose me to help you buy or sell your home, you can count on responsive, quality, comprehensive and personalized service.

• "Disappointment is the difference between what a client EXPECTS and what the agent DELIVERS"

I know that my clients are craving to have a 'professional' who can 'listen' to their individual needs and provide solutions for them!

Phil Devin is that professional!

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Devin is gepassioneerd over het ontwerpen van ruimten voor kunst en ook de integratie van kunst in bestaande ruimten. Van ingebruikneming unieke kunstwerken, kopen van lokale galerieën of aankoop van kleinhandelsWebsites, DFI kan helpen in elke kunst gerelateerde capaciteit en werken binnen een budget te kapelaan en artwork voor uw huis of commerciële ruimte. Met een graad in Art History en een certificaat in decoratieve en Fine Art beoordeling Studies aan de NYU heeft Devin een getrainde begrip van de waarde van kunst. Haar specifieke interesse is in de relatie tussen kunst en ruimte en ze onderzocht de betekenis van kleur, textuur, plaatsing, schaal en context van kunst in de ruimte in haar Tesi, "De interrelatie van Art en ruimte: een onderzoek laat de 19e en vroege twintigste eeuw Europese schilderkunst" die de Joel Polsky Achievement Award ontvangen de ASID Educational Foundation en is gekenmerkt in de IIDA Knowledge Center. Ze was een Graduate stage bij het National Gallery of Art in het ontwerp en de installatie departement benoemd en diende op de Washington State University's selectie Kunstcommissie.

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There's an abundance of new residential construction on the market in Galveston, which might have something to do with the steady rate of development in recent years.

A report from the Galveston County Daily News reveals the city has issued a steady number of permits since 2010, both commercial and residential. Last year they issued 1,147 permits up from 966 permits issued in 2015.

"We are very much holding steady. It's pretty much consistent with what we've had," director of the city's planning and development services division Tim Tietjens told the outlet.

WITHIN BUDGET: Affordable Galveston homes that offer a charming getaway

In September 2015, Galveston's disaster recovery director John Simsen said 120 Hurricane Ike-destroyed homes would be demolished instead of repaired.

The demolitions were expected to be completed by December 2015, at which point new homes could be built.

WATER VIEWS: Take a peek inside Galveston's most impressive waterfront homes

At the time, the city had $1.5 million in federal disaster recovery money to use, the Associated Press reported. The process began by tearing down houses that would cost less than $30,000 to remove. Pricier projects would be razed depending on how much of that budget was still left.

Ike ravaged roughly 17,000 homes and businesses in 2008 badly destroyed nearly 1,500 residential properties.

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This hotel is located in the city center. Risks and uncertainties outlook for 2017

• The US Federal Reserve ended 2016 on a hawkish note, raising rates and noting US economic strength.

• Although markets are expecting growth to accelerate in 2017, a lot remains uncertain, from fiscal policy to international relations.

• Other factors may be as a headwind to rise.

Could the economy and government be at an inflection point? The US Federal Reserve (Fed) is the first time the US Federal Reserve has made its mark on the United States. US economic growth could accelerate this year: consumer spending is growing at a healthy pace; A survey of the economy's health, "Animal spirits" have awakened since the election, as seen in the stock market's rise.

If optimism translates into additional economic output, both GDP growth and consumer price index inflation could move above the 2.0% to 2.5% baseline expectations. That would lead to higher bond yields and ultimately a more hawkish Fed. Short-to-intermediate US Treasury yields.

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The advent of spring in the Lone Star State heralds the arrival of warm weather, vibrant blue skies and blooming bluebonnets. On Galveston Island, this part of the year is known as “Island Time,” when folks from across the state flock here to soak up the sun and relax on the beach. If you’re planning some Island Time of your own, you should know that Galveston is not your average beach town.

Step away from the 32 miles of sun-soaked shores and you’ll discover a place that balances the old and the new with captivating ease. With more than its fair share of surprises and plenty of things to see and do, the possibilities are endless. Read on to discover why you should be on Island Time in Galveston.

1. All the Outdoor Adventure

Galveston may be best known for its sandy beaches, but there’s far more to do here than working on your suntan. Experience the world’s fastest growing sport, stand up paddle boarding and catch a few waves as you take in a view of Seawall Boulevard. Admire the beauty of the Texas Gulf Coast as you kayak through the marshes and bayous of Galveston Island State Park.

Craving an adrenaline rush? Soar 500 feet in the air during a parasailing tour by Caribbean Breeze. For the ultimate heart-pounding experience, go skydiving with Skydive Galveston. Leap from a plane thousands of feet above the island and relish the fantastic view as you parachute down to terra firma. When you need to catch your breath, find a shady spot on the beach and let the cool sea breeze wash over you. After all, you're on Island Time.

