Our culture of discretion is paradoxically a major pillar of our development.

The introductions and recommendations of our clients and partners are an ongoing source of growth.

We choose our partners and they choose us.

We are collaborating with companies of all sizes in Singapore, in a range of sectors including IT & Medias, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Manufacturing, Microelectronics, Environment, Healthcare, Insurance, and with international interlocutors (Singaporean, Malaysian, Chinese, French, English, Italian, German, Belgian, Australian, American, etc.). We are always working under confidentiality clauses and, when necessary, with an additional Non-Disclosure Agreement.


GAC is getting closer to Singapore SMEs and Entrepreneurs, and is now member of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) in Singapore.

ASME is a not-for-profit organisation for directors of SMEs and Entrepreneurs in Singapore created in 1986. ASME provides a wide range of services and programmes to its members to equip the SMEs with the business knowledge and market opportunities to help them grow their businesses.


BISA is established since 2011 by the initiative of 3 Indonesian young entrepreneurs based in Singapore: Eka Mardiarti, Linawaty, and Stephanus Titus Widjaja, with the same understanding spirit “gotong royong” and “saling membantu” philosophy to help business owners of SMEs and entrepreneurs to connect globally with potential investors, overseas partnership opportunities and corporates/MNCs through BISA.


The French Trade Commission-Ubifrance in Singapore, is dedicated to accompanying French Companies on their professional project, by providing them with the essential keys to success in the Singaporean market.

Institut Français

The Institut Français in Singapore aims at disseminating and encouraging franco-singaporean collaborations in science and research, culture, and promoting the attractiveness of French know how in the fields of higher education and research. GAC has contributed to a report about IP management among the French scientific community in Singapore.

Chambers of Commerce and business groups

We are an active member of the Chambers of Commerce in Singapore and Brazil. Together, we organize training sessions and talks.

Comité Richelieu

GAC is the first partner of Comité Richelieu, French association for Innovation Companies and Growth. Comité Richelieu works on the promotion of a favorable ecosystem for innovative very small, medium and intermediary companies. It gathers over 300 innovative companies with an average turnover of 7M€, including 30% dedicated to export and 30% invested in R&D.

AFII (Invest in France)

GAC is a partner of l’AFII-Agence Française pour les Investissements Internationaux (French Agency for International Investment) which pro motes France for foreign companies, especially through innovation and incentive measures.


GAC is an expert on aeronautics, and as such is a partner of the Aerospace Valley world competitiveness cluster. This cluster gathers the regions of Midi-Pyrénées & Aquitaine turning it into the first European employment area for aeronautics, space and embedded systems (1/3 of aeronautics jobs in France, over 50% in the space sector).



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Crookslikely to probe the P2P insurer with bogus claims

This is a blog about a blog. It’s also a predictor of thingsto come.

The new insurer Lemonade thinks it has awinning formula. Get rid of agents and most other personnel. Just digitizepolicy sales and claims. It’s part of the bigger trend of peer-to-peer firmsrapidly sprouting in various consumer sectors.

Dennis Jay wrote about Lemonade last week. I’m so fascinatedby the upstart startup’s P2P business model that I had to weigh in with my twocents worth.

Lemonade thinks its formula will lower fraud, blogs boardmember Peter Diamandis.

Policyholders can have underwriting profits donated tononprofits they choose. Insurancebecomes “a social good, rather than a necessary evil.”

People are less likely to try and bilk Lemonade, Diamandiscontends. Why would they defraud the insurer and thus reduce the charitydonations?

Many policyholders likely will be kind-hearted, as I see it.They’ll keep applications, renewals and claims sparkling clean for the good ofthe cause.

Two other classes of insured’s may be less charitable. Firstare the desperate ones. They’re average, everyday people whose finances aresagging. Maybe their home or SUV is near foreclosure, their bank accountnearing empty.

They’ll worry more about saving their own skins than whatmoney Lemonade sends to charity. If they can rifle Lemonade to bail themselvesout with false claims, their adrenalin-addled brains will impel them to pounce.They could, for instance, trash their car and claim it was stolen or wrecked ina hit-and-run.

Then there’s another class: the greedy.

Some of the greedy are everyday people. They’re notdesperate. Many are just opportunists. Maybe they just want to trade up to abigger diamond engagement ring, and tell Lemonade that, sorrow of sorrows, itslipped off the wife’s finger at the beach. Or double the cost of a soundsystem lost in a home fire.

Organized rings are another kind of greedy, often led bydangerous sociopaths. Fraud is their business, a science. They’ll studyLemonade and probe for weaknesses in the application and claims system. Justlike many crime rings test brick-and-mortar insurers when plotting stagedcrashes with mass injury claims.

Professional and amateur criminals look for weaklings toexploit, just like wolf packs stalking elk herds. My bet is they’ll try toinfiltrate Lemonade to see how much juice is for the taking.

Lemonade’s elysian P2P concept will appeal to tech-savvymillennials — and provide another choice in the marketplace. Maybe Lemonadewill inspire traditional insurers to tighten their own operations if they loselarge numbers of customers to its community-minded model.

Meanwhile, this trusting P2P business model likely will betested to the max on the mean streets. Here’s hoping Lemonade’s leadershipgrasp this truth, and develops new innovative firewalls to protect the companyfrom some very smart street criminals.