So the number one thing that I've been doing since I brought home my new computer is playing the Sims 4. Honestly, I had such a craving for it and it was torture not being able to play it! I've always been a big Sims nerd and I've pretty much played it on and off since the very first the Sims game came out. I remember spending hours in front of the computer as a kid, desperately trying to keep my crappy the Sims 1 character alive. For you that were too young to experience it, let me just say - it's so hard.

I think my favorite out of all the different games is Sims 2. I know that also is a favorite for a lot of people. I think it's because that game had a very good balance between all the different thing you needed to make a game like that as fun as possible. The problem now is that the graphics in the Sims 4 are so good that all the older games are annoying to look at by default. What I don't like about the new game however is the fact that they removed the toddler stage. I know it could be a bit annoying to raise the little ones but honestly it's much worse just seeing the kid jump out of the cradle looking like a ten year old.

Right now I'm playing as these two. Tyler Marsh and Alexis Liam.
Tyler is an aspiring musician and Alexis is just basically climbing her way up the Secret Agent ladder.
She still doesn't really know what her goal in life is.
They're my favorite goof-balls at the moment.


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I don't know why I insist on always writing my blog posts so late in the evening. I should be in bed by now.
However since we all know that I never get enough sleep anyway - I thought I would drop in!

How has your day been? Mine was much much better then yesterday.
First of all, I was so much more well rested. I'd gotten a few hours of sleep in the afternoon so this morning I felt much better. Work went by much smoother and for that I'm terribly grateful. Also, since we beat our budget by so darn much this month - my boss got us some sandwich cake for our meeting today. For you that don't know what a sandwich cake is, it's just what it sounds like. Basically it's shaped like a cake but is made out of bread, salmon, shrimps, mayo etc etc. It's freaking delicious!

The sad news for today is that I broke one of my nails and therefor had to pry all of the remaining gel nails off. It hurt like a bitch and now my nails are pretty darn fucked up,

Aouch :(



Hello there.

I don't really have that much to talk about today but I still felt the desire to write. Today has been a truly crappy and depressing day.. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Several things happened at work today that made me feel like a complete worthless ass-hat. Three different things happened that were all related to me making mistakes and it sucked. After a while it all just became too much and after a particularly hard phone call with a terribly rude and nasty former guest - I just broke down. At work in front of everybody. I just couldn't stop myself from crying and it was really humiliating.. It wasn't so much that I was sad than that I was just SO angry. I was angry with the guest, the day and also with myself. I can be terribly harsh with myself and if I don't preform perfectly then I feel like a failure. I also got the news today that they are going to keep me around full time until the end of August instead of April and while that was amazing news - it made the whole situation make me feel like I let everyone down when they believed in me.

My boss handled it amazingly however cause she immediately hurried over and hugged me and tried to remind me not to be so hard on myself and that I'd done all that I could do in that situation. Still, we were in that situation because of me to begin with and I just couldn't let that go. However, I am really grateful for her amazing support. I don't think I could've handled being yelled at in that situation.

The rest of the day passed and I just felt really drained. It didn't really help that I hadn't slept very much the night before either. So when the time came around to switch shifts - I couldn't be more relived. I just wanted to get home and curl into a ball and die a bit. Which is pretty much exactly what I did. Went straight home and slept for like three hours. After that I've just been spending the rest of the evening in bed playing Sims 4.

Well the clock has turned 11.40 PM and I really need to get some sleep if I have any chance of making tomorrow a better day. I'm going to go and wash my face and finish listening to my Lord of the Rings soundtrack to calm down a bit further.

Good night all and please remember to be kind towards yourselves.
Lets take one page at the time.



Good evening ya'll

How was your Monday? Mine was really good actually. Free from work and still in a rather hefty food coma. Last night I had a really cozy movie night with my favorite ginger. I see her so rarely these days that night like these are so important to me. We spent the evening watching the two last movies in the Star Wars series.

Because I haven't seen them before..
Yeah I know.. I'm a disgrace..
Especially to her.. hehe..

So! It was her mission to make sure to cure my ignorance of this beautiful Sci-Fi work of art. However, since we're both so busy - it's been taking us quite a while. But we're almost there! Just about an hour left of the Return of the Sith. Also, a movie night isn't really a move night without stuffing your face with snacks. This time crisps with dip and amazing marabou chocolate was on the menu. My tummy wasn't really happy with me after that though. Still isn't I think, but sooo worth it.

