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Guidelife , Travel, Mexico

The last day of October was really stressful. I woke up pretty late and had a way to calm breakfast because before I knew it, it was time to go to the train station. My bags were not even closed and my "woke up like this" hair was not at all ready for going on the train to Copenhagen. I thought I was being really smart and booked the train aaaaall the way to right in front of my hotel in Copenhagen. Yeah see, that was what I thought. Only because the danish train stations are almost named excacetly indentical I was on my way to Österport in the north ofCopenhag en instead of Örestad in the south where the airport actually is. Thank god that my sister noticed and told me when I was in Lund. So I actually ended up in Malmö for a very nice dinner with my sister and her girlfriend instead. Ohwell. And also by the way, just need to add now when I´m looking at the photos from that day: daaaamn Oscar your eyebrows where ON POINT! Its actually already 1st of December now and djeez my eyebrows are not looking so fab at all at the moment. Darn!

Anyways my first flight from Copenhagen was at 6.30 in the morning with famous Scandinavian Airlines and all their hot cabin crews. I left a rainy Copenhagen and arrived in the big big big airport of Frankfurt. First time I´ve ever been in Frankfurt actually and the only thing I saw of the city was this major Coal power plant that was sticking its tip above the clouds. So yeah not a big fan of Frankfurt baaaaiiiiii!

Oh god I borded the plane. 6G was my seat for the next 12hours. Gaaaaawd I have never been on the same flight for that long before. I had forbid myself from drinking coffee that day. Just because if I would drink coffee I would be so energetic and crazy in a flying metal tube for 12 long hours. ✈

11hours and many M&Ms later I could see Bahamas down below. Almost there! I have to admit it the flight was actually quite smooth and not at all so bad as I thought it would be. But also just to clearify, I am not going to fly all the way back very soon!

Ps. It is currently the 1st of December and also my name day (thank you for writing congratulations to me when you are reading this). I have been in Mexico now for exactly one month. Photos and good, good, goooood stories are coming up soon-ish! Stay posted

Baaiiii Felicia! Im in Mexico now 🌴



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story time, Stayproud, Stockholm

Why do people try so hard to fit in? Why are people always trying to be like everyone else? I mean what is even so great with being like everyone else?


Wednesday night I was out and about and something happened that made me realize it's fucking amazing and grool (great & cool) being unique and not being like everyone else. I felt so sad when I realized what was actually going on. The next morning when I finally understood it, it came slapping me in the face with maximum power, the reality had stricken. So, here's what happened and what it made me realize.

I was out an d about on Wednesday night. Me and my friends ended up at Tank, earlier named Wonk, like we always used to do on Wednesday nights. After a good 2,5 hours or so we decided we would go home. Actually nothing really special or remarkable happened during the time we where at the club so I´m just gonna skip forward to the end of the night with was way more eventful… So we just left the club when Cajsa realised she had forgotten ALL of her stuff inside so off she goes again. Meanwhile I´m just standing outside waiting for them to fin her stuff and come back out. Since it was raining i take cover under a small roof just outside a door to an apartment building. Already hiding from the rain as well stands a very tall and handsome young man. I would say in his late twenties. I look at him and stands next to him. After just a few seconds he says something I can´t really remember. But i remember me answering and starting a conversation. He has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. He is tall, blond and you can just tell he has a fit body. OMG why is he talking to me?! I am wondering for myself. Like he is super hot?! Since I hate it when hot straight gus talk to me only to end up being straight and going home with their girlfriends or whatever I decide to find out whats actually happening.

”So are you gay?” I ask him from nowhere…

”Uhm, like no but yeah I don´t really do labels. Why can´t I just be who I am without putting a label of it!” He says and smiles at me mysteriously.

”Uuuh okay? Sure I mean yeah you can” I say wondering what is happening.

”So do you want my number?” He asks.

I ended up with his number and he ended up with mine. I realised I had too tart looking for my friends again since we were supposed to go home already. I head of only to get a phone call moments later. It was no-lable-guy who wanted me to go home with him. I mean, who am i to say no? Right!? So a cab ride of €80 later we ended up at his place. Yes I was totally right, he was so fit and I can´t even believe how someone can get so strong arms. Like it was insane. I´m going to spare you the details of what happened next but the day after was quite interesting.

He kept being kind of stressed and paranoid that I would tell people about it. I was like no don´t worry like no one will find out. Until I wrote about it now HAHA oups #sorrynotsorry. Even though he was really strange the day after and kind of wanted me to leave really fast, I could tell he was a nice guy. Like he cared about things, had hobbies, a serious work and yeah he even had lilies at home (no label yeah right). Actually this is like one of the longest I ever stayed at a guys house after this kind of event so yeah never doing that again since it got kind of weird when he wanted me to leave. I left and took headed for the train station 75minutes away from my friends house!! How is that even still Stockholm?! Whatevaaaaah!

