One year ago we packed the last things into Styrbjörn, drove to the ferry and started our new life as vanlifers. It's been a year with adventures and we have been to places and meet people that we will remember forever.

Let's start our second year as vanlifers with new places, countries, crazy roads and adventures ❤️

We have this far been to about 15 countries, and more will come.

We have been in abandoned and haunted buildings in Germany, visited the vampire Elisabeth Bathory on the top of a mountain in Slovakia, went to the town in the Italian mountains where the witches lives, we have been to one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe and visited the village that is taken over by the artists.

Our rolling home Styrbjörn have taken us through the most crazy, dangerous and most beautiful roads in Europe. Over high mountains with a 18 degree gradient, through muddy dirt roads where we have almost got stuck, through crazy Italian roads and mountains with the most beautiful views.

We have been snorkeling in the Mediterranean Sea, got skimmed in France, robbed in Spain and Styrbjörn have broken down so bad that we though the trip was over, right when we just got started.

Our life is an adventure ❤️

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