Monday was spent out in the cold crappy weather. Firstly, I finally booked myself some drivers lessons. That is also something that has been taking me way too long to get around doing. Evelina is already almost done with her training and should have her licence any day now. We were both as crappy with just not bothering to do it. So now I also have to step up to the plate. So I did! Now I just have to drive around a lot to practice again. I think I'm quite rusty. Also I bought a new computer today! God I really needed a new one. My crappy hand me down Macbook really wasn't doing the job. So I bought a beautiful black and white Acer and so far I love it.

I can also finally play Sims 4 again!



Well hello there all you angst filled Sunday dwellers!
Well I assumed you all are normal and functioning human beings that are all dreading the looming Monday morning that is awaiting us all. If you're not then good for you! You might actually love your job (or school).
I'm actually pretty okey since I all of a sudden had both today and tomorrow off! How about that.

Anyway enough about depressing Monday topics!
I'm here to spread the word! The word of smooth yummy smelling hair!

So. I'm a not so natural blonde alright. The days of cute blonde curls lay deeply buried in my past. I do however really like being a dumb blonde. To achieve this look - I have to bleach my hair. Sure I get it professionally done but my hair is obviously still not a fan of it. That means that as of late my hair has been reeeeeeally dry. Every time I brush my hair, these little broken pieces of hair just fall all around me. It's really depressing. Especially since outside of me getting my roots bleached every few moths - I'm actually very kind to my hair. I only wash it once or twice a week, I rarely if every blow dry it -plus I always use hair oil after I wash it. Still, it doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

So I happened to come across this set of shampoo and conditioner when I was doing some shopping on this nifty little website called It's from Lable.M which I've learned is a label developed by the amazing hair company Tony & Guy. The duo is called Honey & Oat and is developed to battle dry and dehydrated hair without weighing it down. Great I thought - just what I need! Plus it was like 60 % off AND cruelty free!


Yeah I got a bit excited. But seriously. It smells like honey heaven. I want to eat it.

I wasn't really expecting anything though. Like especially not after just one time. A lot of shampoo and conditioner claim to do all these things and my hair is always just like - nope ain't gonna happen.

But this! This! My hair got soo soft the whole next day. It was like a dream.

Still I haven't really tested it enough to really preach yet but I just couldn't stop myself. I had to share. Like badly. I promise that I will keep you updated on the progress of using this duo but so far I'm really in love.

Alright I'm done!



Well hello there world.

This is Olivia - coming to you from her very warm and messy bed.
Honestly I feel like a half baked potato who no one really bothered to wash off that thoroughly. Isn't that one lovely image? Well I can't really be bothered to care. It's my day off! My only day this week before I have another fantastic weekend of work to look forward to. I don't really care all that much since as I mentioned - I really love my work. The only thing that just isn't allowed to happened is the fire alarm. I swear to GOD if that alarm goes off one single time this weekend I will loose my shit. If you haven't caught on - we have an issue with our fire alarms.


I need to get my ass out of this bed before I start to hibernate. It's a gorgeous day and I still have a lot of stuff to do before I can enjoy it. It's already 3.30PM which means that the sun won't really stick around for long.

Still the temptation of sticking around at home and read this bundle of chaos is pretty strong.



Wow, two posts in one night? Damn you should be impressed.
I know I am!
Still, I just really felt like writing this shit down already..

Do you think you ever really get over your first love?

I don't really think you do. Not that first fiery red, buring, intoxicating love that makes you feel like you would kill and die for that other person. I've been thinking about that alot for the last couple of years. Because if I'm really honest with myself then I'd say that I'm still not completely over her.

Sure. It doesn't hurt anymore. Sure. I don't need her to breath anymore.
But I still miss her. Some days more then others.

I know that I'm a big masochist like so many others who cyber stalk their ex once every couple of months. Even if it stings that she doesn't seem to be missing you. Or that you feel like a creepy outsider who's standing on the other side of that window looking in. It was never suppose to be that you know? Play back the tape five years and we swore we'd never leave the others side.

I know our relationship was toxic as hell. I know sometimes she hurt me and enjoyed it. I know sometimes I did the same. I know we probably weren't right for each other and that we're better off alone.

