Trust is not something you can buy but it is something that must be earned. The hardest thing in life is to learn not to trust other so easily. Life is full of choices and opportunities. Most people don't even see the true meaning of life. Everyday there are opportunities and we need to start opening our eyes and see them. It is true what people say:" you do not know what you had until you've lost it" People don't make mistakes but we make lessons that we have learned. There is one way to truly know yourself and to know where you are going in life and that way starts with a prayer. Pray not to just ask for things but to say thank you for everything around you. Everyone has problems but out there in the world there is someone with a bigger problem then yours. Life is full of challenges yes but it is not to make you weak but to prepare you for the future challenges. Think of a problem you had a few years ago and think now how you could have handled it. Now you would handle it much better then in that time. Stop trying to figure things out for yourself and start talking to others. There are people out there who really care and want to help you. Lots of people love you and it is time you see that. Remember you are never alone and always be the best that you can be but not for others but for yourself. Don't change for others because if someone truly loves you for who you are they will not want you to change at all. Hope this helps you guys a lot.