Let’s keep it sorted. Choosing a dress is always simple but selecting an outfit according to your body type and skin tone definitely needs bit of research and fashion knowledge to make the right decision. If you are planning to tie a knot this year or are on the verge of getting hitched, let’s find out the right bridal lehenga for you which goes absolute with your flawless skin colour. Be it lace work lehenga or mirror work, it should match your individual skin type and shade to get the desired and breathtaking appeal. Who wants to look the most gorgeous bride of the season??? It’s a dream of every woman in the world to look her life’s best and simply stunning. So if your wedding day is around the corner and you are still not done with your wedding dress, keep check with this post to find out the best lehenga colour for your beautiful skin tone and features. Peep in!!!

If we have to define the types of skin tones in basic manner, we come out with three that are fair, wheatish and dusky. All of them are equally beautiful and gorgeous in their own ways and dimensions. There is a whole range of vibrant colours and hues to match each type and personality. Get ready to wash out all your confusions and find the perfect bridal wear for you in an instant. Bundle up, beautiful!!!

Fair Complexion
If you are blessed with rosy cheek and milk like skin tone, you don’t need to worry much as there is wide array of shades to match your personality. Almost all the hues look good on you but if you want to make the best on your wedding day, go for ravishing tangerine or Marsala coloured hand work lehenga and make heads turn around. These shades will complement your skin tone to the most and make you the fashion symbol of the season.

Avoid – Say ‘No’ to brown, grey or other rustic shades as they will not look fine on you or conceal your beautiful skin tone.

Wheatish Complexion
The complexion is most seen in our country and looks beautiful on gorgeous Indian features. Women blessed with wheatish or golden skin tone have a pile of shades in their stack to choose the perfect bridal outfit for themselves. Try dusty pink, lilac, saffron yellow of if the season is spring, pastel shades are your call.

Avoid – Colours like violet, purple, grey are not made for your amazing personality.

Dusky Complexion
Dusky is sexy!!!

If you are blessed with beautiful olive skin tone, you don’t need to worry at all. The best way to complement your skin colour and lift up its appeal is to pick radiant dark shades. Hues like brick red, classic blue, pastel pink and emerald green can do wonders to your overall personality.

Avoid – Don’t o for extra bright glossy colours as they will look dull on your fabulous persona.