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The day has arrived.. I moved to Egypt!

When I told my friends and family the common response was always something like: "omg don't go there it's so dangerous" "They kill gay men" "This one British girl who just flew in to Egypt is now in Egyptian prison for bringing in painkillers"

Yes, all of the above statements are true. It's absolutely awful how this can be true. It's terrible how we live so protected in the west world when people get killed just for being gay. It's also so very easy for the media to spread fear. That's what they have done.

When I arrived and even before arriving in Egypt I was and trust me I really was so nervous. I thought they would hunt me some already at the airport and that the police would hunt me on grindr before even landing so they could go get me.

When I arrived it was so chill. Like it was major anticlimax. I landed, arrived to the smallest airport and just went through the visa thing. No questions asked, no bags checked, no fee for the tourist visa (should be £25 but he forgot), no gay chasing police.

So. I have arrived safe and sound. Not going to jump in advanced tho because I still definitely think it's stupid to not be smart. Here I am, laying on a sunbed in Egypt and watching the waves roll in from the Red Sea.





It´s 10am Sunday morning here in London. I´m sitting in my lounge room looking around on twitter and blogs when I suddenly get an urge to write a post of my own. I don´t know if it is the new Colombian ground coffee I bought the other day from Waitrose or just the fact that it has been more than a couple of months since I wrote on here, that´s making me write again. But here we go.

What happened to Berlin? Yeah boys and girls. I have left Berlin for it´s more posh and bigger british brother, London. I cam e to London in the middle of May for a couple of reasons. Mainly because I felt I couldn't go any further with any career in Berlin because of all the partying thats going on there and you know... the fact everyone speaks German. I mean I do speak German but realised it was not even close enough to be good when Heide, head manager of HR at Air Berlin, asked me to do a safety presentation in GERMAN during the interview. Let´s just say that I did not get that job...

Before realising I actually wanted to move here I travelled in and out of the U.K for about 4 times (pics from this period). So here I am. In the U.K. in London, sitting on my couch thinking back over the last 4 months that has gone by so incredibly quick.

I will over the next weeks give you a little bit more of insights on what happened when I actually moved here, what I did in Madrid on world Pride, Berlin pride and let´s not forget about all the jobs I´ve already had during my 4 months in London.

Le´t GO!

Puss & Kram!

I love Walls
,like really love em´



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When we think of Mexico we all have some small stereotypes for sure. Tequila, Tacos and sombreros are some of those. Another one is that the police is super corrupt. Yes, tequila is Mexicos national drink. Yes Tacos are eaten widely and yes sombreros are being worn there. I have experienced tequila, tacos, sombreros and yes, unfortunately the corrupt Mexican police as well. This is one of my favorite stories. Not in the moment when it happened to me, but for sure now afterwards because when I think back. of it, djeeees it was crazy! So here is the story, vamos.

So there I was, just landed in Mexico. Came to my apartment that had absolutely nothing in it. No pillows, no sheets, no towels and no WiFi. Thank got there was at least electricity. After flying so far you get super tired and because of the jet lag, I did not manage to get any sleep at all. So 2 days later I was supposed to go see my manager at the office. So I toke the car, that I later on named Doris. and started to drive along the hotel zone. Super exhausted - no life in the body - Oscar drives along the road minding his own business when all of sudden there is a Police car behind me. He has the blue lights on and the sirens. I was in the left lane so I slowed down a bit and changed lane so he can pass me. But no! He also slows down and starts waving at me to pull over. I was like what?! The F did I do?? So I pull over in the closest small parking thing on the side of the road. The police stops right behind me. He has a super modern and muscly brand new Ford Mustang. I have a, probably fake, Dodge Attitude that is not very fast nor safe. The police man is short, in his late 40is and looks like he could not run more than 20meters. I am 21 years old, tired, exhausted and now very nervous.

"Hola, you why were you going so fast? This is a 70 km/h zone" The Mexican police says to me.

"Heeey Sir, I am sorry but I was not going to fast" I reply.

