"Amid the highlight reel of life, social media and otherwise, never forget who you are.

Never forget how far you've come or how much you've survived.

Never allow someone else's greatness to cause you to question your own.


It's safe to take up space, to do more than exist. It's safe to expand. We all have different perspectives and view points and each is valuable. Yours could be the one that changes someone's life.

For so many of us, it's easier to appreciate someone else's brilliance than appreciate our own.

Just remember that you have a duty to your soul to live the best life possible. Your beautiful eternal soul is counting on you, your finite self, to expand.

It's not a matter of figuring out or trying. It's a matter of allowing and doing.
It's ok to doubt, to feel afraid, to compare. It happens. But don't ever let it stop you from doing what you came here to do."

- Suzanne H​

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