I know all that and still I'm completely terrified of seeing her around town or even worse, bump in to her. Because if I do I know that I will smile and say hi. Because I miss talking to her. I miss the good times we had. I miss our friendship.

Talking to her however is not what scares me. It's the possibility of falling for her all over again - and that would destroy me. That is why I flinch every time I see a dark mane of hair or a pair och gorgeous brown eyes. I'm so afraid they will be yours.

I didn't write this for anyone to read. I wrote this mostly to myself. However, by the off chance that she would come across this. Then just want you to know this.

Darling, some part of my heart will always love you and that part wishes you all the best in the world,
I hope whoever you end up sharing your life with will make you happier then I ever could.

I wish you nothing but happiness.


If you see me around town.

Please don't talk to me,

For both of our sakes.

Cause I won't be able not to.




Okey I seriously can't believe it's been over a whole freaking year since I wrote the last time. I mean come on! I know I said I was bad at this whole blog thing but this is pathetic. Like ultra pathetic.. Anyway so! I think that a little update is in order.

2015 is officially over and honestly I'm kind of glad it is. My first year as an adult wasn't really that exciting. It was just like any other year with basically no real free time to spend with my friends since I worked the same crappy job every weekend. Yeah you remember that hotel job I talked about in my second blog post? Jupp I still worked there the entire year of 2015. Honestly, it never got better and I just kept getting more and more depressed. The only good thing about that job was the fact that I met Marc there.

Oh my he is the sweetest most amazing guy I've ever met. So naturally he's as gay as a rainbow. Still I couldn't be happier that he came into my life cause my God was he the light that saved me in the hell hole. We went to a gay club the other day and it was freaking amazing btw. Even if the little bastard took off for a while and left me as worried as a freaking mother hen.

Alright so 2016 is here and I'm actually almost scared to breath. For once in like 8 freaking years - the year actually started out pretty damn awesome! I had a fantastic year with my bestest friends and their boyfriends. Don't worry, Ida was as forever alone as I was. Not that it mattered cause we all had such a blast! I couldn't ask for a better way to ring in the new year. Then less than one month into the new year I got a new job. No I'm not even kidding. A FULL TIME job! Fine it's only for a few months as of now but I might be allowed to stick around until at least the end of August. You know what that means? It means that I'll finally have enough money to go to Beauty School! I can finally become a licensed Makeup Artist! I'm so damn excited.

Also, I looove my new job. I work at a great hotel a town over called StayAt Hotel Aparments. It's serious, the bosses and coworkers are AMAZING and the pay is pretty darn good! I couldn't be happier working here and I'm so relieved that I get to leave the other shitty place behind. Seriously if you go to Malmö in Sweden then DON'T stay at Astoria Hotel. That is my profesional oppinion to you.

So! That is my update to you! Hopefully there will be more to come but I'm really not promising anything.That would be retarded. So take care of each other and don't forget to take the day one page at the time.

PS. I couldn't help but included a picture of our front page. I honestly laugh so hard every time I look at it.



One hour.

In exactly one hour I will no longer be a teenager. I will be a full blown adult of 20 years. Peter Pan, where are you when I need you?!

It really hit me earlier today that my teenage years really were counted and I wave of anxiety hit me. Have I really done all I wanted to do during my silly teenage years? So I did what I always did. I hit the internet and found my old Dayviews page. It's simply a site where you post a bunch of photos everyday and mine dates back to as far as 2007. I was TWELVE then. That's insane. I did find what I was looking for however. My earliest teenage years in pictures and I thought I would share them. Reminisce so to speak. Let's start with the day I turned 13 and offically became a teenager. Hell let's throw in some old timers from that year!

Yeeeeah. So I found my "dark side" that year. You know the usual, discovered My Chemical Romance and eyeliner? Talking my mother into letting me dye my hair black was one of the thoughest things I've ever had to do, I tell ya. I'm especially found of the chipped 'barley there' black nail polish. Trendy, right?

Then I turned 14 and I started to leave my emo faze behind me. Even if I later apperently had a "14 crisis" about missing "my dark self" sigh.. The most important thing that happened that year was the fact that I met a fabulous ginger who later became as essential to me as breathing is. The whole Twilight fanatics we don't need to talk about..

At 15 I apperently decided that it was a good idea to become a fake ginger? I don't know what happened there to be honest.. Not much else to say about that year to be honest.. Oh how could I forget! I was now finally old enough to legally ride my bike without a helmet! I also got my tongue piercing! That one was even harder to obtain than the black hair..

