Three hours have past since we landed with our flight in Karlstad, we made a stopover in Singapore this time also.

Because it was our last day abroad and we still had money left we thought that we´d treat ourselfs with a really nice meal, with a big steak with bacon wrapped around it and with that some peppersause and thick homemade fries. It was expensive but it was really worth it! It may have been the best I´ve ever eaten!

The plane would leave next day so we check in at a hotel not so far from the Singapore Changi Airport. The hotel was called Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, it was about 200m from the airport, so it was a walking distance to get there.

We checked in at the hotel about two hours after we landed in Singapore. We went to our room to leave our luggage. We decided to take a look around the hotel. We found a carmeet a couple of hundred meters from the hotel. We looked at old car brands we´ve never seen before and we spoke to some nice guys, and they explained that the cars in Singapore are very expensive, even car parts are expensive he told us.

We then watched the cars drive down the street in a caravan.

When we later that evening went back to the hotel we went swimming down at the pool.

We showered and went to bed, because the plane was leaving the airport early in the morning.

We were up early in the morning packing our bags and eating breakfast.

The plane departed 6.30 am and it would be a 18,5 hour flight, so we would come home at night. There was a kid on the plane who constantly yelled on the way home, I tried to sleep but it was impossible.

The plane arrived at Karlstad Airport around 1.00am, our friend that we´ve called earlier stood waiting for us, then he drove us home.

Home sweet home!

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Hello dear followers!

At the moment we are sitting in the hotel lobby. It's a quite nce hotel, a luxury one.

We did just finished our breakfast. I ate egg, bacon, yoghurt and some hot chocolate.

Now the clock is ticking and the time is 11.00 soon. So 20.00 we will take a cab to the SKYTOWER and go up there and order som food. We have already booked a table.

The trip to Auckland was a bit long and boring. But we drove on a highway so it was many things to see.

Gustav is waiting for a phon ecall from a company that has like a go carting activity. You drive a "Extreme cart" indoors on a pretty ruff track. Many curves and small hills.

Then I have a surprise, we are going to drive blastacars. Blastacars is a small cart that you can drift with. Blastacars have several tracks in Auckland that you can drift on.

Tomorrow we will drive to Wellington and leave the car. Then we will get to the airport and fly home to Sweden!

Have a great time!




We decided to travel up to Picton again and take the ferry to Wellington.

We will drive on the westcoast on the South Island this time. It will take some time but it's still worth to see the North Island.

The plan's for the North Island is to drive up to Auckland and check that place out.

To check it out even more we are going to visit the Sky Tower in Auckland. I think we will see pretty much from up there. They have a restaurant up in the tower too, so we will get food up there too! In Auckland will we stay for 2 nights.

The hotel we booked is "SKYCITY Grand Hotel". It seems to be the best hotel in the whole Auckland.

Here is a picture of the tower and the hotel that I got from the web.

Greetings G & L!



Hello our followers!

We are planning to drive down the east coastline to Dunedin with our rental car. In Dunedin we will probably do some fun stuff. Atleast we need to play one round off disc golf. Then maybe we can go surfing or something. We got alot of money to spend, so money is not a problem.

We think the food here in New Zealand is excellent!

Now we need to go.

See you!



We are traveling from Blenheim down south now. We will drive by the coast and we have decided that we will go to Christchurch. We won´t travel nonstop, we´ll stay at a motel named Alamo at Peketa for one night.

After our one night of sleep at Alamo we will keep on our travel to Christchurch, when we arrive at Christchurch we willl stay at a hotel for a while. At Canterbury we have booked a 4x4 adventure that will last 2 days.

After our 4x4 adventure we will do something random, we haven´t decided yet. I will return soon with information!



What up mate!

Today we have hired a car at a car rental in Wellington. We got a good deal with a company called SmartCar so we took it.

We have now decided to travel to the south Island. To get there we need to take the car on a ferry.

The ferry we travel by will take around 3 hours. When we arrive in the harbour in Picton we will directly drive to Blenheim. Then we will eat on a restaurant and then sleep in a hotel.

Here is two pictures on and from the boat!

Hope you have a great time! 

//G & L



Hello! Just now we're sitting and planning the trip and the flight.

We will fly from Arlanda (Sweden). Then we will do a stopover in Singapore, the plane will depart next day 6.00AM from the airport. We´ll check in at a motel for 20$ per nigt. It´s only one night so it doesn´t matter.

Then off to Welliington (New Zealand), we will be on the ground around 8.00 AM We need to decide what hotel we will sleep in the first night. It will be cheap because we only need to sleep there one night first.

The hotel we're going to sleep in is the "Apollo Lodge Motel". 

Then we will update later!

See you!



We have now completed our 4x4 adventure! We parked our rentalcar at the 4x4 adveture center, the parkingfee costed 20$ for parking one night so expensive. But it was all worth it, the trip was awsome.

Before we went offroadning we gathered with our leaders and they told us how to drive to not roll over or damage the vehicle and so on.

It felt like we drove in the middle of nowhere in the woods of New Zealand. We drove to about 5.50pm, then we parked our vehicles and set camp, we made a campfire and set up our tents. Then we started off with cooking our food, we made a delicious meal! I don´t know what it´s called but it was some kind of bread with meat and some spicy souce in it. Surely some New Zealand specialty because i´ve never eaten it before. Then we went to our tent for some sleep in our sleeping bag. To sleep in a tent ain´t comfortable, lucky for us it was only one night.

we woke up at approximately 7.30 am in the morning. We ate breakfast then we continued our offroad adventure. We drove beside a huge mountain cliff. We crossed some smaller streams and we were supposed to drive up a really steep slope but we got stuck in the middle of it. The road was so bad and muddy, luckily for us we had a winch that was able to pull us up the rest of the slope.

We were back at the 4x4 adventure center approximately 3.30pm. The staff asked us if we wanted to clean our vehicle for a discount of the price, but we told them we din´t have time for that.

Now we´re off to Dunedin! We´re going to stop by a resturant near the road and have a meal.

See you soon!