2. Frolicking Dolphins

Beach goers aren't the only ones playing in the warm waters of Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Visit Galveston throughout the year and you can also see pods of dolphins swimming and playing, an experience one might typically associate with a Caribbean destination. There's nothing quite like seeing these majestic animals up close, and you can do just that on a dolphin tour. From the deck of BayWatch Dolphin Tour's boat, you'll see these friendly frolickers in their natural habitat. You may even see dolphins during an excursion on Galveston Harbour Tours' multi-deck vessel or on the Galveston Island Ferry. With Galveston Water Adventures’ sunset cruise, you get the bonus of a beautiful sunset.

3. The World’s Tallest Water Coaster

From your starting point 81 feet above ground level, you have just enough time to look down the steep green and white tube before you. Suddenly, your world becomes a blur of sound and color as you’re soaring down ramps and through sense-shifting curved tubes. You may be breathless at the end, and for good reason. You’ve just conquered Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark’s MASSIV, the tallest water coaster in the world. Ride MASSIV once and you’ll be hooked, but don’t overlook all the other thrill and leisure rides at Schlitterbahn.

4. Majestic Mansions and Enchanting Architecture

In its heyday, Galveston was the “Wall Street of the South,” where prominent businessmen made their fortunes and built grand mansions. Many of these still stand to this day, and you don’t have to go far from the beach to see them. If you only have time to visit one, stop by the most prominent of them all: the 1892 Bishop’s Palace. With a façade of colored stone and a rounded turret topped by a cone-shaped roof, the home is as impressive as it is imposing. On the self-guided tour, you’ll see stained-glass windows, luxurious furnishings and impressive fireplaces fit for a king.

5. Luxurious Getaways, High-End Hotels & Affordable Stays

What’s better than a weekend at the beach? Spending the weekend in a palatial hotel, ofcourse. Galveston has historic and modern hotels that combine upscale accommodations with the kinds of amenities you’d find at full-service resorts, such as swim-up pool bars and rooftop hangouts. Romantic bed and breakfasts provide idyllic retreats for lovebirds, while in-town and beachside vacation rentals are perfect for families and large groups.

On a budget? Galveston has plenty of affordable options that won’t bust your bank account. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, stay midweek and you can save up to 50 percent on your island holiday.

6. A Multitude of Memorable Museums

Did you know that Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca once shipwrecked on Galveston Island? Or that pirate Jean Lafitte established a colony on the island that at its peak numbered about 1,000 people? The island’s history is unparalleled, and there is a multitude of museums that showcase it. Pay a visit to The Bryan Museum to browse the largest collection of southwestern artifacts in the world (including the sword used to capture Santa Anna), then step inside beautifully restored locomotives at the Galveston Railroad Museum.

Galveston has its fair share of one-of-a-kind experiences as well. Climb aboard the legendary World War II submarine USS Cavalla and one of the last destroyer escorts in the world, the USS Stewart, both of which are housed in Seawolf Park. Then step on to a retired offshore oil rig at the Ocean Star Offshore Energy Center, where you can learn the ins and outs of oil and gas production and its impact on the Texas Gulf Coast.

7. Craft Beer Made Right on the Island

The craft beer craze is as strong as ever in Texas, and Galveston is certainly no exception. In fact, the island is a playground for beer lovers thanks to its two breweries that crank out a variety of tasty brews. Head to Galveston Island Brewing Company’s tap room to sample beer styles from around the world, including a German-style kolsch, a fruity India Pale Ale, and a silky smooth porter. The other game in town, Beerfoot Brewery, augments its own brews (such as a chai-spiced porter) with a large selection of craft beer from around Texas and the world. Both breweries are located off of Seawall Boulevard, so even as you’re indulging in your beer of choice you won’t ever be too far from the gulf.

8. Palate-Pleasing Seafood and Fine Dining

You’ve spent all day lounging on the beach, kayaking the trails and browsing the museums, so you probably have quite the appetite. Given its diverse dining scene, you’ll find something that will hit the spot. If you’re craving seafood, there are upscale restaurants and straightforward eateries that serve such favorites as jumbo shrimp and red snapper. Yet there’s even more to choose from. Asian, Greek, Italian, Indian and Mexican restaurants abound on the island, offering up a full menu of flavors for even the most discerning palates. Bonus tip: Stop by La King’s Confectionary, an old-fashioned candy shop where you can watch a master candy maker craft taffy, peanut brittle, pecan pralines and fudge.

