Ahhh, you saw the bird! No, I'm not sponsored. I haven't even asked the bird for permission to post this, but I'm pretty sure he's cool with it. I mean he ain't got no id, name, or address, so he can't get noticed! He's 100% free!

. . . And for all I know, so is the sky; free! At least for now. It's just the land of the earth that we've taken, right?

Don't get me wrong. Limits are needed, as long as limits are needed. Show the world that you can be free, and we will have our freedom!

We were all born free! Let's show the world that we can be that again. Not by demonstrating. No outer action. No. By inner action! Gain your inner freedom, and you're free.

And a whole humanity having inner freedom . . . 'World peace' ? !

I'm not saying it's easy, I'm just saying it's possible.





'Don't blame it on the sunshine . . . 🎵'.

It's crooked cuz I wanted the 3D effect. Or whatever.😋


Let's kick this of strong people:

"What is a society without life, and what is life without a society?".

To me?: "Life is what you make it!".



I've been all about the sky lately.

It looks so calm, so carefree.

It got me thinking; "what if life was, we were, completely in tune with nature?

How beautiful life would, could have been?"

I feel like now, if ever, is the time! And me personally, am trying my best for sure. It's mad hard sometimes though. Cause everything else related to life, that we humans associate to as life, is sooo much! And so stressful! Some days I can't even cope. But others, I can. And those days are the best; when you match with your surroundings.

However, I'm doing this life-thing my way, cause it's the only way for me. That I'll have to accept, and then it's all good. I mean, someone has to do it, and who's better to be me, than me?

So yeah, the sky! Be prepared for a ton of sky-pics. I mean I've taken a few over the years, it could go on for weeks! Hehe. I don't even know how I'm gonna choose! All I know is you're gonna get bored, I'm gonna get bored (or not?). Just sayin. 😅

"How often do you look up at the sky?". You shouldn't be afraid to go beyond yourself. It's refreshing!

Well, who's ready (for a little bit of nothing)? # WHYNOT. 💎



This is my life at the moment. Meaning? I guess you'll never really know. Cuz that's life. It's a mystery! To all of us . . .

True art to me, is when we all look at the same piece, yet experience it all differently!

That's creativity.

That's passion,

That's hot.

That's art to me,

That's love (to me)!