Yes, you were going 98 km/h. You can only drive 70 km/h here.
Uhm sir no! I was not going more than 68 km/h. Promise!
At this time he asks for my drivers license which I, being an innocent swedish person, of course give to him. He take it and suddenly says: So you need to pay me 2000 dollars or you can give me a blow job here. Can you even imagine how chocked I was? I mean now after this I am prepared for everything and probably would not care. But right there and then when I was completely exhausted and nervous it all just really came to me. WHAT THE HELL?! I thoguht for my self and said something like: Uhm, I dont have 2000dollars....

"So, do you have one boyfriend or something? You and me can make a nice romance" He says.
No sir I do not have a boyfriend.

"Hmm okay, do you have a girlfriend?" He continues.

******BTW pause^, like who would ever think that I have a girlfriend.. A girlfriend? ME? BAHAHAHA LOL jokes on him! ******

Anyways in the moment I was so chocked and could not believe this was happening. I remember reaching for my phone and noticing my hands shaking SO MUCH! I could barely even open my pass code for the screen. Like I was SO. FREAKING: NERVOUS. At this point the very short Mexican policeman decided to start grabbing his dick. Right in front of me. Since I was sitting down and he was kind of pressing himself towards the open window his genitals was suddenly very very dangerously close to my face. A lot of this is honestly a blur since I think my brain tried to erase the story from my mind but somehow he ends up in his police car again which is when I realize he took my Drivers License with him.

The nervous and afraid part of me has now gone over to sad/ angry/ upset Oscar who just hates Mexico at this point. I remember feeling like a prostitute walking along the highway over to his car. I was almost crying and to lean into his car to beg: Please sir, I do not want you as a boyfriend and I do not want to give you a blow job. I just arrived from Sweden and all I want is my Drivers License back so I can go back to my work." He looks at me in a very creepy way and says: "Hmm, just because you are from Sweden and because you are very cute I will let you go. Bu just so you know, next time I will fuck you!"

He hands over my license, I say Gracias and walk as fast as I can to my car. I start the engine, and not more then 15 seconds later I realized what actually just happened and burst out in tears. I remember that feeling of being so used kind of, I mean in this case I was not even used but you know what i mean. So end of story, or? OR? NO! Because when I get to the office, ready to tell my manager everything so he would feel bad for me he instead starts blaming me and yelling so much that I know caused him even more paper work and how tired he is bla bla bla. Oh yeah totally forgot to mention that before the police man stopped me I accidentally drove into a pole so that the side view mirror actually flew off. Bahha oups! SO my manager was really angry about me crashing the car and did not at all care about my almost sexual experience with the Mexican Police.

This was definitely not a good start of my stay in Mexico. In the end of the day it really sums up what my stay in mexico felt like and I think it even contributed for me to decide to leave 2 months later. From now on whenever I see the movie We´re the Millers, I can definitely say that I can relate!




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7th of January. That was not yesterday. Girl that was not even last month. Shit. Oscar whats up? What is the happs and what have you been doing lately? Berlin must be amazing, and pretty freaking cold after Mexico right? Do you even have any clothes? Well, my dear madam, yes it is cold and no I do not have any winter clothes at all. All I had was my leather jacket and ONE pair of black jeans. So IU decided it would be a good idea to go back to my mum in Sweden and bring all my stuff back to the big B.

My amazingly nice friend Mitch was so nice to come with me, like seriously thank you, how would I even make it wothout you I don´t know? We got a Ford Kuga, which is big car with pretty goos sound system so yes. You can imagine me and Mitch screaming to all these 90songs and having a fraking good time on the road. Although it takes more than 10hours to get to my mun so we had plenty of time to listen to many many songs and discuss world problems. I actually don´t think I ever talked to someone for so many hour straight. FUN! We made it to Sweden without any bigger issues on the road. Oh yeah I remember Mitch making me these cute Vegan avocado sandwiches while I was driving and feeding me so we wouldn´t loose any time on stopping. Bahaha cute!

Halfway through Denmark we decided to switch so Mitch would drive instead and man I am not a good passanger at all. I get, apparently, distracted and bored, very, very, fast. I mean who could have seen that coming? So our conversations was not at all flying by with me as a passanger. Also I really enjoy driving and knid of being in control of the vehicle I suppose. But hands down, Mitch is the best Australian driver I´ve ever been in a car with. Kuudos!

