Hey y`all! So I know many teenagers are a lot into Youtube by now. And im one of them. Its actually really fun to watch at. And i thought i could give you some examples of my favorites.

1. Dolan Twins. 1.5 million subs. They are two twins that been making Vines before they started with Youtube. They are really funny. I used to Watch them when im in a sad mood. They Always make my me happy. I have problebly Watch there videos more than 100 times, cause Like i Always replay there videos. i highly recommend them. you might also Watch there vines.

2. O2L (our second Life). 3 millions subs. its an old channel but i love them so much. They got fans all over the World. The members are Kian Lawley, Jc Caylen, Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Sam Poffort and Trevor Moran. They dont make any more videos any more but the channel is still on Youtube. They started 2012 and ended 2015. There videos were hilerios. The fans are missing them so much. But Kian and Jc got a channel together.

3. KianandJc. 2 million subs. They are making challenges videos together. I don know, doesent have really much to say you should go and Watch them.

So this was what i got for today if you want me to tip you about more youtubers i can deffenetly do that because i know a lot more ones. Comment then pls. I know i did this i English but i just like it. //Onlinexoxo

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