So this part i will go thorugh on how I made the jacket!

Notice that it's not so nicely done as it looks, though i wanted it to be finished as soon as possible!

But i'll tell you what i used and what you will need!

So first of the materials.

I used;

2 Meter Light blue fabric , non-stretch

Mearly a half meter red fabric.

a half meter white fabric.

Clear nail polish

And fire.

The "pattern"

I mesured on how long i wanted the jacket to be, beginning on my shoulders then down to my waist. The jacket are supposed to be open so i couldnt really care if it could close or not, The jacket sides can barely move over my cheast area. But as weiss jacket is open, it will be alright!

My sleeves are rather long, I want for a long sleeve but as i forgot that the white part is litte longer, it just went a little to long for my liking.

As it is now, i'll keep the lenght.

Now to the making of it!

So lets cut this short.

!!!I cut alot of seem allowance because Weiss jacket has all those curves and details on the sleeves, so if you are in the progress of the jacket and you think it is to big in lenght and wideness in the front, it will reduce drastically when you cut all the curves!!!!

First off I made the symbol on the back, using fabric paint. I printed out a picture of her symbol, cut out the lines and just filled in on the fabric. It's easier to paint at fabric first before you sew alot on it!

After painting, I cut out all pieces, beginning with the neck thingie (forgot to draw that pattern but its basically just a huge thing with some curves on it!!) sewing the red and blute togehter. Later sewing on the back piece and the fron pieces. Still havent cut out the curves on it yet!

Sew everything together, so it will look like a jacket! After that, you cut out the curves on the front! I layered both the red and the blue so i would look alike!

Now to the fun part! First on the front of the jacket, where the red and the blue came togehter, i zic zaced them, then later, i used the fire to make the fabric sort of melt togheter!

you should be incredible carefull with fire and make sure to stand outside or something, near water if anything goes wrong!

Myself, i have had enough experiance with leaping fire, so i stood above water.

As you can see, i let the zic zac be, and they dont really bother me so much. But it may dont look so good as you maybe wanted it to.

As you can see, i didnt cut curves on the back piece, and that was because i burned up a part of it, so cut it off!

The sleeves must had been my favorite part!

It was fun and creative to come up with different ideas!

I didnt want any seemes on either the blue or the white! So here is when the clear nail polich comes in!

I'll begin with explaining the details work on the picture!

I cut out 4 "triangles" at the end of both blue and white fabric, as you can see, they fit very well, becasue i cut the at the same time!

After cutting out the triangle like ends, i just had to cut out more details! By fold the triangle

By folding every triange and cutting out details, they looked all the same!

After all that cutting and crying over how numb my hand was, i used clear nail polish on the edges oc the white and blue, and also the details, the nail polish will keep the threads at the place.

Now at that picture i shoed you, you can see the flaws. And i will keep saying that my cosplay has ALOT of flaws!

But it will stay in place and wont break! And that all that matters!

But noe moving on to the white part!

The white part isnt attached to the shoulder seem.

Its actually more like a half arm!

The red line showes how long the white part is! I desided not to have long arms because i sweat alot in the summer! (or anytime actually hhahahhh....)

Anyway, so it had few seemes to keep the white part. But you cant see them right? Its because they are so small!

There is also a small small stich in the detaisl to keep the whte part and the blute part maching up!

I made small small stiches around the sleeves to keep the white, Does it make it hard to put on?

Well you just has to aim right when putting it on!

​Actually it isnt so hard to put on, all you have to do is to stich at the top and the bottom to make sure it's a little open for you to stick your hand through.

I know this is a mess, but maybe other people will find it helpfull.

And as you see, im not done yet with the red parts!

What you could to is to sew them on, so it wont "fleece" up and look ugly.

I hope atleast that you fond something usefull in this very very messy tutorial!

Remember that my Weiss wig is from! They got lots of wigs and for great prices! If you want a cheap wig but with great quality, i highly suggest them!

If you have any questions, you can ask away!



As I promised on my Instagram and also my Tumblr, I'll explain how i made my Weiss cosplay in 3 different parts.

Remember that I'm not a proffesional, but maybe i can Share my tips and tricks!

First off the basic parts.

I used non stretchy fabric for this Cosplay. I think i bought 2 meter of white and 1,5 meter of blue. But i'm always buying extra so if i mess up, there is fabric to fix it.

I have painted in Paint so dont expext much!

Also this dress is so basic i made it rough.

The jacket will be in more deapth!

The dress

It's a two part dress. A top and a skirt.

The skirt is a basic circle skirt. But i messed upp so i had to sew it in

Step one

I cut out a circle skirt

(Wikihow and google is your friend if you want tutorial on how to make a circle skirt)

And I used a blue fabric spray paint on the edges and up, trying to make it fade as you go up on the skirt.

Step Two

Sewing on lance after the paint had dried.

And then just normal white fabric paint to make the details she has on the bottom of the dress.

Step Three

Cut out a regular heart shaped top. I added straps tp the dress because my chest couldnt keep the dress up.

On this picture, i have showed every edge i sewed (accept those to keep the back attached but i think you get it.)

Step Four

Sew on the back, skirt and straps (if needed) And if you want a real slim and tight dress, sew in your waist and under your cheast.

I desided to do this because i wanted it to be "weiss" like.

The parts I had was similar to those. if toy need a zipper, i suggest you to put it on your side or the top of the back as you will have a jacket and it will cover it upp.

Weiss dress is very simpel and there is alot of pattern to such dresses!

Wig from

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They do alsy have a Ebay so check them out!

Next part will be on the jacket and will be upp later this month



 Junko Enoshima

Picture by GM& Konst on facebook!

Wig - CosplayFu

All other - Made by me

RainbowDash My little Pony / MLP;Fim

Wig - Wig-supplier

All other made by me

I will upload tutorials here and so on! 

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