9. Moody Gardens Will Capture Your Imagination

Observe swimming sharks and playing penguins, get up-close and personal with monkeys and macaws and discover the natural wonders of the world without leaving Galveston Island. These are just a few of the things you’ll see and do in the three glass pyramids at Moody Gardens. This may sound like a lot, but you’re not done yet. Take on the five-tier Sky Trail Ropes Course and soar on the zip line, play a round on the championship golf course and enjoy a cruise on a replica 1800’s paddlewheel boat.

All this adventure in one place means you’d better give yourself plenty of time to experience it all.

10. Galveston’s Nightlife Has Something for Everyone

Whether you prefer getting down on the dance floor or sipping a glass of merlot in an upscale lounge, you’ll find your niche in Galveston. For a beer and some live music, hit up one of the low-key bars in the Strand Historic District or along Seawall Boulevard. In the mood for something more energetic? The Strand has several nightclubs where live DJ’s crank out pulsating tunes that will have you showing off your coolest dance moves. Dress to the nines before heading out to Number 13 or The Rooftop Bar at The Tremont House, where you can nurse a drink while taking in views of Pelican Rest Marina or downtown Galveston.

Once closing time hits, head back to your hotel for a good night’s rest. After all, a new day in Galveston presents even more opportunities.

Bonus: Incredible Sunrises & Sunsets

Even with all of its big-city charm, Galveston is still a coastal town. That means one thing: beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Each day starts and ends with breathtaking shades of orange and pink cast across the sky like paint on a canvas, providing an ideal backdrop for a romantic walk on the beach. Bring your fancy smart phone or your high end camera and wait for the right moment to catch a photo you’ll be proud of. As long as you’re on the beach you’ll have a great view.

Hope you experience this “causeway cure” where flip-flops replace dress shoes and the scenery Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review Singapore

Join a group thrilled you have decided to explore Galveston Island.



Our culture of discretion is paradoxically a major pillar of our development.

The introductions and recommendations of our clients and partners are an ongoing source of growth.

We choose our partners and they choose us.

We are collaborating with companies of all sizes in Singapore, in a range of sectors including IT & Medias, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Manufacturing, Microelectronics, Environment, Healthcare, Insurance, and with international interlocutors (Singaporean, Malaysian, Chinese, French, English, Italian, German, Belgian, Australian, American, etc.). We are always working under confidentiality clauses and, when necessary, with an additional Non-Disclosure Agreement.


GAC is getting closer to Singapore SMEs and Entrepreneurs, and is now member of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) in Singapore.

ASME is a not-for-profit organisation for directors of SMEs and Entrepreneurs in Singapore created in 1986. ASME provides a wide range of services and programmes to its members to equip the SMEs with the business knowledge and market opportunities to help them grow their businesses.


BISA is established since 2011 by the initiative of 3 Indonesian young entrepreneurs based in Singapore: Eka Mardiarti, Linawaty, and Stephanus Titus Widjaja, with the same understanding spirit “gotong royong” and “saling membantu” philosophy to help business owners of SMEs and entrepreneurs to connect globally with potential investors, overseas partnership opportunities and corporates/MNCs through BISA.


The French Trade Commission-Ubifrance in Singapore, is dedicated to accompanying French Companies on their professional project, by providing them with the essential keys to success in the Singaporean market.

Institut Français

The Institut Français in Singapore aims at disseminating and encouraging franco-singaporean collaborations in science and research, culture, and promoting the attractiveness of French know how in the fields of higher education and research. GAC has contributed to a report about IP management among the French scientific community in Singapore.

Chambers of Commerce and business groups

We are an active member of the Chambers of Commerce in Singapore and Brazil. Together, we organize training sessions and talks.

Comité Richelieu

GAC is the first partner of Comité Richelieu, French association for Innovation Companies and Growth. Comité Richelieu works on the promotion of a favorable ecosystem for innovative very small, medium and intermediary companies. It gathers over 300 innovative companies with an average turnover of 7M€, including 30% dedicated to export and 30% invested in R&D.

AFII (Invest in France)

GAC is a partner of l’AFII-Agence Française pour les Investissements Internationaux (French Agency for International Investment) which pro motes France for foreign companies, especially through innovation and incentive measures.


GAC is an expert on aeronautics, and as such is a partner of the Aerospace Valley world competitiveness cluster. This cluster gathers the regions of Midi-Pyrénées & Aquitaine turning it into the first European employment area for aeronautics, space and embedded systems (1/3 of aeronautics jobs in France, over 50% in the space sector).