I did not think about this event so much more until some days after when I also told my friends about it. Once again I´m so very sorry for telling, oups! The it suddenly hit me. Like a big slap in the face it suddenly appeared to me what was going on. He was obviously so in the closet hiding from every feeling he ever had (except when he was drunk). This made me think about this even more and I have to admit that it is not easy being gay having to fight the stupid heterosexual society we live in all day everyday. But imagine being in the closet in your late twenties not being able to find a comunity to support you or having friends really knowing who you are. Not even being able to tell your family. Ugh I get so emotionall just thinking about it and it takes me back the the time when I was ”straight”. It really was a depressing and horrible 18years I lived as a ”straight boy”. I believe he was still doing this because of society being so judge about everything and everyone being different.

So to everyone out there, please be yourself even though it might seem hard now. Everyone is different and what is even so great being like everyonee else? I do not get that at all. Be proud!



CTA, Guidelife , Sicilien

Some of you might have been thinking I was sounding a bit negative about Sicily in my last post. I read i through and I do understand why someone might maybe possibly somewhere in the universe think that.... Of course there has been so many great moments in Sicily and I do bring fantastic memories with me home from this season. Here are 6 of my most memorable moments in Sicily S16.

- When arriving to Sicily on the 15th of April our manager picked us up at the airport. On the drive back to our house he was talking about crazy italians being shit drivers. Just as he was talking about it, a car was stopping right in front of us the wrong side of the road. Someone took a photo of Etna and then continued driving only to stop again right next to our house. A person comes out from the car running towards us and shouting "Guys, I bought toilet paper." This was the first thing ever Jackie said to me. Love ya gurl❤

- Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe and when visiting it the first time me and Jackie wanted to take a selfie (obvs). She was holding her Go Pro and just taking the shot at the excact same time as I stepped backwards into small little whole. I completely terrified thought I had step over the edge and was falling down the volcano. Whaaaa I screamed and you can really see the panic in my face in the photo 🔥

- Cavagrande with Angelo and Saimi. Cavagrande is really the coolest place in Sicily I would say. Walking from the car park down into the cave took at least 35min. Phuu💦

- All of those really great roadtrips around the island with mah bro Angelo. We where both driving at the same time with a horrified Saimi in the back fearing for her life. We arrived safe and sound all the way to San Vito Lo Capo (north west point of Sicily)☀

- And how can I not mention all the great colleagues and the super carpe life moments we had this season. I have met so many people with great laughter.🇮🇹

- The last one is actually when I met Malin. She came some days later than us and she has the most AHAMAAAZING laugh ever. She can easily make an whole room of people start laughing just by laughing her self. Love you Malin 💓

Oh yeah today I left the Fiat 500 I have been driving now for 6 months. I named her Felicia, so literally BYE FELICIA!



CTA, Guidelife , Summer, Sicilien

So it is not many days at all left in Shittaly. The season has defenately not been easy and only flowers and champagne. On Tuesday it is finally time for me to leave this Maffia infected volcano island. Wohoo! I am so sick of Pizza and pasta and I wish to never ever see one ever again. Until I´m hungover and wants swedish pizza that is. Here is an interesting fact. Swedish "pizzerian down the street - pizza" is actually, according to me, waaaaay better than the italian pizza. WTF happened there?

I have been in Sicily exactly 26 weeks today! I would not say that these weeks have been flying by and I can definately say that these last few days are going by so slowly. Gaaaaah I just want a new place now. Even though I sound very negative about Sicily there has actually been some good things that has happened here. They are mostly my colleagaues Malin, Lousie and Jackie, who has been keeping me sane on this island. If you are a young tourist wanting to explore europe, meet great people, eat amazing food and go to some really cool parties I strongly advice you NOT to go to Sicliy. If you on the other hand are an elderly couple wanting to see a lot of nature and beautiful views, then why not Sicily?

I have done my first season here and it is actually only three days left here now. Pheew! The flight departures on Tuesday 18/10 at 19.05 and please God let it be on time.

Bye Sicily, I have had many tough experiences here, I have learnt so incredibly much here and I think the biggest thing I´ve learnt is that I AM NEVER COMING BACK!

See ya never, baiiiie Felicia




Gay, Travel, Summer

Last stop of this ah-mazing GAYCAY was Sweden. I was not amused by the stupid swedish old ladies on Scandinavian Airlines who was super mean when I tried to go to my seat. Me: "Excuse me ma´am if think thats my seat next to you". Rude lady: "Oh so is it now?" Me: "Uhm yeah I think so." ""Jahopp, so what should I move now for you then?". "eehm yes please??" "Mmmhmm so now you want me to move for you, these kids..." Okay byyyeeeeee bitch WHO ARE YOU?! Ugh got me so mad and for some reason I got into this *I hate everyone in Sweden*- mood since she was totally such a bitch. I arrived in Sweden super annoyed at the lady but it blew away quite fast since I got to see Troy Sivans concert. Whooo. And yes queen, I am also just a lost boy, waiting to be found. #slay 

After a weekend in Stockholm packed with reunions I finally got to see my family for 1,5 days. My brother is so cute, totally stealing the attention from me on my snapchat. But he deserves it TBH. 