Denmark was grey and just like the country itself, kind of close enough to Sweden. We made it to Sweden where my mum made us some super tasty vegan food. She is so cute and actually pretty darn good at english :) Since I really wanted to see my little brother before we had to drive back to Germany again I had to wake up before his school started. This was at 6 in the morning and wow I forgot how really really dark it is in Sweden at this time of the year. It was pitch black outside. My brother is really the cutest and the 1 hour I got to spend with him was really valuable. If you have smaller siblings in the age of 3 years you know there is nothing that beats their smile and happiness when they see you.I Awwwhe is adorable and he really liked Mitch as well. Apparently he has been talking abouit us a lot lately and saying that we are all spiderman, haha LOL!

So leaving to Germany, easy breezy we thought. No mam. It was a fucking SNOWSTORM! No problem I thought and put my foot on the gaspedal since we had a 4x4 SUV with winter tyres. Yes that did work perfectly fine and we where making good time all the way until we got stuck behind some really annoying trucks. What are they we thoguht. Turns out that someone decided to transport the Windpower mills. In the middle of the road. Blockeing the whole road. For about 45min. Gaaaaaaawd! Anyone who ever has been driving with me know that these stuff really drives me crazy. It drove me so crazy that we had to stop at a gas station and buy Mitch some wine so he would last the rest of the way. 1 million hours later we arrived. One of us super drunk and the other one super exhausted. Haiiiii



Allmänt, Berlin

The 6th of January came. It was the day of my flight back to Europe. I decided I wanted to move back to Berlin so on the 6th of January I had my flight with a stopover at Copenhagen for 6 hours. FUN! Anyhow on the flight I booked extra leg space and thank god I did. Because the space was tiny. I mean not like Ryanair or short haul flights tiny, but it was definitely not huge. Specially since I am 184cm. The day started with me having to fix the last things in my apartment, giving up the keys and so on. I headed over to the airport and I got there so early. I was the first one in the queue for check in. Like I was there 55 min before the check in even opened?? Anyhow I got on the flight and actually fell asleep almost right away because I was so excited. Unfortunately I woke up just as we were about to take off. So I got to se the sunset over Mexico but it also meant I could not fall asleep again! Ever! Like I was awake for the remaining 10 hours of that flight. UGH!

I arrived in Copenhagen, picked up my bags and headed over to terminal 2 where AirBerlin fly from. To get to terminal 2 I had to actually go outside for 400m or so. It was snowing, freezing and all I had was a not so very warm leather jacket. Yay! My hands had never been so cold before since I was so used to the heat in Mexico. Omg it felt like my hands would fall off. Don´t worry boys and girls, they didn´t. So I got checked in and started the now 5 hour wait I had until the next flight. I brushed my teeth, bought the amazing ginger soy latte at Joe and the Juice, killed som time on grindr and walked around quite a lot all over the airport. Oh yeah I also bought a very cozy and big scarf from H&M.

25 hour after I first stepped into Cancun international airport I arrived in Berlin. I got the best greeting by Mitch, yay, which made me so happy! So babes, I am now back in Berlin and it feels so, so, SO good! Like I know there is not a singel place in the world where I would rather be than here right now. And that really is a great feeling to have. Absolutely no regrets because I know that I made the right decision. So here I am. 1,5 years later I´m back in the coolest, edgiest and most dynamic city!

Berlin I´m home



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Yes, the rumors are true!

I made the decision to resign. I´m not sure how much I actually can tell about this without being put to jail or at least getting a fine. So I´m not going to say so much more about that. Although I do need to mention that it was absolutely the right decision to make. Yes, I do miss some of my friends I´ve made in Mexico. Yes I do miss..... No actually I think that was about it! I do NOT miss the work at all. I do NOT miss the feeling of not being able to be myself. And I absolutely do NOT miss the corrupt mexican police.

Anyhow I left and 3 weeks after when I´m writing this I feel so incredibly much better! I´m actually like a person again. Yaay go me! So to anyhow who feels stuck in their job or even life, if you are not happy in you everyday life, make a change! I did and it really paid off! "But Oscar Mexico is so warm and such a beautiful place." Well, yes it is! But how does that even matter if you are not happy. You can be at the freaking paradise and still be unhappy due to the circumstanses or others. So I thought for my self, I´d rather be happy and freaking freezing my ass off In Berlin than being unhappy in beautiful Mexico.




