A great way to see a lot from the town we're currently in is of course to go for a walk. And here is what you can find in a nice and terribly hot walk in the morning in Cabo de Palos 💛

Beautiful flowery rose port in Spain, Cabo de Palos

The most beautiful port with flowers. Which it were ours!

Divers in the blue ocean, Marin reserve in Cabo de Palos, spain

Divers in the Marin reserve right under the lighthouse.

Vanlife morning walk Cabo de Palos adventure explore wanderlus

Me, by the beach in la Manga.

Beautiful colorful flowers in Cabo de Palos, spain

Beautiful and colorful flowers, everywhere.

Take a swim in the blue green ocean in the Marin reserve, Cabo de Palos, spain

This blue green water always looks so inviting!

Faro de Cabo de Palos, Spain's biggest lighthouse

The big lighthouse, Faro Cabo de Palos.

Abandoned rose by the beach in Cabo de palos

A rose, all alone on the beach.

Reston and stretching on the beach in Cabo de Palos. Workout, fitness, strong...

And some stretching and resting on the beach afterwards.

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