Respect seems harder and harder to come by these days. Why is that? Are people really so ignorant and uneducated that they cannot practice respect. However, they demand it of others. We live in a time where knowledge is at the tip of our fingers and our communities have civilization and culture. Clearly, we know what respect is, since we expect it ourselves but somewhere along the line we have lost the ability to practice it. History has shown us far too often the capability man possesses to disrespect human beings and degrade their worth.Have we not learned by now, what can happen if we value humans differently?Slavery, the holocaust, the holodomor and the crusades are just a few events that have occurred because of racism, fascism, and religious discrimination. History has a habit of repeating itself but I do not want to see these events take place outside my door, or any other door for that matter.

Not only is respect lacking between genders or people with different cultures, but also when it comes to the respect students have for teachers, how children respect their parents, as well as respect youth has for the elderly. What happened to honoring your father and mother? What happened to learning from your teachers and those who have knowledge to share? What happened to seeking and admiring the wisdom that our elders have gathered? What happened to respecting the entire human race? Stop acting like ignorant and simple-minded fools. The thing is this: the way you act and show respect to people and your surroundings are immediate reflections of your character. Be the bigger person. Show some respect... Please.

// O