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"Oscar, I hate ordering food because I´m so slow at deciding".

"This really is life bro!"

"Carpe f*cking diem"

Many quotes from my bro Angelo, OR simply called Angebro..... You get it? See what I did there? Anyhhwo christmas happened in Mexico and I honestly did not have any christmas feling at all. There was no snow (to be honest there was no snow in Sweden either at the time but you get my point), no warm lovely feeling from my grandparents, my little brother didn´t scream my name running around the house wanting to play, no Kalle Anka (!!!), and also since I recently became vegan there was non of my grandmas meatballs. Ugh! SO christmas was not the best even though all of the Nordics tried to celebrate together, which we did. But as you can imagine it was not at all that kind of christmas you get with your family. Whatever, I guess I´m growing up and then you can´t do everythin with your family, but honestly though I have been living my myself for a while now and I rarely see my family anymore so was it really to much to ask to actually be able to celebrater christmas with them?! Well YES it was, apparently!

After this super amazing christmas my bro Angelo came to visit me, yaay! We met in Siciliy actually and immediately bacame friends. He is such an positive and inspiring person. VERY social and have no problem talking with anyone at the street. Which is admirable, but also pretty freking annoying when we are in a hurry trying to get somewhere on time, and he´s chatting up with some random person on the street. GAAWD! But it´s good tho because I definately practise on having patient. Hahah lol kidding, yo´re the best bro!

So we did all these cool mexican things together, we went to Chichen Itza where I guided a little private tour for him even though he was more interested in taking photos of the pyramid rather than listening to me, we drove all the way to Coba, Tulum and even a cenote called Ik Kil. It was actually pretty ahAmazing to have a last exploration around Mexico before leaving.



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In this job, when you have days off you don´t want to stay at home and just "chill". Because of the days off are so few you want to actually get up early and do stuff. For example one could take the ferry over to Isla Mujeres and enjoy a full day driving a golf cart around this Island, drinking coconuts and taking cool pictures. At least that is what I did.



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Chichen Itza is one of the modern seven wonders of the world. The place it self is just so historically important, mainly for the Maya people. They watched the stars here during hundreds of years to be able to make their calendar. They could also predict eclipses years before they actually occurred. The Mayan where just years ahead of their time in mathematics, architecture and astronomically. That is why this place is so important. There is just so much information and history connected to this place. After visiting this place one time I was then 5 weeks later expected ti guide a tour here in Swedish. Wow! Can you imagine how much I was studying for this excursion?! Loads and loads of compendiums, information and also that i need to remember it when standing in front of the guests. Fortunately I was already guiding guding some tour back in Sicily, Etna and Randazzo for example, so I already kind of knew how to do it.

There is a 2hour bus ride to get to Chichen Itza. So obviously I had to update the world on how the tour was going via Snapchat.

As you can see, El Castillo (the pyramid) has four sides with 91 steps on each side. If you add these steps that equalls 364 steps. Which is suppose to symbolise one year for us. Since one year is 365 days and then a leap day each 4 years. One of the pyramids sides has a snake coming down from the top of the pyramid and down to the ground. This snake honors the Mayan history where a blue eyed man came down from the sky, out of this snakes mouth and down to the Mayans. He then teaches them mathematics, architecture and how to watch the stars properly. So this is why the Mayans where so cleaver. Anyhow once every sixth month, 21st of mars and 22nd of September, when the sun is perfectly lined up with the walls of the pyramid it looks like the snake is coming down into the ground. Thanks to reflections of the walls it looks like the snake is slingering on its way down to give the mayans their knowledge.



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I started this day off in the best possible way. Woke up at 6am and went to a really hard Crossfit session. Yassss I´m going to get strong this year you better watch it queens. Anyhow I was suppose to pick up my friends in Playa Del Camren but I was sooo late due to the Cancun traffic. Gooood it´s really bad you guys.

I finally arrived and it was time for beach day! Yasss! We found this really cool not at all touristic place with the best beach! It also had a super cool signed that I took so many photos of (hihi). It was truely a great and relaxing day with a lunch at a beach club in Tulum.