Do you want to maintain the good condition of your car? Then you must have the basic knowledge of its maintenance and repair. It’s also advisable to make it your priority to guarantee the safety of your own as well as your family. Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group suggests that you always keep your car within safety standards and in perfect running condition to have a pleasant drive.

Aside from keeping your car in good running condition, you also need to be a responsible driver. Remember how learning to properly brake a car is the first rule in driving a vehicle? It only signifies the importance of everyone’s safety inside an automobile. It often comes first before you even learn how to make a car move forward or backward. As a driver, you should always be careful and make sure that everyone is safe while you are driving. Being a good driver is not that hard, right?

However, finding a local and trustworthy company that offers good automobile service is somewhat difficult. But most citizens in South Coast of Hampshire depend on Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group for automobile services. It is a family-operated company that has a decade of reliable record in trading car parts and accessories. Tyre&Auto can provide your every car needs, be it car servicing, tyres, brake checks, MOT's or free seasonal tune-ups and check-ups.

The company can deliver fast tyre quotation through online transactions to make fitting faster with lesser trouble. When you require help, they can also provide local collect and delivery of your car where you can be sure of a first-rate car maintenance and repair.

Does your car need to undergo an MOT test? It’ll be no problem to Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group. Checking the safety of your car and the amount of exhaust emission were included in this examination. The company provides regular reminders to assist you in your annual MOT certificate requirement. And in order to ensure that you will renew your road tax and your car insurance at the right time, the reminders of Tyre&Auto also include the due of your test.

Whether it is work-related or personal matters, each of us needs a vehicle to reach our desired destination every day, and a car meets that need. It is really a great convenience in today's busy society. Getting your own car could also be an advantage to you because it provides ease, mobility, and personal comfort, so in return, you must properly take care of it and make sure to have it checked every time.

In addition to the comfort and financial returns a car could bring to an individual or a family, this particular tool can also deliver emotional or psychological benefits. Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group believes in the crucial role of cars these days, thus they continue to provide quality service to their customers that can meet or exceed their expectations. Tyre&Auto makes sure that their automobile maintenance and repair is always top-notch.



Crookslikely to probe the P2P insurer with bogus claims

This is a blog about a blog. It’s also a predictor of thingsto come.

The new insurer Lemonade thinks it has awinning formula. Get rid of agents and most other personnel. Just digitizepolicy sales and claims. It’s part of the bigger trend of peer-to-peer firmsrapidly sprouting in various consumer sectors.

Dennis Jay wrote about Lemonade last week. I’m so fascinatedby the upstart startup’s P2P business model that I had to weigh in with my twocents worth.

Lemonade thinks its formula will lower fraud, blogs boardmember Peter Diamandis.

Policyholders can have underwriting profits donated tononprofits they choose. Insurancebecomes “a social good, rather than a necessary evil.”

People are less likely to try and bilk Lemonade, Diamandiscontends. Why would they defraud the insurer and thus reduce the charitydonations?

Many policyholders likely will be kind-hearted, as I see it.They’ll keep applications, renewals and claims sparkling clean for the good ofthe cause.

Two other classes of insured’s may be less charitable. Firstare the desperate ones. They’re average, everyday people whose finances aresagging. Maybe their home or SUV is near foreclosure, their bank accountnearing empty.

They’ll worry more about saving their own skins than whatmoney Lemonade sends to charity. If they can rifle Lemonade to bail themselvesout with false claims, their adrenalin-addled brains will impel them to pounce.They could, for instance, trash their car and claim it was stolen or wrecked ina hit-and-run.

Then there’s another class: the greedy.

Some of the greedy are everyday people. They’re notdesperate. Many are just opportunists. Maybe they just want to trade up to abigger diamond engagement ring, and tell Lemonade that, sorrow of sorrows, itslipped off the wife’s finger at the beach. Or double the cost of a soundsystem lost in a home fire.

Organized rings are another kind of greedy, often led bydangerous sociopaths. Fraud is their business, a science. They’ll studyLemonade and probe for weaknesses in the application and claims system. Justlike many crime rings test brick-and-mortar insurers when plotting stagedcrashes with mass injury claims.

Professional and amateur criminals look for weaklings toexploit, just like wolf packs stalking elk herds. My bet is they’ll try toinfiltrate Lemonade to see how much juice is for the taking.

Lemonade’s elysian P2P concept will appeal to tech-savvymillennials — and provide another choice in the marketplace. Maybe Lemonadewill inspire traditional insurers to tighten their own operations if they loselarge numbers of customers to its community-minded model.

Meanwhile, this trusting P2P business model likely will betested to the max on the mean streets. Here’s hoping Lemonade’s leadershipgrasp this truth, and develops new innovative firewalls to protect the companyfrom some very smart street criminals.