At 16 I graduated Junior High and started High School. I also got my second piercing. I feel in love for the first time and I also got my heart broken for the first time at the same year. You know, standard 16 year stuff?

Yeah not a great year.

At 17 it got really colourful. At least hair wise. I also discovered cosplay and started learning Japanese. Good times.

ViolenceInViolet and Pretty In Pink, hm?

At 18 I had a bit of a wappanese fase.. It faded and I chopped of all my hair and bleached it white instead! I was now also allowed to legally drink and go clubbing. Let's also not forget my first tattoo, hm?

And finally, 19. The only thing that I have to say about this year is the fact that I graduated High School and I got my second and most painful tattoo. It was a good year ❤

Now here I am. 20 by the bell. My teenage years​ are over and I feel like that's okey. I've done as much as I've could and have had stupid experiences to share with my grand kids one day. This is all I want to say. 

Adulthood, bring it on.



Good evening all you little night birds.

Well more like good night actually. Currently I'm working the night shift at my workplace and sipping coffee like there is no tomorrow. It's almost 2 AM which means that I have 5 1/2 hours to go, fighto! So before I go on my first rounds through the halls in search for unwanted boogey men, I thought I should tune in here. Honestly it's mostly to vent cause I'm kind of livid at the moment.

So, I work at this hotel alright? It's a small family owned hotel and I find it rather cozy. I mostly work breakfasts and at the reception but sometimes I jump in for a night or a cleaning shift. Hey I need the money so why not? Now one big fault with this hotel is that the management sucks. BIG time. The communication is pretty much none exsistent which drives all of us crazy, plus the bosses are like I mentioned family so you can imagen how they gang up on you. Now so I'm the type of person who always wants to work at the best of her abilities. I also love to work with people which is why I of course want to make our guests happy. Now with that I'm not saying that I'm perfect, far from it. I do however stand up to my mistakes and learn from them as fast as possible. This is why the phone call I got from my boss this Monday made me want to push someone in front of a bus. It went a little something like this;

Boss lady: Hello Olivia. How did you handel the booking cancellation you got yesterday?

Me: Oh, I took the booking out of the folder, erased it in our filesystem and put it in the cancellation box. Isn't that right?

Boss lady: Oh yes that is right. Where is the cancellation form?

Me: Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to print that! It's in the email folder. So sorry.

Boss lady: You HAVE to print out the cancellation form and staple them together. Now do you remember a guest last Sunday by the name "bla bla" who cancelled her visit?

Me: Yeah I'm sorry, I'll totally remember that next time. Hm.. no sorry I can't recall, that day was insane (to put it MILDLY)

Boss lady: No? Cause her booking wasn't handled and now I almost charged her!

Me: Well I can't recall if that happened on my shift but either way I'm sorry.

Boss lady: Yeah well I want you to come in and work with "boss kid nbr 2" one day this week to learn more. Both day and evening and without pay. When are you available?

By this point I'm pretty much seething. Are you seriously for real? I made two small errors that were easily fixed and you want me to work without pay for an entire day? Are you shitting me? I don't have either time nor MONEY to afford going into the city without pay. I've worked there for SIX months and I've worked alone on every station. What could you possibly have to teach me that would require me to "work" like that? So anyway I was pretty stunned at the moment so I just gave her the days I was available and she said she was going to text me the time and place. You think she did that? Nooooooooooo.

Great I thought. Maybe she came to her senses and realized how stupid her demand was. Not a peep in four days. Fine by me I thought! Oooh like it would be that easy. Guess what I found when I came to work this evening? Oh a lovely little not from boss lady that read;

Weren't you suppose to come in yesterday, Thursday??

Yeah by now I was pretty much boiling. No word, no call, no text, nothing. How the HELL should I know I was suppose to "come in" yesterday? Instead of notifying me directly you leave a note for everyone else to see, making it appear like I skipped work? Biatch, I ain't going to let myself get rolled over like this. Someone is getting one serious phone call tomorrow and it ain't going to be pretty. I've had enough of this crap.

So yeah, that's my late night rage story. Now I'm even writing this from our work computer because incognito bitches and I'm a rebel like that. Now I really need to make my rounds. Sorry if my English is wacky, I'm pretty pissed.

Night folks.