Oh and I almost forgot how much I missed swedish food. I mean the salads in Sweden?? Not to be forgotten, Loka, Kalles kaviar, lösgodis, Celsius, tacos... OHMAGAAWD!

Byyeeeee Sweden,!



Gay, Travel, Berlin

Meine damen und herren. Herzlich willkommen bei Germanwings nach Berlin. Vielen dank fur fliegen mit uns.

So me and Santi decided that we would show Barcelonas´ gay scene how Cindy Stardust and Santi Fierce do it one last time before leaving. Our flight was on monday morning (2pm) and on sunday night/monday morning (6.30am) we were still having dance battles in the middle of the dancefloor with all the hot spanish guys standing around us. DO i need to add that they all were topless? Gawd! I think that was one of the best parties in Barcelona actually, it was called black room and was actually pretty much like berlin parties. The major difference was that Barcelonaeian gay guys are super fit and major buff! Anyhow we had an amazing time and I also found a guy who Santi looked like a spider... He was actually such a cool guy. Buhu I´m still single and alone. 

Anyhow the flight to Berlin after Barcelona was totally not so raving at all. Both me and Santi where still pretty drunk when we arrived to the airport so that was absolutely amazing. But as soon as we sat down in our seats aboard the plane, at least I completely fell asleep. Even before we had taken off. I just remember waking up like 1,5h in to the flight when Santi ordered a tomato juice and I was soooo confused! Where am I? What year is it? Why are you ordering tomato juice? 

We made it to Berlin and she has never ever looked more gorgeous than what she did that evening. The sun was out and shining on our taxi on the way to Lichtenberg where my friend Mitch lives. He´s so amazingly cool and funny and I didn´t realize how much I missed (Mitched, hahah see what I did there?!) him until I was there again. We ate such good food like asian tapas, sushi train, Berlin pizza, spring rolls, Deutches früstück und zu weider... Ahamazing! Me and Micth also realized how bad we were at serving when we had a tennis match somewhere in Wedding. 

And yeah, one of my favorite moments was when me and Mitch biked through almost completely whole of Berlin. It´s actually such a good city to bike in. We ended up on the gayest street in the Gayberhood Schönenberg. We stopped for a coffee at the café Romeo & Romeo. I just love those cleaver names. Pride flags, sex shops, hot men in leather, cute gay guys a feeling of acceptance everywhere. Love it! 

All and all I miss Berlin now more than ever. 

Bis bald! 



Gay, Barcelona, Travel, story time

So boys and girls. This ahamazing GAYCAY has now come to and end and i feel that it my responsibility as a good citizen to tell y´all about it. So here´s the first part of it.

As you already have seen from the topic I went to Barcelona. Omg this vibrant and colorful city was actually way more exciting than I thought it would be. The city it self is so beautiful, not to mention the hot spanish guys (on FIRE!) and of course the beach walk and amazing food everywhere. I think this might actually be the city I move to after I´m done with being a tour guide. Sure it´s great fun moving to a new destination every sixth month and I have so much more to learn from it, but I am already starting to feel a desire for something more. Living in a city that has an alive gay community with gay events, gay sport clubs (not only saunas you perverts), and people with ambitions and dreams. Sounds so cheesy probably and in that case, fuck it. Then I guess I´m cheesy.

Me and my FIERCE SLAY QUEEN SANTI STORM  totally made the gay parties in Barcelona with power. As usual he killed it on the dance floor and for those of you who follow me on snapchat totally saw his dance to Britney Spears. Where does he gets his move from? Well Santi I had an amazing time with you as I always do, even though you drag me to all these crazy expensive vegan restaurants. I mean ONE vegan shrimp for 11 Euros?!? WHAT IS THAT EVEN MADE OUT OF?

My favorite day in Barcelona was totally the day we went to Park Guell after closing hours. Santi did not at all enjoy the walk from the subway station to the top although I freaking loved the 1million stairs we climbed in the middle of the night in an empty local neighborhood. It was such a cool place with all these beautiful mosaik things mixed with great architecture. We where the only ones there so we dance around in one of the big "rooms" with loads of pillars in it. All of a sudden while I kept dancing on my own, a la Robyn style, we hear something/ someone whistle the Hunger Games sounds. You know the sound Katniss makes to Rue to tell her she´s safe or something like that. We both completely froze for about 4 seconds and looked at each other before we screamed ​OMG WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! ​and started running for our lives. What the fuck we are in the 76th annual hunger games! Are we going to hear a cannon soon? I though president Snow was dead? Where is the girl on fire? Well I mean to be honest with youg guys, it was probably just someone messing with us.... Don´t ya think? 

Hasta Luego Barcelona, te quiero mucho <3